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[A/N] - I'm gonna try and update 'My Little Girl' tomorrow but I have a choir show at about 7 so probably no more updates after that time :3

"So you'll really be in the band?" Raven smiled "YAY!"

"So long as you promise to look after the girls. And not get lost again." Frank raised his eye-brows "Yeah, they told me about that."

"You little tell-tales!" Jennifer giggled, starting to tickle Alicia who shrieked with laughter and collapsed to the floor.

"I'll look after them too." Penina said, running her fingers through her dripping wet hair "It's good for Samantha to hang out with them more often. Good for me too. We've had to put up with just each other for too long now."

Frank smiled "So that's okay with you girls, right?" They all nodded "Good. Then it's settled. I'll re-join."

Frank sat on the sofa with the girls watching a stupid movie on TV about a horse until finally he stood up "Bed. Mia and Alicia. Come on."

"Can't we finish the movie?" Alicia begged.

"No, come on. Especially you Mia because you're going back to school tomorrow." Frank stood up "Come on, I'll read you a story if you want. But you gotta go to bed now."

"Don't wanna." Alicia pouted and ran out of the room.

Frank sighed and looked at Mia "Please go and get into bed?"

Mia giggled, shook her head and ran after Alicia. Frank groaned. What had gotten into them? They were normally really good. He walked out of the room and went looking for them. He found them hiding in the cupboard under the stairs "Girls, it's time for bed now."

Alicia ran past him. Mia tried to as well but Frank caught her and lifted her up "No! Bad Frankie! Don't wanna sleep yet!" Mia pouted.

"I don't care, it's time for you to go to sleep!" Frank cried "Why are you both acting like this all of a sudden?"

Mia burst into tears and Frank groaned then carried her upstairs to her bedroom "Get into your pyjamas." Frank said, putting her down on the ground "You'd better be in bed by the time I get back." Mia whimpered but did as she was told.

He left Mia's room and went looking for Alicia. She was hiding under their Mom's large double bed "Come out." Frank said. Alicia shook her head "Alicia, I'm not playing around. Get out. Now." Frank never normally talked to them like that so she rolled out from under the bed and stood up "It's time to go to bed. Now come on."

"But I don't wanna."

"I don't care." He took her wrist and dragged her into her bedroom "What the hell's gotten into you two?"

"You're mean!" Alicia cried "Why are you being so horrible?"

"Because you're misbehaving and that's not okay."

Alicia glared at him and he got her changed into her pyjamas "I don't love you anymore." She whispered as he tucked her into bed.

"Yeah well I don't love you anymore either." He replied, flicking the light off and going into Mia's room. Mia was still crying. She laid down when Frank came in. He didn't say anything, just switched the light off and shut the door.

"Frank, maybe you over re-acted." Lauren said as he turned around. She'd seen and heard the whole thing "I mean, they're only little."

"Oh don't you start too." Frank spat, stomping down the corridor and going into his room. He slammed the door behind him. What was wrong with him?
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