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Raven and Jennifer walked straight down to the primary school where the girls were already waiting outside for them "Hey girls," Jennifer smiled "Change of plan for tonight. We're gonna be babysitting you until eight o clock. And you won't be going down to the school to see Frank play. He needs a break right now."

The girls didn't say anything. They walked home in silence. When they got in, Alicia wasn't happy to see that Raven and Jennifer were there instead of Frank. The five of them sat in the living room, watching TV in silence making Jennifer and Raven pretty confused. Normally they were hyper and all over the place. What had gotten into them?

After band practice Frank went off with Penina. They were going to the cinema to watch 'Paranormal Activity 4' and then they were going to Oscar's Diner for dinner before heading home "I dunno about this film." Penina said, as Frank took her hand on the way to the cinema. They were walking since it wasn't too far away "I mean, I haven't seen the first three."

"Don't worry, I'll catch you up." Frank explained what had happened in the first three "So it was kind of backwards and that got on my nerves but I guess it wouldn't have been as good if it hadn't been that way."

"I still don't know. The trailer looked pretty creepy."

"If you get scared then I'm here, aren't I?" Frank smiled at her "And by the way, I'm paying for dinner."

"Really? That's sweet of you. Especially since you know, I asked you out on the date."

"Yeah but we're only here because I was in an awful mood." Frank bit his lip "Do you really think that I'll be in a better mood when I come home? I hate being mad at the girls. Especially since they didn't do anything that bad. I mean, Alicia was just playing around and Mia was just copying her to get attention. They're only kids. What the hell is wrong with me?"

"There's nothing wrong with you, I already told you that!" Penina cried "Look, I don't know many guys who would bother to put up with four little girls the way that you do. Just don't think about it for now. We're gonna go watch a movie, okay?" Penina gulped just thinking about being stuck in the dark watching a scary movie.

"Great, we're here." Frank grinned. He paid for both tickets and then got him and Penina a drink "Let's go."

"Okay. I'm ready." Penina squeezed Frank's hand and they went into the screen then took their seats.

He put his arm around her "You're not really scared, are you?"

"Of course not." Penina smiled but she knew that she was actually really scared.

Penina barely said anything during dinner and she barely responded on the walk home. Frank kept talking and talking even though he was starting to get worried that Penina didn't like him anymore.

He opened the door and no one ran into the corridor to greet him. Frank felt bad because normally Mia and Alicia would be all over him at this point "Hey girls." He smiled as he came into the living room.

"We'll be off now then Frank." Raven smiled "We hope you had a great time."

"Okay, thanks so much guys." Frank replied and Raven and Jennifer left "Look, girls, we need to talk." He sighed and ran his fingers through his hair "I've been being a horrible big brother recently. And I'm sorry. I just can't be in a good mood all the time. Every so often I need a break, okay?"

"So you're not gonna be in a bad mood from now on?" Mia asked, biting her lip.

"I'll try my best not to be in a bad mood from now, I promise." Frank replied.

Mia smiled, jumped up and ran into his arms. Frank hugged her back tightly "I'm really sorry." He whispered then held one arm out to Alicia "And I'm sorry I said I didn't love you. Of course I love you."

Alicia ran up and hugged him too "Love you too Frankie."

"I guess it's time for you girls to go to bed now. Come on Mia and Alicia. No messing around tonight." Frank stood up and lifted both his sisters up. They were so happy that Frank was in a good mood that they were really well behaved.

Later, when all the kids were in bed, Penina shook her head fondly at Samantha who was fast asleep on the sofa "I guess we'd better stay here the night." Penina sighed then nibbled at her bottom lip "Umm Frank... Can I confess to something?"

"Uhh yeah I guess so." Frank said nervously.

"THATMOVIEREALLYSCAREDME!" Penina cried all at once, throwing her arms around Frank's neck tightly.

Frank chuckled "Don't worry, you can sleep in my bed tonight with me, okay?" Penina nodded and leaned her head on his shoulder "P-Penina... I love you."

"Really?" Penina looked up at him and he nodded "Wow. I love you too Frank."

Frank grinned and kissed her lips gently.
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