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Here's the jizz

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Hey guys, I'm very sorry that I haven't posted any chapters. And yes there will be more chapters posted today or tomorrow.
My reason as to why I haven't updated is because, chapter 49 is the last one I updated like in December right? Okay well honestly, that's the last one I had written. i didn't have others to post during my winter break so what I did was write more chapters. Sadly, this story ends in chapter 60.. But I will write a one-shot epilogue if you guys would like. I hope you liked this story as much as I liked writing it. I am working on a new idea of a new story so watch out for that. Hope this explains everything and have a nice day :) R&R pls.

@glostick86 thank you so much!! It's surprising to hear that an adult is reason my story lol. I'm only a child! Well, a 15 year old girl but still lol. Anyway, um you wanted me to email you the missing chapters right? Could you be a little more specific pls? Didn't quite understand lol. Thank you, hopefully you reply.
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