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FRERARD: ONESHOT. "If its any consolation, we broke and had to buy a knew microwave"

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This was written because my other story, Fifty Shades of Gay, had a chapter mishap and it got deleted. So I guess this is kind of making up for that. Enjoy! Xx Max

It was another warm, boring spring day in Jersey. Outside, children ran up and down the streets giggling and laughing as they played ball and threw water on each other as parents sat on their porch chatting or, in other cases, gardening. The weather was just that perfect.

So perfect, however, it meant that Gerard and Frank were once again sitting in Gerard's bedroom, Frank sprawled out on Gerard's bed bored and hot while Gerard sat at his desk, drawing the boy on his bed. He knew that Frank wasn't going to see it until it was finished, so it meant that he could just pick up a drawing his friend hadn't seen so he wasn't creeped out. Frank liked to be told when he was being drawn.

"I'm so bored" Frank huffed as he shifted once again on Gerard's tangled black sheets. "And hot!"

Frank had always been a complainer. If it were too cold for him he'd grab anything he could and wrap it around himself, complaining until someone put the heater on or took him somewhere warm. If he didn't want to be somewhere he'd whine and sulk until who he was with would give in and take him to Chuckie Cheese or somewhere else remotely childish. But that was just Frank. An annoying, whining, complaining and full of energy kid. Even if he was seventeen.

"What do you want me to do about it?" Gerard asked boredly as he held in a sigh. Frank had shifted again which made it harder for Gerard to draw him.

Whining, Frank turned his head and stared at his skinny, pale friend. "I don't know! Doesn't your house have A/C? Or, you know, at least a fan? Or do you all just roast silently every summer?" He asked, a pout more than visible on his face. Though there had been no point to his pout because Gerard hadn't looked up from his paper in a while.

Setting his pencil down, he turned on his swivel chair to look at his short friend. "We do" he said quietly as he set his graphite stained hands on his knees. "But it isn't that hot"

That threw Frank into a very child like fit. He threw his head back into Gerard's pillows and squeezed his hazel eyes shut, almost yelling as he flailed his limbs about, making him bounce up on the mattress. Gerard's jaw just dropped. Frank hadn't thrown a tantrum like that since they had been five and his mom wouldn't buy him the batman toy he'd wanted for so long. He'd ended up getting it anyway because Gerard had asked his mom to buy it for him, convincing her that the one she had bought for him a week before had been lost at kindergarten. He gave it to Frank to make him happy. Gerard always did anything to make Frank happy.

With that being said, he stood up and silently walked into the hall, leaving the pouting Frank out of breath on his bed. He turned the small, white, air conditioner knob on the wall and returned to his seat at his desk to draw Frank, who seemed to have calmed a little now that he knew the air containing had been turned on.

"You know it isn't summer yet, right Frankie?" Gerard asked quietly, amused at the small groan Frank had just made. Both Gerard and Frank dreaded every summer and would usually spend the entire summer vacation hidden away in either of their rooms with cold drinks, ice lollies, junk food and the air conditioner. Gerard would draw and sing while Frank would write and play guitar, lose to Gerard on the Xbox and fall asleep beside his friend as he watched him draw. They dreaded summer but they loved it all the same. It meant time spent together.

"I know" he huffed. "I'm going to be here every day because our A/C is broken! Dad figured out it didn't work yesterday and he said that if he can't fix it we're going to have to find another way to cool down" he frowned and glared up at the ceiling. "Damn cheepo"

Gerard gave a small laugh. "You're here almost every day every summer anyway" he said as he placed his sketch pad under a small stack of paper and placed his pencil in his Star Wars mug, where the rest were placed. "There really won't be much of a difference"

As he turned on his chair to face his friend, Frank grinned and said "I know!", making Gerard smile too. They really were inseparable. "I was kind of hoping the new Call of a duty would be out by Summer, but, y'know" he gave a small shrug. "We still have Black Ops to have you kick my butt at"

Gerard shook his head. "Actually... Mikey and I melted it" he said awkwardly. He knew Frank loved that game. He'd always get so excited, and extremely pissed off, whenever he played it."In the mocrowave" he added when Frank didn't say anything. That sure got him.

"What?!" He exclaimed as he sat up. "You and Mikey did what to the only game I was looking forward to this Summer?! Why?!"

Pushing his hair back, Gerard said "Mikey said it wouldn't melt, and I said it would" slowly, watching his friend carefully. Frank was unpredictable. He could have Gerard running for his life any second. "So we had a bet, and before I could realise which game he grabbed, it was already a melted puddle of cd" Frank just stared at him, outraged. "If its any consolation, we broke and had to buy a knew microwave"

Frank threw him of back into Gerard's sheets with I a groan. How could his friend be so stupid? Why would he even make a bet like that? And Mikey, out of all people too! He was one of the smartest people he knew!

"Did you melt Left for Dead too?" He asked in a mumble as he faced Gerard's postered bedroom wall. He didn't know what he would do to Gerard if he'd melted that down to liquid plastic too.

"No, Ray borrowed it. I've only got the first one at the moment" Gerard replied. "Do you want me to get it back before summer vacation?"

Frank was laughing now. That's not what he had meant at all, and now Gerard was embarrassing himself. As usual. It had almost become an unconscious hobby of his. It was quite hilarious to Frank.

Rolling over, he stared at Gerard amusedly, a giggle bubbling up in his throat as Gerard let out a loud "oh" in realisation. "That's not what you meant-oh. Okay." He shook his head with a small blush. "Damn it meese babies" he mumbled.

Giggling quietly, Frank turned and looked up at all the many posters covering Gerard's wall and asked "Why do you have such a giant poster of Oli Sykes?"

It took Gerard a little while to reply because in Franks question, his eyes had been drawn to the innocent face and chestnut eyes of Oli Sykes. He'd been mesmerised for a moment. The moment, though, didn't last too long.

"Because" Gerard replied dumbly with a shrug as he gawked at the taped up paper. "He-He looks really good" he nodded, then added quickly "in this photo"

"His hair cut is almost my hair cut here" Frank said as he ran his fingers through his own chocolate brown locks. "He's stolen my look, Gee" Frank joked.

Gerard, however, was still staring at the poster, inspecting his hair. Maybe it did look like Franks. A lot. And maybe he does have tattoos, reminding him of the few small ones Frank had gotten done behind his parents back. Then he shook his head. If anything, Frank had stolen Oli's look. Oli was famous and didn't even know Frank, or Gerard, existed.

"I like his hair" Gerard said mindlessly. "Especially how it kind of just sits above his eyes, on his eyelashes"

Frank rolled over slowly sand watched as his best friend stared at the poster with a small smile, almost like he was admiring the being in the photo. It made him say "I think you like more than just his hair" almost harshly. It had come out a bit edgy and surprised himself.

Gerard, however, didn't notice and nodded. "Yeah" he said with a small sigh. "You're right, I really think he's attractive" he looked down at Frank. "I really want to meet him and just kiss him"

Something deep inside Frank snapped as he sat up, making him stare at his friend with almost a glare. "You want to just kiss a guy you don't even know that probably won't even like you?" He asked as he crossed his arms.

Shrugging,Gerard nodded and said a small "yeah", not really seeing a problem with it.

"Look at him!" Frank exclaimed. "He's an English frontman! He won't want a Jersey kid that just draws everything!"

Gerard's shrugged again. "I don't care, I really like him, Frank. He just looks so innocent and beautiful in every photo he's ever been in" he tucked his ebony hair behind his ear and looked up at the poster again. "Even his little freckles and moles are adorable!"

Outraged, and not entirely sure why, Frank stood up on his mattress and jabbed his finger on the face of Oli Sykes. "He stole my look!" He exclaimed in an abnormally high and accusing voice. "He looks like me in sex god form! He's way out of either of our league and I don't want to date my clone!" Frank squealed. "Look at him and then look at me. We are one in the same person!"

Slightly confused as to why Frank was acting jealous, he looked from his friends adorably upset face to the seductive face of Oli, then back to Frank, repeating as he compared their features.

The two both had their lip pierced. Frank had a shiny, silver hoop threaded through the right side of his bottom lip where as Oli had a black ring on the left side. The both guys had small, button type noses. The only difference between them was Frank, like his lip, had a silver ring in it on the left side this time. Frank had a few freckles and, on his right cheek a small dot of a mole that Gerard had remembered drawing so many times. Oli had two under his left eye and another on his cheek on the same side. Their eyes, different in colour, weren't so much different in shape. Franks were only just larger. Gerard only just realised that Frank was right. They were alike.

"See?" Frank asked when he realised Gerard's eyes had stopped darting from poster to person and were just resting on him.

He nodded. "Yeah" he whispered as he stared up at his best friend, only then realising why he'd put that giant poster up. Both he and Frank didn't listen to Bring me the Horizon. In fact, they avoided it when they could because they'd thought Suicide Silence were better and, in all honesty, weren't all that interested in their style of music anyway. They were more into punk and old rock, even though occasionally Frank would listen to loud, screaming songs because he was trying to teach himself how to do it.

But the more Gerard stared at his best friend, the stronger the reason behind the poster became. Putting up a big poster of a celebrity that reminded him of Franks adorable good looks was far less weird than having a poster, or a drawing, of his best friend in that size. He realised he wasn't admiring Oli so much, it was the way he reminded him of Frank. It wasn't Oli's pierced lips he wanted to kiss, it was Franks. It always had been.

"Gerard?" Frank said loudly, almost like it were the sixth time he'd repeated it. Technically it had only been four times before he'd gotten his spaced out in realisation best friends attention.

"Yes?" Gerard answered, blinking quickly.

Watching Gerard suspiciously, Frank said "you said 'oh' like you do when you realise you've embarrassed yourself again. What is it?"

Shaking his head, Gerard looked down and said "you'll laugh at me" quietly as he picked at his finger nails.

Confused, Frank said "you know I won't laugh if its serious"

Gerard shook his head again. "You will laugh cause you'll think I'm joking" he looked back up. "You always laugh at me"

Frowning, Frank jumped down off of Gerard's bed, creating a small thud as he landed in front of his friend, startling and, in his eyes, making him look adorably vulnerable. "I didn't laugh at you when we were seven and you peed yourself at Disney land" he stated, hands on his hips as he looked at Gerard seriously. "I used my food money to buy you a pair of Mickey Mouse shorts from the gift store for you to change into. If I didn't laugh at that serious time where at first I had thought you were joking, I won't laugh now. Especially not after you've said you're not joking"

Gerard blushed and looked down at Franks black and white striped socks. "I drank too much water and I didn't want to make you miss out in meeting Eric" he mumbled, remembering how embarrassing it had been but how happy Frank had looked when he'd gotten his photo taken with Prince Eric, from The Little Mermaid. Frank smiled softly as Gerard silently stared down. "This is totally different, though. This time I won't have wet pants and the smell of urine to prove to you it's not a joke" he looked up with a small frown and watched Franks smile fade into slight concern. "This time you just have to trust me"

Frank nodded. "Okay, I trust you Gee. I've always trusted you" he sat down in Gerard's bed across from him and watched his friend shift awkwardly. "I can't laugh now. You're freaking out"

Laughing nervously, Gerard looked back down at the carpet as he shook his head. "Frankie, it's not Oli I like" he said quietly, and, almost, ashamedly. "It's you" he whispered, his cheeks turning a cute shade of pink. Now that the air conditioning was on he couldn't just blame it on the near summer heat.

"Oh" Frank managed to say after minute of staring at his awkward and embarrassed friend. It wasn't that he didn't like him back or that he didn't know what to do because Frank knew right from the moment he'd become jealous of Oli Sykes that he liked his best friend more than he was meant too. He was just surprised because he hadn't expected Gerard to like him back. Not since his last relationship was one: with a girl and two: she had been quite popular. Frank was not female nor popular, so he'd just thought he wasn't Gerard's type. Or preferred gender.

"Oh?" Gerard asked nervously, looking up through his fringe. He looked terrified. He knew these kind of things were a 'make or break' situation, and the oh he'd just heard made him lean more towards the break. Only because he could feel his heart breaking and his friend slipping away as he stared back at him like a goldfish.

But then a small smile spread across Franks slightly pink tinged cheeks, showing his cute dimples. The smile made Gerard even more nervous. Was he taking this as a joke like he'd dreaded?

Instead of the heart melting giggles or world stopping laugh Gerard was waiting for, Frank just stood up and wrapped his arms around him, holding onto him tighter than his usual "I'll see you tomorrow" hugs he'd get every day. This one was more like the hugs he'd get on valentines day when the two were moping about and sulking over the fact they'd received no Valentine this year or like the hugs he'd get on his birthday or Christmas. It was one of Franks love filled hugs that he'd used when Gerard's grandma died and when Gerard's first ever girlfriend had broken up with him because she'd seen him staring at the young, cute, male, fill in teacher. It was the hug that had always made Gerard happy, even when he was crying. It was like Frank had out his entire heart into the hug, which was why it was so tight and warm.

Frank shifted and took a small step back, leaving his hands on Gerard's shoulders, the same small smile present on his pierced lips. This was it. The moment that would either make them or break them. But then Frank laughed.

Gerard immediately frowned and pushed his chair back, ready to turn to his desk and listen to the sounds of Frank telling him he never wanted to see him again. That it was weird and it would come between the amazing and close friendship they'd had since Frank had turned three. Gerard found himself wanting Frank to leave too, just so he could curse at himself and yell into his pillow until he suffocated.

Instead of the sounds of Frank leaving, he instead let out a loud "sorry!" As he caught hold of the back of Gerard's wheeled chair, pulling it back towards himself as Gerard sat helpless. He couldn't have stopped it if he tried. "I wasn't laughing at what you said Gee, I promise, you just looked so scared I..." He sighed and shook his head. "No, I said I wouldn't laugh, and I did, I'm sorry" he turned the chair around so Gerard was facing him again, his eyes locking onto Franks thin-white shirted chest. "I really, really hope you're not joking Gerard" he said quietly as he hooked two fingers under Gerard's chin and forced him to look up at him. "Because I like you too, and I'd hate to be the cause of the end of our friendship"

A small, unsure smile appeared on Gerard's cherry dusted lips as a small "really?" Managed to slip past them quietly.

Frank nodded, and having always been the more confident one of the two, leant down and pressed his lips to Gerard's, almost finding himself surprised when Gerard's hands rested on his hips. As he pulled back, goofy smiles on each of their faces, Gerard bit his lip and looked down, keeping his pale, graphite stained hands on Franks hips. It almost made Frank "aw" at his adorable ness, but instead ask "what is it?"

Gerard looked up, the same smile still spread across his cheeks and said "I don't have to kiss Oli anymore", making Frank raise a perfectly shaped eyebrow. "Not since I kissed the better looking guy he's taken his look from"

Smiling amusedly, and fighting the urge to roll his eyes playfully as he stared down at his happy and smiling friend, the two realised that's no longer what they were. That situation had made them, and now they would be known as the weird, inseparable 'hide-in-bedrooms-all-summer' boyfriends. They were together now, the look in their eyes made it clear they didn't have to say it out loud. The two just knew they were and suddenly, they weren't dreading Summer so much anymore. Not now since Gerard knew that suffocating heat meant a no shirted Frank. He was going to enjoy that.
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