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Secret Sauce

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Boy's first gig. Maddie's worried thoughts and her denial of falling for Patrick. Pete embarasses them both and they make some sauce.

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Chapter 3-Are You Hitting On Me?

Maddie was cleaning tables as her brother thanked the crowd, ready to play their last song. She was proud, that they finally got a gig, even if she had contributed to it. It all added to the "We Love Maddie" fund. Maddie paused to watch Patrick strum a few nervous chords while Pete talked about her, getting them the gig.
"So...this is one of our new songs, it's gonna be on the EP that comes out in about two weeks," he paused and Maddie smiled nodding her head as in some sort of way of telling him to get on with the show. "This one's for Maddie...not from my point of view, but...oh never mind," Maddie smiled again and leaned her elbow on the countertop, resting her chin in her hand.
Keep quiet nothing comes as easy as you...
Maddie sighed. Sometimes she wished that Pete didn't write that song and that Patrick did, in hopes it was about her. But Maddie was turning 18, soon anyways, and was getting too old for childlike crushes. It was the last two weeks of school on top of that and that meant /Prom/. Maddie was so lost in her thoughts she didn't hear the set finish or the many flocks of people and fans leaving, which means she didn't hear the boys come up behind her, and Joe pick her up from her leaning position.
"You space out often?" Maddie smiled as he picked her up, piggy backing her out of the shop.
"Just thinking about my birthday," Pete smiled.
"Yeah, but mine comes first!" Maddie rolled her eyes and sighed remembering her brother's birthday was the day before hers.
"This week should be fun," Andy muttered and Pete smiled.
"My birthday on Wednesday, Maddie's on Thursday, Prom on Friday and then out giant PARTY!!!" Maddie widened her eyes and jumped off of Joe's back to stand in front of Pete.
"What party? Mom never said anything about a party..." Pete placed a finger over her mouth.
"Aren't mom and dad going out this weekend?" Maddie nodded her head and Pete smiled evilly. "Exactly...we're having a secret birthday slash prom after party at castle de Wentz," A first, Maddie furrowed her eyebrows together in disappointment, but then smiled at the thought.
"'re a genius," Maddie muttered, throwing herself at him for a hug. Pete smiled and the guys just smiled at the idea.
"This...this is going to be good..." Maddie nodded her head before snatching Andy's keys that were attached to one of his belt loops and dashing into the parking lot. Last one home has to make diner!

Even though Maddie high jacked Andy's car, she made it home last. Pouting, she sat on one of the kitchen barstools as Pete went on about how he wanted spaghetti for diner, with homemade noodles and sauce.
"'re so mean...I didn't expect to get such a task!" she complained and Pete looked around him before picking Patrick up and shoving him towards her.
"Then let Patrick help you," Patrick looked annoyed at first but then smiled when Maddie nodded her head.
"Oh look what you've done, Pete!" Joe started. "You got the lovebirds alone again," Andy snickered and Maddie blushed as Patrick coughed nervously. Pete and Joe were the only ones unfazed.
"Bound to happen, I don't care if Patrick bangs my sister," Maddie widened her eyes and Pete just smiled. "She needs to lose her virginity to /somebody/," Maddie widened her eyes even more but with her mouth opening as well in an insulted gasp.
"Why Patrick and not anybody else?" Joe asked and Andy just continued to let out bursts of laughter.
"Because Patrick needs to get laid too," Patrick blushed as well from next to Maddie and the two looked away nervously.
"Look at them!" Andy half laughed. Joe just shook his head.
"'re a meanie," Maddie whimpered and Pete just shrugged.
"It's true though..." Maddie glared at him and cut him off.
"Shut up Pete," She turned around and walked into the kitchen letting the swinging door flap back and forth after her. Joe just looked wide eyed at Pete and he shrugged. Patrick grimly looked down but then inched into the kitchen after her.
"Madds?" Maddie looked up from chopping some tomatoes to acknowledge Patrick. "You ok?" Maddie nodded and Patrick let out a relieved sigh.
"Just...I hate it when Pete makes fun of me for being a virgin," Patrick slightly blushed but smiled.
"So it's true," Maddie bit her lip as she felt the warmness return to her cheeks and turned back to chopping the tomatoes but let out a quiet answer.
"Yeah..." Maddie wasn't embarrassed about the topic, just the fact she was talking about it to Patrick. /Patrick/, of all people, it was worse then talking about it to her brother. Patrick took a couple cautious steps towards her and grabbed some of the tomato chunks and threw them in the sauce pan.
"It's ok Madds. Will it help if I told you I am too?" Maddie blushed even more, the whole "Talking about virginity to crush" was freaking her out.
"I guess," she mumbled looking up and over at Patrick who was stirring the sauce intently, yet still focused on their slightly embarrassing conversation.
"I still can't get over what Pete said though," she added, instantly regretting it, as it added to the awkward conversation.
"I never know," Maddie cheekily smiled and giggled slightly before looking over at Patrick who now had a slight pink tint on his cheeks.
"Patrick...are you hitting on me?" Maddie slightly nudged him with her elbow and Patrick just tried to hide his laughter.
"Maybe," Maddie just let out a toothy grin and they both shared a smile before it was interrupted by a knock on the door that slid open to reveal the bar. Glaring, a little disappointed that her moment alone with Patrick was ruined, she threw it open to see Pete in mid motion of knocking.
"/Yesssss/?" Maddie hissed and Pete just hugged her through the small door.
"I'm sorry sistah...can you ever forgive your sexy brother?" Maddie rolled her eyes and smiled.
"Make it 'Your embarrassing brother' and we've got a deal," Pete just smiled and pecked her forehead.
"Ok then...remember to use protection!" Maddie just glared after her brother as he skipped happily away, a pink strip of his underwear sneaking out from his pants.
Note to self: Remember to check if he's not wearing my underwear again
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