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Our Best Mistake

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Maddie thought she was born Maddie Ann Wentz, sister of Pete. But when after a new found romance starts up with Patrick, Pete discovers something, Maddie was adopted. She is devestated, but while t...

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Chapter 1- Our Best Mistake

"Are we sure we want to do this?" Mrs. Wentz asked turning towards her husband. He nodded reassuringly and sighed looking down at the bundle in her arms.
"I'm sure young Peter would love the company of a sister," Mr. Wentz spoke and his wife laughed.
"He's only a year old,"
"Well, they will still love each other," Mrs. Wentz looked down at their newly adopted daughter.
"I hope so...this will be a fabulous birthday present for him, don't you think?" Mr. Wentz let out a laugh.
"What did you say her name was again?" he asked. Mrs. Wentz smiled.
"Maddie Ann...though the last name was disclosed," Mr. Wentz grasped his wife's hand.
"Well, she's a Wentz now," Mrs. Wentz nodded her head.
"Maddie Ann Wentz,"

A 17 year old Maddie sat on the first row of bleachers watching as her brother and two of her friends scampered across the soccer field. Patrick sat next to her, eyes fixed just as much on the game as she.
"Come on Pete...just...kick the ball," Maddie muttered and Patrick smirked looking at her. Maddie bit her lip and finally stood up.
"Kick the god damn ball, Pete!" she screamed over the cheering students and screaming parents. The ball was kicked and a wining goal was scored for their school. Pete flashed a smile over at his sister and watched as her and Patrick hugged, excited for the win.

"Big mouth," Pete commented once he met up with her outside the locker rooms. She just breathed out and rolled her eyes.
"You were just standing there..." Pete shook his head.
"Thanks sis," Maddie smiled and nodded her head.
"Since it's a Friday, and there is no school tomorrow..." she trailed off. Pete smiled.
"Ice cream," Maddie bit her lip waiting for him to continue. "And band practice," she smiled and turned around to try and find the other guys. Without warning a pair of familiar arms wrap around her.
"Joe!" she beamed and he laughed scooping her up into a hug. Patrick and Andy appeared next to them and Patrick sighed at the friendly embrace.
"So what are we doing today?" Joe asked as Maddie jumped up on his back for a piggy back ride. Pete smiled.
"Ice cream at our house and then practice...don't we have a show on Sunday?" Andy nodded.
" that coffee shop Maddie works at," Maddie smiled.
"Yeah, and I still haven't heard a thank you for getting you guys that gig," she spoke as the five stated walking towards their cars.
"Ok, fine...thank you my dearest sister," Maddie widely smiled until Joe spoke up.
"Hot sister," he mumbled and Maddie smacked the side of his head but then laughed jumping off of his back and linking arms with Pete.
"Whatever, Joe..." she bit her lip and looked around.
"Can we go home? It looks like it's going to rain,"

Maddie was right. It did rain and it rained hard. The boys still practiced as Maddie danced around a bit while baking cookies. Almost as soon as the freshly baked cookies came out of the oven, Patrick ended the last song of practice with a giant power chord. Maddie smiled as the boys grabbed the cookies and stuffed their faces.
"God...I love your cookies," Andy muttered grabbing another one. Pete snickered.
"I get them whenever because I live with her..." Maddie rolled her eyes.
"Yeah, but it's up to me when I want to bake them," Patrick sighed.
"But you don't want us to starve now, do you?" he asked and Maddie threw her arm around his shoulder.
"Of course not Patrick..." Patrick smiled and Andy sniggered.
"Patrick stop creeps me out, it's not like you at all," he muttered and Patrick dropped his half eaten cookie as Maddie giggled.
"Patrick...are you hitting on me?" a blush appeared on his face and Pete glared.
"No hitting on the sister," Patrick glared even more and became quite quiet.
"Ok...enough with embarrassing the cutie," Maddie said, removing her arm and grabbing a cookie for her self. Patrick gulped slightly and looked up a little shocked.
Did she just call me a cutie?
Pete stifled a laugh but let it out anyways.
"Maddie, I think you just made Patrick think he's hot," Andy muttered and Maddie shrugged.
"Good, he needs the confidence if you guys are going to be playing your first real show at my work," she crossed the room and headed up the stairs, a couple of cookies in her hand. Joe looked at Patrick who was smugly smiling.
"Don't get any ideas, Stump," Pete said firmly. He gulped and Joe just laughed.
"Yeah, girls do that to ya, but she's right! Our show is tomorrow,"
"You guys just stay here...Patrick, I'll let you stay with my sister," Patrick widened his eyes.
"Why?" he asked slowly.
"Because you'll hate the state my room is in," Andy laughed.
"Is it that messy?" he asked and Pete shook his head.
"If you call the magazines messy," Joe sniggered and high fived his friends. Patrick sighed while shaking his head and adjusted his glasses. me? I love me very much. promise it will get better and I a about three or four chapters, you will be crawling for more...
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