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Penina shook her head "No. Do you know what Mrs Iero? How dare you? I'm not a slut. I just happen to be in love with your son. And telling me that I act like your kids Mother? Well do you know what? They need a Mother and you're not willing to be their Mother and someone has to. If that person has to be me then fine. It will be me. Where have you been the past month Mrs Iero while I was taking care of your kids? If me and Frank didn't take care of them, who would?"

Mrs Iero stared at her for a long moment before slapping her around the face really hard "You little bitch! You have no idea what's going on in my life!"

"And you have no idea what's going on in my life!" Penina yelled back, suddenly filled with pure hatred "Yet you feel like you can call me a bitch, a slut and slap me round the face. You're right. I have no idea what's going on in your life. But you should still never leave your children at home alone for an entire month!"

"Maybe I had a reasonable excuse?"

"Well you can tell the court that when they take your children away from you." Penina hissed, narrowing her eyes at her "Mrs Iero, if your daughters treat me like I'm their Mother then instead of blaming me, you need to sit back and think about what kind of Mother you've been recently."

Mrs Iero stared at Penina then turned to her boyfriend "We're leaving. Right now." The boyfriend put Alicia down on the ground and left the house with Mrs Iero.

Penina fell to her knees and burst into tears. She couldn't believe she'd had the guts to say all of that. Alicia walked over to her and wiped away one of her tears with her little starfish hand "You were really brave." Alicia whispered.

Tiara came into the living room followed by the girls "Jeez Penina, you really told her." Tiara smiled and then saw Penina crying. She bent down and put her arms around her "Don't cry Penina, you did the right thing."

"You think so?" Penina sniffed "I chased their Mother out of the house. How could I do that to four innocent little girls?"

"We don't like her anyway." Mia said quickly "She's not a very nice lady."

"But she's your Mom." Penina sobbed "I-I..."

Mia kissed her cheek "I love you Penina."

Penina smiled "Love you too Mia."


Penina stood up and laughed "Alright, let's get ready then."

They made their way over to The Place at seven and made it their at about quarter to eight "We're gonna be late, we'll miss them!" Alicia moaned.

"No we won't." Penina re-assured her, lifting her up "We'll be fine."

She paid for their tickets and they each got a bright yellow wristband before going inside "What's this for?" Mia asked, playing with her wristband.

"To prove that we actually paid." Tiara replied.

"Hey look, there are the others!" They ran over to their friends "Hey guys." Penina smiled.

"Hey." Raven replied with a smile "It took you guys long enough to get here."

They had to shout to be heard over the band currently on stage. They weren't very good "We didn't want the kids to get bored so we only wanted to show up for My Chemical Romance." Penina replied "I hope that they're better than this band."

"Yeah, these guys are completely pissed." Jennifer sighed, rolling her eyes and looking up at them "The lead singers kinda cute."

"No Jennifer!" Callie yelled "Bob is the only man for you!"

"I know, I know, just saying." Jennifer giggled.

"Give a round of applause for Unbearable." The announcer said as the band left the stage.

"Their performance was unbearable." Callie muttered and they all laughed.

"And now give a massive round of applause for the next band, My Chemical Romance!"

"YES FRANK YOU SEXY BEAST PLAY YOUR HEART OUT!" Penina shrieked, jumping up and down and clapping. Her friends laughed and did the same while their sisters ran forward to the barrier. The girls watched them and then ran after them.

Bob was the first to come out and sat down at the drum kit "BOB I LOVE YOU!" Jennifer screamed, jumping up and down. Bob noticed, smiled and mouthed 'I love you too' back at her.

Ray came out and Raven shrieked. Ray shot her a strange look then grinned. Raven grinned back. And then Mikey came out "God, he looks good in them jeans." Callie said, shaking her head in disbelief "Look at his arse!"

Then Frank came out and Penina and his little sisters lost it "FRANK I AM SO GONNA HAVE SEX WITH YOU ONCE THIS IS OVER!" Penina yelled.

Frank didn't seem to hear her. He was looking pretty nervous. Then he looked at his sisters and smiled.

Finally Gerard came out. A girl behind them went "Ooh he's kinda hot."

"The fuck did she just say?" Tiara snapped, turning around to start a fight with this girl but Penina and Raven turned her back around.

"Hey, we're My Chemical Romance." Gerard tried to sound confident but it came out rather shyly which Tiara described as cute "This our first song, Skylines and Turnstiles."

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