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Raven and Mia quit arguing ya sillies ;D

Frank woke up after crying himself to sleep that night. He sat up and rubbed his eyes and remembered what had happened last night, all the things he said to his baby sisters... And didn't feel a thing. He remembered a time when he'd be doing his art homework. He'd had to paint a self-portrait and Mia ran into the room, bumped into the table and knocked the cup of water he'd been using to paint with all over his painting. At the time, it felt like the end of the world and he'd freaked out at her. He said all this stupid stuff and made her cry. Almost immediately he'd felt guilty and hugged her, apologised over and over and made it up to her. But now he was past caring.

He got dressed and made his way downstairs. Isabella was awake and handed him a plate of toast "Morning Frankie." She smiled, hoping he wasn't still in a bad mood from last night.

Frank just grunted and took the toast from her. Isabella's smile disappeared and she sat down at the table too, eating her own toast. Mia came into the room, saw Frank and frowned. Isabella gave her her toast and Mia sat next to Frank "Are you still in a bad mood Frank?" Mia asked.

"Just shut up about it, okay?" Frank snapped.

Mia bit her lip and held back her tears as she ate her breakfast. Frank finished his quickly and stormed back upstairs to pack his school bag.

Frank walked the kids to school. That morning he wasn't holding Lauren's hand and he wasn't carrying Mia. They walked in front of him and he sulked behind them, glaring at the back of their heads. He was fed up. Fed up of having to be the grown-up all the time. He loved his sisters but why did they have to be such hard work?

They got to the primary school "Raven and Jennifer will be picking you up." He said, starting to walk right past the school.

Mia ran over to him and threw her arms around his waist "I love you Fwankie." She told him, trying to be extra cute so that maybe Frank would cheer up.

He sighed and looked down at his sister "Okay." He replied eventually, shaking her off him and stomping towards the school.

Mia ran back into her own school, starting to sob. Isabella wrapped her arms around her and she sobbed into her shoulder "It's gonna be okay Mia. Frank will cheer up soon."

Frank got to school and Penina ran over to him with a smile on her face "Hey Frankie." She smiled, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing his cheek "Are you okay?"

Frank sighed and shook his head "No. I'm not okay."

"You wanna talk about it?"

Frank shook his head again "I don't even know where to start."

"Well you know you can always tell me, right?"

"I do and I'll tell you but I need to think about it first." Frank sighed "No. There's no point thinking about it." He started telling her everything that had happened "I love them, I love all of them... But I don't want to take care of them all the time. They're my sisters, not my daughters."

"Hey, obviously you're gonna get fed up of them every so often because you have to take care of them all the time. You think I never get mad at Samanatha?" Penina asked, raising her eye-brows "But we make it up because that's what family do. You're stressed out with them now so you obviously need a break. Ask Raven and Jennifer to babysit a little longer today. After band practice, we'll go on a date, right?" Frank nodded and smiled. That sounded good right now "And when you get home, hopefully you'll be in a better mood and you can explain to your sisters why you were in such a bad mood with them. You're not a monster just for having emotions Frank."

Frank sighed and hugged Penina tightly. He loved her so much. He just wished he could tell her that.

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