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51. The Big Time Gig

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*sorry if there's any mistakes Dx barely edit it. 

Gerard's POV
"honey, wake up." I feel small kisses on my neck and cheeks. 
"wake up!" the whispering gets louder and then I feel her sweet lips on mine. I open my eyes and she smiles. 
"I made breakfast." she whispers and kisses my nose. She then exits the room leaving me alone again. I sit up on her bed and rub my eyes. I slip on my briefs and enter the restroom. 
I walk into the living room and find her already sitting down eating some toast in her work-out cloths and hair in a bun. 
"ugh are you going to your ballet class again?" I sit next to her on the table."
"yes." she stands and enters the kitchen grabbing a cup.
"but I wanted to spend the day with you." I look at her with puppy eyes as she serves me orange juice.
"I know I'm sorry but I have to go." she kisses me and sits back down. 
"how'd you sleep?" she ask with a smile eating her muffin.
"amazing and warm in your arms. You?"
"safe and sound." she wrinkles her nose and continues to eat. 
"are you excited for tonight?"
"what's tonight?" 
"your gig! You don't remember?"
"oh crap, that's today. Um, maybe a little nervous."
"why so? You'll do amazing."
"but the crowd is going to be bigger. Ray booked us in this bar where the "cool" rock bands go. You know how amazing this is?!"
"I sure can tell. But it's okay, you guys are like, wow!"
"I hope." Edith looks up at the big clock hanging in her living room that ticks 11 in the morning. 
"I have to go but I'll see you tonight."
"ugh.." I moan but she kisses my lips deeply making me feel nice. 
"I'll see you tonight." she whispers and starts to make her way out. 
"wait!" I call. She stops midway at the door. 
"so you're just going to leave me here?"
"well.. Yeah."
"what if Annie comes by?"
"oh come on Gee, you're family."
"okay fine. Have fun."
"love you!" she yells and shuts the door. 
"love you too." I reply. 
I sit around and finish my breakfast. When I'm done, I tidy up a bit for my baby and sit on the couch when I'm done and watch TV. Moments later, the door opens and Annie comes in. 
"hey." I say with a smile. She looks at me weirdly but says hi. 
"where's Edith?" she says entering the kitchen. 
"she left to her ballet class about half hour ago." 
"oh, so what are you doing here? No offense. I mean, you're always welcome here." she joins me on the couch with her bottle of water. 
"thanks. Well I'm just hanging out. I was going to leave later."
"oh okay." 
"so, did you just get her?"
"um, since last night, yes."
"where were you?"
"oh um.. " she fixes herself in her seat focusing on me. I do the same and turn the TV off. 
"can I tell you something but, you don't mention anything to Edith?"
"yes, if that's what you want."
"okay well, you know how Carlos and I are having a long distance relationship right?"
"well, I'm sure you can understand how horrible it is to be without them.. Right?"
"you're speaking to the right person."
"well.. I'm-" she takes a deep shaky breath. She closes her eyes and tears role down her cheeks, "well, last night I was at a friend's house and uhh... We were.. You know.. Smoking and drinking. And I told her about this and we came to an agreement that the best thing for my misery is to be with Carlos so... I bought a plane ticket to Canada."
"well, that's great. Going for a visit?"
"no... I plan to stay there..."
"whoa... Annie... Does Edith know anything about this?"
"no, and I'm afraid to tell her. I don't want her to get sad or anything. She's my best friend."
"well that's the reason why you have to tell her. Because she's your best friend. I'm sure she'll understand."
"I know, but I just can't come down with the guts to tell her. It's just going to be too hard on me."
"well I'll be there to support you if you need the help."
"thanks Gerard." we both stand and I give her a loving hug for courage. 


Victoria's POV
I've been cleaning up around my house almost all morning. Everything is already neat and clean but I just can't seem to stop. It smells of fresh pine in the cold winter mornings because of a new fragrance I bought at the fragrant store down the street. But I can't help but smell the guiltiness in the air. 
Yes, I feel guilty. Guilty because I have done something terrible. And for that reason, I don't think I can go on in life...
No, that's a little too dramatic don't you think?
But... I feel streesed and troubled.. 
After I met with Harry the other day, after his birthday, we talked about what happened before and why he can't remember. But as I was telling the story, I remembered a few things myself. He had mentioned to me he found lipstick marks over his body. I was wearing red lipstick that night and before I stepped out of his car that night, I remember we shared a small kiss that ended up being very lustful. I remember I climbed on top of him and planted kisses all over his body. I remember stopping because I saw Edith and Gerard enter the building. Didn't want him to notice so that's when I kissed his lower abdomen cupping his packaged and he moaned as his briefs felt tight. 
After that, I can only recall walking back up to my apartment. 
Now, I didn't tell him of this. I was afraid he'd think it was super weird and wouldn't talk to me. But that was really no use of not telling him if he I knew he was going to get mad at me anyway. 
We met up after that again to hang out and when he dropped me off, I kissed him. He didn't ask for it, not were we high or drunk but I just did it. Because I wanted to. Because I was taking Gee's advice to flirt with him more. He looked at me in shock. I didn't question it and just exited the car. And after that!.. We haven't talked since then. 
Can you imagine how guilty and stupid I feel?! It's been a few days now and he just hasn't talked to me... 
"what!!" I scream and turn to face Gerard who is staring at me very oddly. 
"you're vacuuming over my shoe!!" 
"oh crap... Sorry." I turn the vacuum off and sit on the couch. 
"what's wrong with you?" Gerard enters the kitchen grabbing a cup of my wine that sits out on the counter. 
"oh nothing..." I sigh and rest my head on the vacuum. 
"did you ever kiss Edith by surprise when in high school?" I ask when Gerard joins me in the couch. 
"well.. Always." 
"but when you guys weren't together. When you guys were friends and she was new to school."
"hmm... Maybe like once."
"and what happened? How did she react?"
"I'm pretty sure she thought it was weird at first but since she liked me back, she enjoyed it and went along with it." 
"why? What's up?"
"what was her reaction afterwards?"
"well.. She blushed. She looked nervous. I told her I was sorry though but she said it was fine. Then everything went back to normal. Sort of.. I guess after we felt more comfortable with each other."
"oohh...!" I groan and stomp.
"what happened? Did something happen with Harry?"
"yes! I kissed him! We weren't drunk. We weren't high. We weren't in the mood. We weren't anything! I just did it! And I dont know if he took it well.."   
"so... What happened?"
"well.. Like a few days ago we were hanging out and when he dropped me off, we said goodbye and I just kissed him! He looked at me a little weird and that's when I left because I felt weird! He hasn't talked to me since then... Gee! He hates me!!" I cry and drop to my knees lying by Gerard's feet.
"oh Vicky.." he massages my head. He sits on the ground next to me continuing to stroke my hair. 
"he doesn't hate you. What if something came up?"
"if something came up he would at least tell me about it."
"what if he couldn't?.."
"no Gerard, it's a done deal. No excuses. He hates me!"
"he doesn't! He can't! He won't! You have to be his girlfriend!" Gerard starts to shake me rather hard worsening my head ache.
"Gee stop! That hurts!"
"oh.. Sorry. Got a little of hand. Anyway, he doesn't I just know it. You guys have kissed before, what's different about this one. If he actually likes you, this kiss just caught him off guard and he's just a little confused on wether you like him or not. This is hinting him that you do so he's just caught on that in shock that there's a possibility that you like him. I should know these things, I'm a guy."
"oh really? 'Cause I thought you were a girl!"
"do you want my help or not."
"please." I stroke his thigh and kiss it.
"you're welcome." he tugs my hair lightly but continues to comfort me by stroking my hair.

Harry's POV
"okay, I've kept you in long enough. Go home to your families." I take a seat on a chair in the theatre as the dancers don't wave goodbye and just exit the stage. Kate approaches me with a pity look on her face. 
"everything will be fine. Don't worry." she comforts me and gives me a long needed hug. 
"thanks Kate."
"but just don't push them too hard, premiere is tomorrow and you don't want to stress them out." 
"right. Thanks anyway."
"see you." I stand and make my way out of the place. 
As I walk over to my car, I realize that not only is this stressing me out but the fact that Victoria hasn't talked to me either is always driving me loco! 
But I've just been to busy to call her. With production being tomorrow and having everything ready for tomorrow is just stressing me out and I get home too tired to do anything. I hope she understands. 
And not only am I too tired but also afraid. Afraid of what's to come from the call.
She hates me. I know it. When she kissed me, all I did was stare at her like a zombie. Why? I dont know because I'm stupid. But also because I was too dumbfounded to realize what happened. I enjoyed it too much that it was taking me time to process it. I was ready to same something when she stepped out. My nerves got to me so I just drove away. How could I! Now I know she's disappointed and probably hates me. 
And the night of my birthday, boy do I feel embarrassed. The day she kissed me out of the blue, she was wearing red lipstick. And when I saw her putting it on, I got a flashback from the night of my birthday. And the funny thing is, that that's the only thing I rememeber other than the beer pong and the shots. 
I remember her fiesty red lips kissing my body all over. Which explains the lipstick marks. And when I started to enjoy it, she grabbed my package which made me /tingle/. 
Till this day, I dont know if she remembers or what but I don't dare to bring it up. She might feel shamed and say, /it's best if we're not friends/. 
But now, that I just sit here in my car remembering what happened and inhaling that horrible smell that's fading away, I decide to toughen up and call. 
"hello?" she answers nonchalantly. 
"hey, how are you?"
"good... And you?"
"stressed out. Listen, this might be weird right now but I want to make it up to you."
"what do you mean?"
"oh right... I should explain ha ha." stupid! I'm nervous out of my mind right now.
"uhh... I haven't been calling because I've been busy with my production. You know, I told you it's coming up right?"
"well, I've been busy with tech and stuff and I get home really late and tired. So I wasn't able to call or at least say hi. I hope you understand."
"oh I do. It's totally okay really. I was busy myself anyway."
"oh, what were you doing?"
"oh you know.. Cleaning around. Uhh, work..."
"oh okay, well glad you understand." I chuckle nervously. 
"so, how are you making it up to me?"
"oh right, uhh.. I'll take you out to dinner."
"sounds great. What time?" 
"umm, could we possible meet up right now to catch up?"
"sure, call me when you're here."
"awesome. See ya."
I sigh in relief. 


As I wait for her to come down from her apartment, I glance up at her window keep my guard up. This is probably not such a good idea for the the fact that Geard or.. Edith can walk by or exit the apartment at any moment. And just as I thought. 
I duck my head hoping that Gerard doesn't see me. He exited the apartment and crossed the street over to where his car is parked. I glance and notice him look at my car before he drove away. Close one. /Phew/. 
Moments later, Vicky comes out wearing the Tribal Jive sweater I gave her for Christmas. I exit my car and greet her at the door. 
"hey!" she says jumping on me wrapping her arms around my neck. As she pulls away, I kiss her cheek and when she looks at me, I can see the pink start to form in her cheeks. 
"hi, you look great! The cardigan looks great on you."
"thanks! I've been in love with it since you gave it to me." 
"you're welcome. Let's get going?"
"sure." I open the car door for her and she steps inside. 
I drove over to my favorite café shop in New York where they sell the best deluxe sandwiches. We took a seat outside near the heaters and ordered two of my favorite dishes. 
"you'll love these sandwiches." I tell her with a grin. 
"thanks, I'm sure I will." she laughs. "so, how's life?"
"its been good. I've been stressed lately because of my production."
"how's that going?"
"it's going good. We just had a problem with the theatre and the lights so that took the life out of me but I think it's going to be a good premier."
"that's nice."
"talking about this, I would like you to come as my.. Good luck charm." I ask with pretty obvious blushing cheeks. 
"I would love to go." she too blushes and smiles at the ground. 
"great." I reach over the table for her hand and grab it, stroking it with my thumb lightly. 
"your tea sir." the waiter comes around making us fidget and brake our hold. We both tuck our hands under the table. 
"thank you." I tell the waiter and he leaves. 
"so how have you been?" I ask her drinking my tea nervously. She takes her tea and takes a small sip. 
"I've been good too. Like I said, busy." she chuckles. 
"right. Oh! Did you talk to Gerard about you moving in?"
"I did actually. He said it was okay. He didn't mind at all."
"perfect. When will you be moving in?"
"well as soon as I can. When do you think? You know, since it's your house."
"uhh.." as soon as possible "how about we start tomorrow early in the morning..?"
"oh... If that's okay with you."
"it's totally fine."
"you sure you won't be busy?"
"well, If we start tomorrow, we could try and enough things inside and you could stay with me for the rest of the day helping me run errands."
"only if that's okay with you.." she smiles nervously brushing a strand of her behind her ear. 
"it's totally okay Victoria! Sheesh!" I drink my tea again.
"alright, it'll be fun." she comments. Our waiter comes around again with our sandwiches. I take mine in my hands and take a bite while I watch her do the same. 
"wow, these are great."
"told you so." I take another bite. 
"I also looked in in some apartments around town and found a few good ones."
"you had time to do that but not call me?" she scolds. 
"oh well you know, I browsed a little before going to bed." I admit. 
"fine, thank you though." a sweet smile spreads across her face making me feel cheesy inside. 
"you're welcome." 

We continue to talk for the rest of the afternoon till the starts to set. We then started to crave dessert so I ordered my favorite cake  A large piece of Double Dutch Chocolate cake is always the best after this sandwich. 
"wow, this is big." she comments. I take a spoonful and offer to her. She opens her mouth taking in the spoonful and smiles. 
"that's really good." 
"my favorite." I comment with a wink and take a spoonful myself. 
"here, eat the cherry." she says and gives me a spoonful. I eat the juicy cherry with the chocolate frosting and savor it in my mouth. Especially because she gave it to me. 
I then scoot my chair closer and give her a bigger spoonful. It then turns into a "game" where we just feed each other large pieces of cake. 

"okay, I can't eat anymore." she laughs after a gave her a huge chunk.
"come on, last one." 
"no! Harry!" she pushes my hand off and laughs. 
"fine. Check please." I call. Our waiter gives me the check and I hand him my credit card. When he comes back returning it, we stand and leave. 
"thanks for the dinner, I had so much fun." she laughs. We stand by the sidewalk in front of my car. 
"would you like to go anywhere?" I ask.
"well.. I kind of have to be somewhere."
"Gerard has a gig tonight and he wants me to be there since it's a really important gig."
"ohh.. Well then I'll take you."
"you sure?"
"positive. Hop in." I smile as she does and we drive away. 
When we arrive outside this gig, there's a line full of people waiting to get inside. There's already music playing in the background. Wonder if its them. 
"this is the place?" I ask, trying to look inside. 
"I guess so. Well, thanks for the lift." she opens the door and steps out. She hesitates, but then comes back in closing the door. 
"what's wrong?"
"this might be a little weird and soon but... Would you like to come?"
"ohh... Umm..." I think about it for a sec. "sure."
"really! Alright, awesome." 
"okay, let's go park the car." 

"what if Edith sees us?" I ask her as we turn the corner to go inside. 
"or any of her friends?" I add. 
"they won't, it's already too full for them to spot us. We'll hide in the crowd."
"alright." we reach the door and Victoria shows the guard a VIP pass and he let's her in. 
Inside, there's a lot of people drinking and head banging to the music. I look up at the stage but notice that's not Gerard singing. 
"hey, you stay here okay?" she says leaving me by the bar. 
"wait what? Where are you going?"
"just to tell Gerard I'm here."
"umm, okay. Hurry back."
"I will. Don't worry." she hugs me goodbye and disappears in the crowd. 
I sit back comfortably at the bar and order some whiskey to calm down. I stare out into the crazy crowd drinking my whiskey comfortably when I see a girl pass right in front of me. 
"Hey Frank!" she calls. It's Emma. I turn around on my sit hitting someone on my way and cover my face. I slightly turn to see where Frank is and notice he was just a few seats down. Crap!
I scoot in closer a little eavesdropping on their conversation. 
"is Victoria here?" Emma asks. 
"nah, haven't seen her."
"ugh, she has my red lipstick!!"
"you have others in your purse. Why do you need that one?"
"because they're all a different shade and I want that one!"
"why don't you ask Edith for hers?"
"oh true... Where is she?"
"I dont know." Frank stands on his seat looking over the crowd and I forgot I was suppose to be hiding so I was staring right at him. When him and I meet eyes, he cocks his head to the left with squinted eyes looking straight at me. I widen my eyes and turn around. 
"hey what's up." I tell a girl next to me. She looks at me weirdly and leaves. 
"Kay, nice talking to ya." I say. I feel a hand touch my shoulder and I turn around to find Vicky but then she gets pulled back by Emma. 
"Vicky!" she says and embraces her. I turn around again hiding my face. 
"who's that?" a guys voice--particularly Frank--comes around surely talking about me. 
"oh.. I dont know." Vicky responds. I scurriedly make my way out further in the crowd. 
Oh god, that was a close one. 

About 10 minutes later of more waiting, Victoria finally appears. 
"oh god, that was close."
"what did you tell them?"
"I told them I was touching your shoulder because I was going to ask you to move."
"thanks for saving my life. Martini?" 
"thanks." I hand her the drink and she drinks rather fast.
"My Chem is about to go on, do you want to stay here or scoot in closer."
"let's get a closer look." I tell her and get off my seat. She grabs my hand and move in closer to the crowd but not bunched up in the middle. We stand civilized in the back close to the bar. 
On stage, I can see Frank and Mikey and Ray stepping on. Then the lights go completely off and only and light above the mic appears. 
"hello mother fuckers!!" Gerard says in the mic. The crowd roars. 
"we're My Chemical Romance and we're going to sing a song called This Is The Best Day Ever."
"it's a brand new song they've made." Victoria says in my ear. I listen carefully to the lyrics and watch everyone move along to the rhythm of the guitar. Even Victoria moves along next to me. 
"they're not bad at all." I tell Victoria after they've played quite a few songs. 
"I really like them." she replies. I watch Gerard again as I have been doing. He sweats up there on stage and looks awfully drunk. He wipes his face with a towel that was handed to him by Emma.
"oh man, what a night. You guys are a fucking awesome crowd!" he yells. He pants and says something again, "I'd like to call someone up here. Someone very special. Edith, where are you?" 
My heart stops for a second as my knees start to feel numb. Victoria squeezes my arm as Edith steps on stage. The crowd wooh's her. I wouldn't blame them. She does look sexy tonight. She wears her spiked Lita boots with a short black high waisted shorts. A corset like shirt revealing her chest and her beautiful as always. Short and jet black. 
"wow, you look beautiful tonight." Gerard says in the mic low and non-drunk like. She smiles at him shyly. 
"this is the girl of my dreams and I'm going to marry her some day. Come here Eddie."
I remember her not liking me to call her Eddie...
Of course, because he calls her that. 
He embraces her in a hug and they kiss passionately on stage. The crowd goals wild and chanting GEEDITH GEEDITH! 
"oh! Look at that, my girlfriend has some words to say." he hands her the mic.. And her words invade the place. 
"hey everybody, let's give it up for My Chemical Romance!" the crowd jumps and whistles and claps as she does. 
"I just want to say thank you all for coming out. You guys are great for supporting My Chem. Don't forget theirs a release party for their album, I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love! " the crowd chants again. 
"I'm very proud of My Chem. They surely deserve this and more and I just can't wait for their album. I've been friends with these guys since high school so I never imagined them creating a band then. But look, here we are, on stage and I'm super proud of each and one of them." 
"YOU HAVE A HOT GIRLFRIEND GERARD!" someone screams and the crowd wooh's again. 
"thank you." she laughs nervously. 
"well, I guess that's it." she laughs, "thank you for this time Gee and, I want you to know that I love you and I don't imagine myself without you anymore. Thank you for being amazing." a smile spreads across Gerard's face and he stands to give Edith a hug. They kiss and from the distance I can see both of them reach down to their butt and squeeze it making the crowd go wild again. 
"thanks babe, you're amazing too and I'll love you till the end." he says in the mic. She steps off stage sending him a kiss and that's the last time I see her that night. 
"you okay?" Victoria asks. 
"I'm fine." she grabs my hand and takes me somewhere quieter.
She closes the door behind her with lock and embraces me. 
"I'm sorry you had to see that. I didn't know that would happen."
I wrap my arms around her waist right. 
"It's okay. All I know is that it made me realize a lot."
She doesn't question it but hugs me tighter. 
It made me realize that she's moved on completely.
Obviously of course but now I'm sure of it. But trying to test my feelings tonight wasn't the correct thing to do. I now know this wound is still fresh and can open any second. Tonight, I didn't gain feelings but it revived my past. I relived my memories with her tonight and it wasn't all that pleasant due to the fact that she was kissing another. I just wish to know how she feels about our past together. Maybe that'll be my final step to moving on completely. 
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