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One Month Later...

Penina and Samantha had been living at Frank's house. It seemed sensible. They were there nearly everyday anyway and it made Frank and Penina less stressed. They had each other now, not just the kids. Plus, Frank's Mom hadn't come home recently anyway... Frank hardly ever got angry, Penina gradually became less afraid of the dark (even though she still prefered sleeping in the same bed as Frank).

Frank was enjoying being in the band and they had their first concert at the under eighteens band night in a couple of days. The girls were coming too of course and they were all really excited to see Frank play since they hadn't seen him playing in a long time. Sometimes, if Frank was in a good mood, he'd play them all a song in the evening but they hadn't seen him play in the band for ages.

After a couple of weeks, the girls had stopped expecting their Mom to come home. They didn't seem to care either. They had Frank and Penina. Who else did they need?

Night of the concert...

"I've gotta stay here and practice." Frank told Penina "And then I'm going straight over to The Place. Will you bring the girls over at seven? You can watch the other bands and we should be on at about eight."

"Don't worry, everything will be fine." Penina smiled, kissing him on the cheek "Tiara agreed to come with me. We'll be fine, I promise."

"Great." Frank grinned "I'm so excited."

"I know you are." Penina giggled "Break a leg." She kissed him one last time before leaving the secondary school and heading down towards the primary school to pick up the girls "They'll be okay tonight, won't they?"

"They've practiced hard enough." Tiara replied "They'll be perfect. Everyone will love them and there'll be some guy from a record label in the audiece who will wanna sign them-"

"I think you're going a bit far." Penina sighed "But I think they could really make it big you know. They're so talented."

"I know. I think they'll be famous one day. That'll be good, then Gerard can pay all the bills and I won't have to do anything." Tiara laughed "No, I think I'd get a job either way. I'd be so fed up, sitting at home everyday at home alone..."

"You might not be alone. You could have babies."

"I don't know if I want babies. I know that Gerard does though." Tiara smiled "I guess if I was gonna have kids with anyone it'd be with Gerard. I love him so much."

"I know how you feel. Not for Gerard though obviously." Penina said quickly "I love Frank so much. I feel way different when he's around me. Safer doesn't quite describe how I feel. At home I guess. And I've never felt at home anywhere before. I love it." Penina grinned as they made their way into the primary school.

"PENINA!" Mia cried, running to her and throwing her arms tightly around her waist.

"Hey Sweetie." Penina smiled, picking Mia up and kissing her cheek "Looking forward to seeing your brother perform?"

"YES YES YES he's gonna be perfect!" Mia shrieked excitedly.

Lauren, Samantha and Isabella came over and they started walking home "Does Frank sing in the band?" Samantha asked.

"No, he plays rhythm guitar. I think he sings some of the backing vocals." Penina told her "He's amazing though."

"I know. I can't wait to see him." Samantha giggled.

They talked happily about the band and seeing Frank and Mia admitted she had a little crush on Gerard which Tiara thought was cute until they made it home. None of them noticed the car pulled up outside so they just let themselves in.

They knew something was up when Alicia didn't come running into the hallway. And then they heard voices coming from the living room "Take the kids into the kitchen." Penina said "I'll go in."

So Tiara ushered the kids into the kitchen while Penina crept into the living room. There was a woman that Penina recognised as Frank's Mother from the photos on the mantlepiece and there was Alicia sitting on a strange mans lap, looking extremely uncomfortable "Umm hello Mrs Iero." Penina said nervously, stepping inside the room fully.

"Hmm..." Frank's Mom didn't look very impressed "You must be Penina, Frank's 'girlfriend.' I dunno. I think he could do better than you." Penina flushed bright red "So. Alicia tells me that you've been staying in my house for the past few weeks." She glanced at Alicia who was staring down at the floor guiltily "Who the hell..." Frank's Mom stood up, raising her voice now "Gave you the right to come into my house and start acting like my kids Mother!"

"I-I... T-That wasn't what I was trying to do." Penina's face had gone a pale white.

"Oh yeah?" Frank's Mom snarled "Now listen here you little slut. Get out of this house and never come back. You got that?"

[A/N] - Penina, you're not a slut :3 I hope you liked this chapter? :D
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