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I Love Your Underwear

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I have "Austin We Have A Problem" stuck in my head, you know, that really, really old Fall Out Boy song? Yeah... Patrick stuttering is just so... ah, it gets in your head and stays there. Anyways. ...

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Chapter 4- I Love Your Underwear

Go away Pete
"/Maaaaaadieeee/," Maddie bit her lip with her eyes still closed, her back facing his body where he halfway lied next to her but also leaning over so he could mumble in her ear.
"Madeline," Maddie groaned and gripped the sheets tighter around her shoulders, snuggling her face more into her two pillows, letting her hair cover her face.
I said go away...
"Come on Maddie..." Maddie shrieked at the feel of her brother's hands sneaking over her waist and then tickling her, making the sheets shimmy down her as she kicked and half giggled half screamed.
"Ok! OK! Pete! I'm awake!" he stopped suddenly and bounced back onto the bed, lying down next to her on his back. "What do you want?" she asked and Pete smiled.
"It's Wednesday..." he cooed and Maddie smiled, nodding her head.
"Happy Bir-OHMYGODPETEWHYAREYOUWEARINGMYUNDERWEAR?!?!" Maddie widened her eyes as she let her eyes drift to the boy short lacy red underwear that had black skulls on it. "Pete..." she whined and shook her head as Pete raised his hands in question.
"What?" he asked half laughing then rolled a little when the back of Maddie's hand hit his chest.
"Pete...please take those off," Maddie instantly regretted that statement. Pete opened his mouth in a fake gasp and clicked his tongue in a "Tssk".
"Maddie, that's called incest and you better save it for Patrick," Maddie sighed, fed up with that topic. "What?" he asked pulling his sister closer.
"Pete please stop venturing to that topic thank you very much," Pete raised a curious eyebrow and Maddie just shook her head.
"I thought you liked Patrick...I mean, I pick up on obvious things, and you are always nervous and blushing around him..." Maddie sighed and pouted, her cheek squashed against Pete's chest.
"I don't know...Patrick gives...mixed signals," her voice was mumbled by the position her mouth was in and then sighed and moved as Pete breathed in and let out and exasperated sigh.
"So you do like him?" Maddie nodded one side of her cheek full.
"It feels like a childlike crush sometimes though...but other times I just...I don't know..." Maddie stopped at the sound of somebody coming down the hallway.
"I need a hero! I'm holding out for a hero till' the morning light!" Maddie smirked at the sound of Patrick's cheerful singing. "He's gotta be sure and it's gotta be soon and he's gotta be larger than life," as Patrick sang the last bit, he walked into Maddie's bedroom to see her giggling composure against Pete who was wearing...
"Hot lacey boy short underwear?" Pete cracked up next, falling off the bed, exposing the low cut in the back, which indeed showed off a little too much crack and not enough cocaine, if you know what I mean. Maddie laughed as he took the sheets with him, covering himself up the best he could. Patrick blushed for a moment as stood still and Maddie raised an eyebrow before looking down and seeing her own lacey black boy short panties with small white hearts. And on top of that, she had an even lacier bra that, let's say showed off a lot of leverage. Patrick gulped and Pete silently laughed from where he was trying to get his tight pants back on.
"Ok, you can stop checking out my half naked sister now," he joked walking past him and slapping his shoulder, knocking him out of his trance. Maddie giggled slightly as Patrick widened his eyes and tripped over his words then gave up miserably and began conversing with his converse.
"Patrick, please stop mumbling and look at me," Maddie spoke and Patrick slowly looked up to see Maddie standing by her dresser, pulling on a striped spaghetti strap.
"Sorry Madds," Maddie just turned around and smiled, grabbing her jeans and slipping them on, jumping a little to quicken the process.
"Patrick...get used to it, summer means more boy sleepovers and more fun between the sheets," Patrick's eyebrow raised in a surprised expression and Maddie just laughed grabbing her backpack from the side of her bed and walking over to where Patrick was lingering in her doorway.
"Maddie..." he said cautiously and Maddie smiled.
"Kidding," she mumbled and walked out first, sliding down the staircase railway.

"/You like Maaaaaaaaaadieeeee/," Patrick glared at Andy and Joe as they sang that line for the thousandth time that day at lunch. He put down his half eaten cookie and crossed his arms, pouting.
"I do not," he mumbled and Pete looked at the other two who sat across from them.
"Denial," they all said at the same time. Patrick sighed and shook his head, losing his appetite. Maddie came strolling in, a little ticked off looking but smiled nonetheless, taking a seat in between Patrick and Pete.
"I hate Mr. Twinker," she muttered, digging out a bag of leftover cookies from her bag. Joe, Andy and Pete's eyes lit up at the sight and Maddie sighed, giving them up to them.
"What happened?" Joe asked with his mouth full.
"Almost got detention for bad mouthing Prom," Pete looked at his sister in a weird way.
"What did you say?"
"Prom sucks and that I didn't get it," Maddie rolled her eyes. "He made me sit there and listen to him explain it until I did," Andy shook his head.
"Why do you think Prom sucks?" Maddie shrugged and looked a little upset.
"Never really got a date to the dances, which is why I never enjoyed myself," Joe laughed.
"You not getting a date?" Maddie smiled but shook her head.
"It's weird, I know," she looked down at her hands that were folded in her lap and zoned out.
"Pat," Pete whispered and Patrick looked up and raised an eyebrow.
"Ask her, you idiot," Joe mouthed, and slightly whispered. Patrick gulped but then slightly shook his head. Joe glared and bit his lip. "If you don't, then I will," Patrick arched his eyebrows but then frowned, feeling a bit hurt.
"Pat..." he looked up to see Pete staring him down then turned to see Joe counting down from five. Patrick shifted his eyes between them and Maddie and let out a small sigh.
"Madds," he whispered, so Joe didn't hear him. Joe cut him off without knowing.
"Maddie, I'll take you," Maddie looked up with a smile and bit her lip.
"You sure about that?" she asked and Joe shrugged, grabbing another cookie.
"I know it's not what you really want, but it's better than being a wallflower, right?" Maddie nodded her head and started to chip some of her nail polish as a nervous habit.
"As friends, right?" she asked and Joe nodded his head before looking at Patrick with a shrug. Maddie's mind clicked and turned to him where he still sat somewhat turned to her, ready to talk.
"Pat, were you going to say something?" Patrick opened his mouth to speak, but then sighed out, slouching over and shaking his head. Maddie raised a worried eyebrow but before she could say anything, Patrick gripped his barley touched food tray and got up, throwing it away and heading towards the senior building. As Maddie turned back to the guys, all she got was a shrug.
Again...Patrick is indeed a confusing shy boy.
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