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I Miss You

by drfeelgood 3 reviews

Kind of going through the relationship my brother and I had with my father from start to finish. Just what I wish I could say to him.

Category: Poetry - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama - Published: 2012-12-11 - Updated: 2012-12-12 - 252 words

I miss you
Daddy, Dad, Father
I remember all the good times we had
Horseback riding or trying to catch butterflies

I remember
You holding me
As I rode for the first time
Your words of encouragement

I remember
Ryan clinging to your leg
While you tried to teach us to swim
How you stroked his hair with a gentle hand

I remember
Our first day of school
How you packed our lunch and drove us
Kissing our foreheads before you opened the car door

I remember
The fight in third grade
Ryan punched a girl for cutting my hair
You understood like it was the most sensible reaction

I remember
Our graduation to junior high
You bought us each our first horse then
You were so proud of us

I remember
When Ryan came out
Even though your parents disowned him
You stood by him, accepting

I remember
When Ryan became an addict
Drinking, drugs, and sex
All you did was support me and help him

I remember
When you cheated on Mom
You two divorced and moved
You didn't regret it

I remember
The first time you hit me
It was after I brought a boy home for the first time
You looked so hateful

I remember
Moving away from you
You and your new girlfriend
You didn't care

I remember
Moving back in
I missed you so much
You didn't miss me

I remember
Finding you
Dead, lifeless
Hanging from the curtain rod

Daddy, Dad, Father,

I miss you.
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