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They Have Chemistry

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This is just another birthday. I'm listening to "Material Girl" haha

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Chapter 5- They Have Chemistry

"Pete..." Maddie poked her brother's sleeping form and watched him squirm.
"/Peeeete/," Pete groaned and opened his eyes, looking at his sister's form with his eyes halfway closed.
"'s..." he turned his head and squinted to look at the clock. "Three A.M," Maddie pursed her lips together and sighed.
"I had a bad dream," she muttered and Pete raised a curious eyebrow while pushing the sheets down.
"About?" he asked and Maddie snuggled in and shook her head.
"Prom...I don't know..." Pete hugged his sister and kissed her temple.
"You were expecting Patrick to ask you, huh?" Maddie nodded and skewed her mouth to one side.
"I'm fine going with Joe, it's just..." Pete shook his head.
"You'd rather go with Patrick," he paused to see his sister nodding slowly. "As a couple, right?" he asked after that and Maddie smiled and nodded once.
"Pete...I don't really feel like going to Prom tomorrow," Pete shook his head.
"It's Senior Prom, your going," Maddie rolled her eyes but nodded her head.
"I guess..." Pete sighed and pushed some of her hair out of her face.
"I have some news for you," Maddie raised her head up to look her brother in the eye.
"What kind of news?" Pete bit his lip but sighed either way.
"Patrick got a date," Maddie felt her heart drop from there.
"What?" she asked, her voice cracking at the end of it.
"'s better if I told you now and not later, when you have to find out for yourself," Pete watched as her face paled and the slightest signs of a smile diminished.
"Who?" she asked in a soft whisper.
"Peyton Heart," Maddie sighed.
"His chemistry partner?" Pete nodded his head.
"She didn't have a date so he asked her out of politeness," Maddie shook her head.
"Are they going as a couple?" Pete laughed.
"Peyton has a crush on me," Maddie smiled and smacked his arm.
"How do you know?" Pete shrugged.
"Patrick tells me that he overheard her talking to one of her friends about me," Maddie rolled her eyes and Pete laughed. "Can we sleep now?" Maddie nodded her head, rolling over and snuggling into the pillow.
"Good night Pete,"

"Happy birthday, Maddie!" Maddie opened her eyes to see the entire gang including Peyton on Patrick's arm. She sighed and sat up, forcing a thank you smile. Pete skewed his mouth to one side and watched as Maddie got up and crossed the room, grabbing her clothes and leaving to the bathroom.
" she ok?" Peyton asked in a cautious tone, looking up at Patrick. He placed his hands on her shoulders and shrugged.
"Something's up,"

"My birthday sucks," Maddie muttered to Joe as they sat in their last period English class. Joe raised an eyebrow and turned to her fully.
"Why?" Maddie shook her head.
"Just... it does, I feel depressed," Joe smiled.
"Do you want to go get ice cream with the guys after school?" Maddie smiled but shook her head again.
"I'd love to, but...I still have to go get a dress," Joe laughed.
"The day before Prom?" Maddie nodded.
"Yeah..." Maddie lied. She already had a dress; she just didn't want to hang out that day, regardless if it was her birthday.
"You ok?" Joe asked and Maddie nodded.
"Fine, just fine,"
"Well...we might drop know, to do presents," Maddie lightly smiled.
"That's fine," As the bell rang they both stood up and walked out the door. Joe reached his hand out to gingerly touch her arm.
"Are you sure you're ok?" Maddie smiled while she bit her lip.
"Yeah..." it was a shaky answer because behind Joe was Patrick and Peyton nearing them. "Um...I have to go..." Maddie grabbed her keys out of her small purse and turned around, walking in the opposite direction of the group. Pete watched the conversation and made his way over to where Joe was standing quite confused.
"Is Maddie ok?" he asked and Joe shrugged.
"She can't hang out today, said something about getting a dress," Patrick and Peyton finally arrived next to them and Pete let out a dry laugh.
"Maddie already bought a dress...I was there when she tried it on," Joe arched his eyebrows and Patrick looked a bit worried.
"Ok then..." Joe said slowly. "Should we be worried?" he paused again. "About Maddie that is..." Pete shook his head as Andy appeared.
"She'll be fine...just...I don't know what's wrong with her," Pete lied, looking directly at Patrick. Patrick pursed his lips together and looked down at his converse. Peyton nudged him slightly and he looked up at her.
"Patrick...I'm sure she's ok," Patrick smiled.
"Thanks Peyton," she smiled and linked arms with him, the gang walking down the hallway towards the parking lot.
"I just hope she saves me a dance,"
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