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52. Opening Night

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Gerard's POV
Last night cracked man!! I can't believe we really had a huge crowd last night. This just gives me even more hopes for this band. I know I had so much fun up there and to see that for the first time, the whole crowd was singing along, was amazing. It was a great gig. Possibly our greatest. Although I was drunk, I know yesterday was successful. 
And nicest part of all was my reward at night with Edith. Whoa was that a night... 
Too bad she had things to do this morning because I wanted to cuddle with her all day. I did get to shower with her before she left though... Which was also great. 
But as I make my way back in my apartment, the door is wide open. Things are scattered around and looks like a scumbag invaded my property. 
"oh... Gerard.." Harry says. I look at him awkwardly not knowing what to do. Where's Vicky?! 
And just like if the heavens heard my thoughts, Vicky's head pops out of her bedroom doorway.
"oh hey Gerard... I'm moving out."
"why didn't you tell me last night?!"
"well... You weren't here..." I look at Harry who's cheeks blush red as he holds a box awkwardly. 
"well.. Why don't you call the movers to help you?"
"because Harry's helping me." I look at him again as he looks at the ground then back at Victoria. 
"alright... I'll be in my room." I turn around and walk towards my room. 
"oh and uhh... " I walk back a few feet, "this is my apartment. My property. And just because he's your friend, I'll allow him in unwanted territory. Otherwise, there's no old, horny penises around in here. Because its MY PROPERTY." 
"very mature Gerard." Victoria says throwing me one of her high heel shoes. 
"hey.. Watch it. Toodle-loo." and I throw my door making a loud bang
Whoa... That took a lot of guts..

Victoria's POV
"I'm very.. Sorry about that." I tell Harry dropping my box at my feet. 
"it's okay... I deserve that." he starts walking out towards the door. I pick up my box again and follow him. 
"no, you don't."
"yes, I do." we enter the elevator. 
"I was a real jerk to him. Punched him twice and I was with his love. I deserve a few bad words." we walk towards his car and put the boxes in his back seat. 
"well if you think so than fine. But that was really immature of him." we walk back inside the elevator. 
"yeah well.. What do you expect." I laugh and punch his arm lightly. 
Harry's POV 
We were almost finished packing and taking Vicky's stuff down to my car and the mover's truck when Gerard stepped out of his room. I sat down on a box with my phone out when he passed by hitting me slightly on the head with his sketch book. I glare at him walking by and hold in my anger. 
"you're still here? I thought I got rid of you long ago." 
"well guess what, you didn't." I put my phone in my pocket and look at him who drinks a beer staring back. I stand and pick up the last box to take downstairs. 
"before you go." I here Gerard say. I turn around placing the box down and when I do, a fist meets my cheek making me stumble. 
"I would punch you again, but don't want to get my floor dirty." he says and he spits on my shirt and walks away. I then stand up quickly and run in front of Gerard closing his bedroom door and front door. 
"oh you're locking me in my own house..alright." Gerard backs away into the living room. 
There's a knock on the door, "Harry? Gerard? What's going on?" it's Vicky outside. 
"wait up." I call. The knocking stops. 
"oh are you going to make me your property now? Have you not gotten any girl action? Oh.. Your poor penis is getting old!" 
"look Gerard.. How old are you?"
"oh you want to be kinky and get someone younger than you huh? Like always!"
"no.. You're what 25? Can we be mature about this please?"
"so now you want to be mature.."
"Gerard.. I'm not here to punch you or to create chaos.. I just want to apologize." 
He stays silent. 
"I know I wasn't mature in the past. I deserve all those mean words and the punch. Probably even more but I just want to say I'm sorry. I don't care if you accept it. I just want to be okay in my conscious that I tried." 
"you do deserve more. But just because I am mature.. At some degree.. I won't do more. Because of Vicky... Because we wouldn't want Edith to find out about this.. And because fighting and revenge isn't the solution. But just so you know.. I don't think I can possibly accept your apology just yet. But I just want to say sorry for punching you. I've been holding that in for so long and I acted out of rage."
"that's fair enough. I accept your apology." 
"thank you." 
I don't think you're the one that should be saying thank you.
"you're.. Welcome."
"can we open the door now?" Victoria says. I walk over to the door and open. She comes rushing in and looks at me and Gerard. 
"okay.. There's no blood. What were you guys doing?" 
"I was apologizing." I confess and look at Gerard who meets my gaze.
"okay, well that's a good start. Glad we're friends!" Vicky shouts in joy. 
"we're not quite the friends yet." Gerard replies. 
"he.. Won't accept my apology." I add. 
"oh my god Gerard. Okay well the mover's left and I think that's everything correct?" Vicky turns to me. 
"yeah, only this box is left." I go over to it and pick it up.
"alright.. I guess this is it. Goodbye Gerard." Vicky says and embraces him. 
"I'm going to miss you." he says. 
"I'll miss you too. I'll give you a call later to tell you how everything is going."
"I want a call every night."
"alright." she laughs. 
"will I still get to see you?" he asks her. 
"of course, I'll be at every gig and I'll visit often. Don't worry."
"alright. You have a good day okay?" he kisses her head and cheek as she does the same. 
"thank you. You too. Say hello to Edith for me." 
Gerard looks at me, "sure will." 
"alright, let's go." Vicky says to me wiping her tears. I follow behind her and when I'm about to close the door, Gerard calls me. 
"yes?" I reply. 
"take good care of her." he says with tears in his eyes. 
"sure will." I reply with a smile and close the door. 


"what's wrong with your cheek?" Vicky asks at home while we unpack her stuff in the guest room. I walk over to the mirror and notice it's pretty swollen. 
"shit." I whisper and walk downstairs. 
"Harry.. What happened?" she follows me. I grab a pack of ice and put it on my cheek. 
"augh.. That hurts."
"Harry?" she questions as I sit on the counter. She stands with arms crossed by my knees. 
"Gerard punched me." 
"no way! Oh my god let me see that." she takes the ice pack from me and inspects my cheek. She throws the ice pack away and takes a packet of frozen meat out of the freezer. 
"eww don't put that on my face!"
"your show is tonight and you don't want to show up with a swollen cheek! The meat helps it not become purple and bigger. How did this happen?" 
"well, that's why the door was locked when you were trying to come in. Because he had punched me and I locked all the doors so he won't get out or hide in his room."
"so you punched him too?!"
"no! I didn't want him to hide or leave so he can hear what I had to say." 
"oh. Let's go lie down." I get off the counter and follow her into the living room where she makes me lay my head on her lap.
"does it look bad?" I ask her looking into her big green eyes that stare at my cheek. 
"not really. You just have a lump there. With the meat it'll stop throbbing and if it's still purple later at night, we can put some make up on it." 
"thanks Vicky." her eyes meet mine. 
"you're welcome." she smiles and cups my cheek. 


Edith's POV
"thank you Ms. Joyet." I say as I exit the building into the parking lot. God.. Class was pretty tough today due to the fact that I didn't dance for a week. I was too busy hanging out with Gerard. 
I make my way out of the parking lot towards a Starbucks down the street. When I exit my car and enter Starbucks, I order Gerard's favorite coffee and take a seat. I miss having him around so much. I might as well have something that reminds me of him. I smell and drink the coffee and it instantly reminds me of his smell. He always smells like this coffee and cigarettes. I close my eyes and imagine myself being hugged by him. Ohh... I can't wait to see him tonight... 
When I open my eyes, I look out the window and notice a familiar looking girl being held by a guy and entering Starbucks.
"Hailey." I call and she turns around. When she sees me, her eyes open wide like her smile. 
"OMG Hey! There's something about coffee shops that always brings us together. How are you?" she says embracing me and letting go of the guys hand. 
"good you?"
"I'm so happy! Look, this is my boyfriend Brian."
"hi Brian, nice to meet you." I shake his hand. 
"this is Edith, she use to be in my company but now is going on tour with a ballet company."
"oh interesting." he says and grins. 
"Brian is the violinist at NYC ballet."
"oh nice. Is that where you guys met?"
"yes actually. I took an adult ballet class with them one Saturday morning and that's where we met. He's really good!!" 
"oh stop it." he says and hugs her waist. I giggle to myself, "well I'm glad you're happy. How are things with the company?"
"things are great. Opening night for our production is today."
"what? Really?"
"yeah, I thought you would know?.."
"apparently not. That's good! Wish you luck!"
"thanks! Would you like to come? I'm allowed to bring two guests and Mark is one of them. Want to take the other spot?"
"what about your mom?"
"oh she can't come. She's too old and has hearing problems. Although she would love to come. Come on, just take it!"
"fine, I'll be there."
"yay! Starts at 6 okay?"
"that's perfect. Good luck!"
"thanks. See you later!"
"alright, bye." I hug her one last time and sit back down. 
Oh my god, to think I would be in that show today. That's scary. Hope it goes well. 
I then get the sudden feeling to check my blog again. And when I do, my feed is covered in a bunch of pictures from Shanelle--mostly--and the other dancers from AV. I come across a picture of Harry with a girl holding hands in what seems to be inside their main theatre. A picture posted by Shanelle a few days ago. 
Looks like my director has the hots for another chick now. sigh when will he ever look at me..
What does he mean another chick? 
haha right on ;) who was his last chick? I comment nonchalantly.
I focus on the picture but can't seem to recognize this girl. Her face isn't visible and Shanelle covered half of her body with his thumb. Oh god, talk about bad photography. 
When my watch strikes 3pm, I grab my coffee and exit Starbucks to make my way to my job. 
"hey mom." I say entering her office where she files work. 
"hey honey, how was ballet class?"
"good. How's work?"
"busy. Why aren't you in your work cloths?"
"that's what I wanted to talk to you about. Can I have the day off?"
"why?" she looks up from her work and takes her glasses off. 
"well, I wanted to go watch Harry's production. Opening night is today."
"are you going with Gerard?"
"well.. No.."
"is he okay with it?"
"I haven't told him."
"are you?"
"I wasn't planning on it.."
"Edith.. I hope you know what you're getting into."
"well if I tell Gerard he won't want me to go."
"how do you know that?"
"because he hates Harry."
"I dont know Eddie. From my part, I would let you go but I don't want you to come crying to me saying Gerard created a mess because he was mad."
"okay.. I'll tell him. But can I have the day off?"
"yes sweetie."
"yes! Alright mom, thanks. See you tomorrow!!" I give her a hug and kiss goodbye and run out the restaurant into my car. Right when I exit the parking lot, I get a call from Gerard. 
"hey babe." I answer. 
"hello sugar, how are you?"
"fine. You?"
"missing you."
"aww I miss you too Gee."
"do you want me to pick you up at your job later?"
"uhh.. No I have my car today."
"you sure?" 
"yeah I'm sure." 
"alright, I'll see you later then."
"alright babe. I love you."
"I love you too." 
"goodbye." I click and throw my phone on the passengers seat. 
I feel sick to my stomach. I lied to Gerard.. But I can't possibly tell him where I'm going... 

When I get home, I find Annie sitting on the couch laughing to Comedy Central. 
"hey, glad to see you here." I greet her as I also sit. 
"right, I miss enjoying myself."
"job eating you alive?" 
"yeah, we had to fly to Florida and take a photo shoot their with some models and a director that demanded Miami beaches. Asscrack."
"how did that go?"
"it went well. I'm just glad it's over." 
"That's good." I get up and make my way in my room. 
"where are you going all dressed up?" I come back out with my hair waived and dark eye shadow with red lipstick. I'm wearing my favorite long sleeved, sparkly black dress that reveals half of my back. The dress goes down mid thigh complimenting my black shiny platform stilettos. 
"out." I reply getting my car keys. 
"I deserve the right to know since you're taking my car.." she raises her eyebrows.
"fine. I'm going to see Harry's production." 
"yes, Harry. But if Gerard comes around, don't tell him."
"alright, you owe me."
"sure thing. Have a goodnight."
"I'll try. Bye."


Third person POV (narrator)
Edith left hesitant to see the production. Scared to see the person she thinks deserves a great apology. In fear of Gerard finding out and getting angry at her. Hell, what do we think he will do? We know Gerard can be a sweetheart but, he can also be a hell of a threat when it comes to someone he adores like his sugar, Edith. 
But, the show must go on. 
As expected, the show was a great succes making Harry even more honored than he already was and getting more money than he already has. 
And as of now, Edith roams around searching for Hailey but in a great fear of bumping into Harry.

Edith's POV 
Damn, where can she be? 
"is that Edith Lynn?" I hear someone on my left ear say and I head towards my right so they won't catch up to me. Don't really want Harry to know I'm here and in the dance world, since everyone knows each other, news flows quickly. 
"Edith?" someone stops me grabbing on to my shoulder very tightly. I look in fear but notice its Shanelle greeting me with his genuine smile. 
"hey Shanelle! You were great up there!" 
"thanks girl. But oh my god! I can't believe you're here!"
"well believe it baby! I'm so proud of you!" I hug him and ahead of me, I spot Harry. 
"so tell me how you been girl?" 
"I've been great!" I reply nonchalantly while I stare behind Shanelle into Harry's hand which is being held by someone else's. Shanelle notices my gaze and looks with me. 
"whatchu looking at?"
"nothing, so how are you? How's the company?" 
"it's been great! Like, you missing out! You haven't been blogging either!"
"I know! I don't have time, ballet takes much of it. But tell me, any luck with Mr. Hottie over there?" I point at him hoping Shanelle fills me in on some gossip. 
"hmm hell no, that girl Veronica over there is taking my spot."
"her name's Veronica?"
"yeah I think so, he presented her to us once but I had no intention in listening. Hmm." he looks away arrogantly. 
"so that's his girlfriend?"
"well, us members aren't sure but that's what we think. He's always with her! Ugh, it's annoying. He just said they're really good friends. But you know him, he's a ladies man."
"I know that for sure. So... Do you know anything about his past girlfriend?"
"no girl! And everyone's been dying to know! That one was a big mystery. Although he had a girlfriend, I was sure he had the hots for you."
"yeah you! I seen how he looked at you while you danced. It's all in that head-to-toe stare and that lip bitin' he gave you." 
"hey Mr. Shanelle Jackson!" a critic comes around. 
"talk to you later girl, fame is coming." he winks and turns around. 
"well bye Shanelle.." I walk away slowly. 
Well at least they don't know we dated but his stares... God I knew they were visible. 
The crowd of critics, dancers and visitors started to fade away so I too, start to make my way out. As I start to walk back to my car, after not having luck in finding Hailey, I spot this Veronica chick again with Harry. They too walk away towards the parking lot. I keep my distance, a good yards away and follow behind them slowly. He wears a nice tux, and she wears a nice long golden dress with her hair braided to the side. God, she's gorgeous. She looks a lot familiar too..
He opens the car door for her and she steps in and he follows afterwards. Then, he drifts away in his black Range Rover. 
If that actually is his new girlfriend, my conscious is happy to know he's not all heart broken. 

Harry's POV
"thank you for coming." I look over at her. She rests a hand over her head with her eyes closed. The golden dress and her braided hair to the side with that pose makes her look like a beautiful goddess. 
"you're welcome." she replies. She moves her rested head to the other side extending her neck making me go crazy to kiss her collar bone. 
"you tired?"
"yes, we've done so much today. And these heels are killing me."
"why don't you take them off?"
"I did. My feet are finally resting." she giggles. 
We arrive at my house and I park my car in the drive way. 
"wait, don't step out." I tell her as she was about to step out. I run across to her side and offer to carry her. 
"no Harry, it's okay, I can walk."
"don't matter." I pick her up bridal style and carry her heels as well. She laughs burying her face in my neck. 
"could you possibly reach down to my pocket, grab my keys and open the door?"
"why not." she does so and when I enter, I kick the door shut with my foot and carry her upstairs as well. 
"here we are." I say when we reach her bedroom. I put her down gently and hand her her shoes. 
"you really didn't have to but thanks." 
"you're welcome. So um.. I guess goodnight." 
"goodnight." she says and hugs my neck. I hug her waist. But I close my eyes and imagine myself slowly unzipping her dress to lay with her peacefully tonight. 
But you and I both know that's not possible. 
"see you in the morning." I say and start to walk out. 
"see you." she giggles and closes the door. 
When I enter my room, I take my cloths off and just head straight to bed. Victoria is right, we have done a lot today and it's time for me to rest. Screw brushing my teeth right now. 
I spread the sheets over me and turn to my side and suddenly.. Feel very confused. 
I suddenly get this feeling of sorrow. I remember when I would turn to my side and find Edith right there laying beside me. I would wrap an arm around her and we would sleep cozy next to each other. 
Now in this cold night, I'm alone in my bed feeling sorrowful. I might not have feelings for Edith anymore, but she lives in my past. A past which I can't forget because it was just so full of happiness. 
So I grab my phone and check my blog. My feed is filled with news about tonight but there isn't one that's hers. I stalk her blog, and it only says AV ballet... I'm back. posted 8 weeks ago. 
I wish she came to watch my show tonight. I thought I saw her.. But I highly doubt it was her. Although, this chick that I saw was talking very friendly with Shanelle just like she did but.. No, it wasn't her. And she was very cute too, just like her. 
I wonder if we were to talk once more, what would become of us... 
Today was great. It was a huge success. Thank you to my dancers who worked their butt off for this. And thanks to my good luck charm, she was their to support me. But my last wish for tonight is to have the chance to see you once more before you completely move on to someone else's arms. What would become of us if we saw each other again.. I write that on my blog plus a picture of the members and go to sleep last night. 

Edith's POV
No way... This was posted just a few seconds ago. And I thought Veronica was your girlfriend..
As I walk back to my house, I read my blog and find a post from Harry. I guess my conscious shouldn't be too happy just yet. 
I shake my thoughts and lock my phone putting it back in my purse as I enter my home. I look up and enter the living room finding Annie looking at me with a nervous grin and Gerard looking at me stunned. I look back at him with a blank face. 
"ha ha I'll be over there." Annie says going inside her room. She brushes past me making me stumble a little and lose feeling in my knees. 
"job huh." Gerard smiles getting up. 
"yeah.. Umm.. My mom hosted a party and I came home to dress nice. Ha! How was your night?" I cup his face kissing him but he doesn't respond. 
"my night was great. I hope yours was too. You know it's funny because I think we might be living in parallel worlds." he slightly smiles. 
"why do you say?"
"because I dropped by at your job and there wasn't any party."
"then we must be living in parallel worlds." I giggle stepping back as Gerard walks towards me. 
"no time for jokes Eddie. Where were you." he says with a stern voice. He loses his faint smile and glares at me like a hawk.
"I was out okay!" I bump into the wall and Gerard stops a few inches away. 
"where is out?"
"a party. I was with an old friend, that's all."
"quit lying."
"I'm not." I stand straight faking a demanding attitude. 
"fine.." he backs away bowing his head and he heads towards the door. 
"are you leaving?"
"yes." he replies and closes the door behind him. I run after him taking my heels off on the way. 
"wait!" I yell and run behind him grabbing his waist. 
"don't leave." I cry. He grabs my arms taking them off his waist and putting them over his neck. He hugs my waist tight and breathes on my neck. 
"I haven't seen you all day." he whispers loudly. 
"I know, I've missed you babe." I let go cupping his face and planting a loving kiss on his lips. 
"I'll stay tonight." he says and bends down sweeping me off my feet and carrying me in my house into my room. 
"I forgot to tell you how great you look in that dress." he says as he takes his jeans off and I change into some leggings and a T-shirt. 
"thanks." I say before entering the restroom.

When I come back out, he's already all cuddled up under the blankets. 
"hey make room." I push him softly with my butt and he turns around hugging me into his arms In a spooning position. He nibbles on my neck and lifts my shirt touching my lower abdomen with his freezing cold hands. 
"hey don't do that!" I laugh as he does too. I then get use to his cold hands and he leaves them there brushing his fingers on my belly. 
"Vicky moved out today." he says after a while of silence. 
"really? Where to?"
"uhh.. Some place in downtown. It's pretty nice."
"wow, lucky for her." 
"you should move in with me." he brushes his finger tips under the hem of my leggings. 
"but I can't leave Annie." 
"true.." he says after a few seconds. 
"we'll just have to wait then." 
"yeah.." his brush on my belly soothes my sore abdomen and the pain I have within me of lying to him. 
"how was the party?" he says changing his weight in bed. I half lay on him in his arms as he keeps a leg under me between my legs. 
"the what? Oh! The party.. It was nice. Met a lot of great people."
"who was your friend?"
"umm.. Shanelle. You don't know him. He was in my old dance company."
"ahh nice. Why'd you lie about being at work then?"
"uhh.. I dont know.. I thought you wouldn't have let me go."
"nah, I trust you. I trust you with all my heart babe." 
"right.. I do too.." I reach over to kiss his chin and then gulp because this guilt is eating me up on the inside. 
"goodnight sugar." he kisses my head and grips my stomach tighter to him. I place my arms over his forearms and repeat "goodnight." and close my eyes trying to stop thinking of the scenarios that could happen if Gerard found out where I was tonight..

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