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[A/N] - NO MORE WORRYING ABOUT SPANISH COURSEWORK FOR ME AS I FINISHED IT TODAY :D Well you know until the next piece we get... Thanks so much atomickilljoy for your awesome one-shot :3 I hope you guys like this chapter! :)

They drove for about three hours until Mia said "Where are we going? And are we gonna be there soon? I really need to pee." Gerard pulled over and said he'd take Mia for a pee "I can't pee now! We're in the middle of no where!"

"Well then you're gonna have to hold it in because we haven't got anywhere for you to pee." He looked up into the rearview mirror "Oh shit..."

Mikey turned around and found three white cars speeding after them "Well don't just sit there, drive Gee, drive!"

Gerard slammed his foot down and started driving really fast causing Mia to scream "It's gonna be okay Mia." He said gently even though he looked terrified.

"We're driving too fast. I'm gonna puke." She went pale and her eyes filled with tears.

"No you're not, you're gonna be fine." Mikey told her, stroking her hair "Are you okay Lauren? You haven't said anything."

"We're gonna die, aren't we?" Lauren whispered "And Becca's probably already dead. We're gonna die!" She burs into tears.

Mikey leaned back and put his arms around his little sister "No we're not. And she'll be okay, I promise... Please don't cry, we're gonna be okay." He shrieked as a laser hit the back of the car "What the hell was that?"

"It came from one of the guns." Gerard said, turning back and then facing the road again "How long are they gonna follow us for? We're gonna run out of petrol soon."

"And then they'll kill us!" Lauren screamed.

"Stop it! They're not gonna kill us, I'm not gonna let them." Gerard told them sternly "We'll just have to out-drive them."

Becca shrieked as the draculoids dragged her back down the hallway and up the stairs. Korse walked into the house "You let them get away!" He yelled and then smirked when he saw them holding onto Becca "At least you got one."

"Let go of me!" Becca shrieked.

"Oh shut up." Korse spat "Ahh looks like your visitors are here."

Becca was confused. Korse went downstairs and re-appeared with two people "Mom? Dad?" Becca croaked.

[A/N] - Sorry it's short but I'm lacking the motivation tonight and plus I promised Penina I'd update Family Life...
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