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Naked Peek-A-Boo?

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It's not what you think. It's funny though. It's always more fun inbetween the sheets, in what way though? When it incudes Pete, anything can happen.

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Chapter 2- Naked Peek-a-Boo?

Maddie heard the boy's conversation well into the night. She liked the idea of Patrick rooming with her, she wasn't afraid to admit that, except to Patrick...and maybe her brother. Sighing, Maddie flipped over on her back and stared up at the ceiling. Closing her eyes for a brief moment, she heard the flock of footsteps rush up the stairs. A few trampled further down the hallway and Maddie heard the banging around of the stairs to the attic coming down.
Can't Pete learn to be quieter?
She turned over again at the sound of footsteps appearing at her own door and faced the wall across from the door. Maddie let one of her eyes peek open to see Patrick with a serious thinking face on, one that was unsure about sharing a bed with his best friend's sister. Scratch that, best friend's highly attractive sister. Patrick gulped and shrugged off his zip up hoodie and delicately placed it somewhere at the foot of the bed before shedding his pants as well. Maddie slightly bit her lip and tried not to announce to the world that she was awake. As soon as she knew he was in the bed and facing her, she shot her eyes open to see his closed.
"Patrick, I'm bored," she announced and watched as he jumped, widening his eyes before calming down.
"Bored ehh?" Maddie nodded her head. "We can always play word association," Maddie smiled.
"Sounds good," Patrick picked at the sheets while he thought.
"Ok, how bout milk?" Maddie giggled slightly.
"Kitten," Patrick smiled.
"Hat," Maddie poked Patrick under the sheets and grinned.
"Patrick," the two smiled and Maddie thought of a word.
"Naked?" Patrick raised an eyebrow for a moment but then laughed at his own answer.
"Peek-A-Boo?" The two burst out laughing and Maddie covered her mouth with one of her hands, trying to stifling it.
"Naked Peek-A-Boo? Oh, I'm never letting you near my kids," Patrick shrugged and smiled when the laughter died down.
"Well you that one song..." Maddie raised an eyebrow but just smiled as Patrick started singing. "We have to take our, CLOTHES OFF!" he half yelled and Maddie was sure Pete was going to be here in 5 seconds. She giggled when Patrick clamed down but shook her head.
"I thought it was we don't have to take our clothes off," Patrick glared and Maddie just giggled some more.
"Well...not my version," he paused and yawned.
"Yawn?" Maddie asked and Patrick snuggled into the pillow.
"How bouts sleep?" Maddie smiled and nodded her head turning over and turning off the lamp.

"We should let them sleep together more often," Maddie didn't open her eyes when she heard Joe and Andy talking near her bed. She wanted to be evil this morning for them waking her up.
"What do you mean?" Andy asked. Joe pointed to the two "asleep" bodies.
"They make a cuter couple than...than," Maddie lightly smiled at Joe's lost for words.
"They seriously need to get in bed with each other," Andy muttered and Joe raised an eyebrow.
"But they are in bed.../wait/...OH! Like that, yeah, Patrick needs to get laid anyways," Maddie smiled wider, her eyes still closed and resisted the urge to burst out laughing.
"Maddie's awake," Andy muttered and Joe looked over as she opened her eyes.
"Hey you two, thanks for waking me up with that comment," Maddie stayed still and watched as Joe pointed over at her.
"You look cute," Maddie rolled her eyes.
"Yeah, because I'm always cute in the morning when my makeup is smeared and my hair's a mess and there is probably dried drool on my cheek," Andy sniggered but Joe elbowed him.
"No, no," he sighed and shook his head. "You two look cute..." Maddie raised an eyebrow but stopped when she felt Patrick's arm around her for the first time this morning.
"Really?" she asked and Andy nodded his head.
"We could lose the drool and snoring, and it could be better," Maddie glared and sighed.
"Thanks for ruining the moment," she widened her eyes at the sound of her brother running down the hallway.
"PORN NINJAS!!!!!!!!" the guys freaked out as the door was kicked open and Maddie screeched flipping over and burying her face in Patrick's chest. She felt him awake then yell, probably disgusted by Pete and /Pete/. Screeching even more, but now in a playful way, Pete made it in between the two, still naked and held the two close on either side of him.
"It's such a wonderful day! I can feel it in my...di" Maddie smacked his arm and gritted her teeth.
"Don't. Even. Start," Pete bit his lip and shifted his eyes.
"Uh...diplodocus?" Joe looked a little creped out.
"You have a dinosaur?" Andy just shook his head.
"I'm staying out of this one," Maddie just smiled but still felt fairly uncomfortable being in the same bed with Patrick and her naked older brother.
"Yes. I have a very large dinosaur," Maddie whimpered, knowing where this was going. Patrick sighed and shook his head, staying out of it as well.
"Where the hell do you keep it?" Joe asked. Maddie just shot him a glare and Pete chuckled.
"In my pants," Maddie just squirmed and screeched again.
"I really don't need to be hearing this..." Pete faked sobbed and pushed her out of the bed. Landing with a thump on the floor, she looked over onto her bed to see Pete trying to straddle Patrick, who was currently struggling to keep both Pete's away from him. Maddie sighed and just poked Pete's side, causing him to squirm and fall off the other side of the bed.
"Ouch," he whined, the sheets had fallen with him and he just tied it around himself, and walked out of the room, the sheets sliding off of Patrick. Andy shook his head and scratched the back of his neck.
"Maddie, I don't want to know how you survive in this household," Maddie shrugged.
"I have no idea," she paused to stand up and stretch. "Tolerance?" Patrick smirked.
"You must be able to tolerate anything," Maddie shook her head.
"What can't you?" Joe asked. Maddie smiled.
"Secrets," she paused to slip on a new pair of jeans. "The bad kind,"
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