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Like A Virgin! Hey!

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Chapter 6- Like a Virgin! Hey!

"We're pretty boys, for secret girls, who never stood a ch-ch-ch-chance in the world," Maddie sang as she got ready in her bedroom. Pete smiled from her doorway and scared her.
"If anything ever happened to Patrick, you could take over," Maddie smiled and heard Patrick's complaining.
"What? I'm being replaced by Maddie?" Maddie rolled her eyes and turned her back to Pete.
"Can you zip me up?" Pete wiggled his eyebrows at Patrick who was walking up the stairs. Patrick widened his eyes as Pete guided his hands to her zipper. He bit his lip as he did it and Maddie turned around and jumped, startled by Patrick.
"Oh...hi Patrick," she forced a smile and he blushed looking down but immediately looking back up. Maddie bit her lip and giggled as she tied the ribbon that went around her waist. Upon the two reaching downstairs, Pete was already chatting up Peyton and she looked in complete awe.
"Madds," Maddie turned to Patrick and raised an eyebrow.
"Yes Moo Moo?" Patrick blushed and smiled at the nickname.
"You look really pretty," Maddie smiled and adjusted Patrick's tie.
"You look rather dashing yourself, Patrick," as she said this, Joe came over and wiggled his eyebrows.
"Man, I think I scored big with getting Maddie to come with me to Prom," he taunted, looking over at Patrick. Patrick glared slightly and rolled his eyes, moving to go over where Peyton and Pete were talking.

"I said a hip hop, hippie to the hippie, the hip, hip a hop, and you don't stop, a rock it, to the bang bang boogie, say, up jump the boogie, to the rhythm of the boogie, the beat," Maddie laughed as Patrick attempted to moon walk in front of her, singing to Rapper's Delight as it played on the dance floor. Peyton had gone to use the bathroom and Joe was getting Maddie punch, so the two were just joking around.
"Check it out, I'm the C-A-S-A, the N-O-V-A, and the rest is F-L-Y," Maddie giggled some more as Patrick did a crazy disco move.
" are crazy," she managed to get out in between her laughs.
"Just wait until tonight," Maddie raised an eyebrow.
"The party?" Patrick nodded, now standing still in front of where she sat at one of the tables.
"Yeah...Pete rented a karaoke thing," Patrick nervously smiled. "Can we do a duet?" Maddie smiled and nodded her head.
"If I can steal a dance," Patrick bit down on his lip as Peyton arrived next to him. "Oh...never mind," she whispered upon seeing his date.
"Peyton," Patrick turned to her and leaned towards her ear. "You wouldn't mind if I danced one song with Maddie, right?" Peyton smiled and shook her head.
"That's fine, but first, you have to get me a dance with Pete," she said, pointing over his shoulder. Patrick turned around to see Pete waving over at him. Patrick nervously waved back and motioned him over.
"Yeah Patty boy?" Patrick shook his head and glared but coughed, turning to Peyton.
"You know Peyton...why not get to know her more...I've got a hold on a dance," Pete smiled and smirked at Patrick who took two steps back, letting Peyton slip out of his grasp.
"Hello Peyton,"

"So are you ok?" Patrick asked as he and Maddie slowly danced. It was a somewhat slow song, with a up-beat tune, so Maddie was glad for the nice time she could spend with Patrick.
"Yeah," she whispered. Her eyes drifted to where one of Patrick's hands was loosely on the small of her back and the other intertwined with one of her hands.
"You just seemed really upset yesterday...and totally avoided me..." Maddie bit her lip.
"I'm sorry," she muttered as Patrick twirled her around. She lightly smiled and Patrick shook his head.
"You don't need to be...this makes up for it, I guess," Maddie let a toothy grin appear on her face and watched as Patrick smiled almost dreamily.
"Patrick..." Maddie said, stretching his name as another song came on. Patrick smiled.
"Another dance?"

Maddie sighed as Pete pushed her and Patrick both up onto the small karaoke stage.
"I get to pick the song!" he cheered and skipped over to wear Peyton was sitting cross-legged on the fairly large machine. Maddie tapped her foot impatiently as Patrick smiled, throwing the microphone from one hand to the other. Some of the guests had gathered to watch and participate themselves and were laughing as Pete picked something out. Maddie looked up on the screen and bit her lip, glaring at her brother.
"Pete...why?" she asked and Patrick shrugged it off.
"I can deal," Maddie sighed and slapped her forehead but shook her head, clearing her thoughts as the song began.
"I made it through the wilderness, yeah I made it /throoough/. Didn't know how lost I was, until I found /yoooou/," Maddie sang and smiled while she did it. Patrick gulped and stretched his voice high to sing the next part.
"I was beat, incomplete. I'd been had, I was sad and blue. But you made me feel. Yeah, you maaaaaaade me feel, shiny and /neeeeew/," The two both smiled at each other as the stepped closer to each other ready to sing the courous.
"Like a virgin, touched for the very first time! Like a /viiiiiiirgin/. When your heart beats, next to mine," They quickly ended and Maddie laughed, jumping off of the stage.
"Thanks Pete..." she laughed and he just shrugged.
"I thought it fit your situation," Maddie glared and whacked her brother and he hid behind Peyton.
"Have some fun, this is your party," Peyton said, shooing her and Patrick away.
"Can I come over tonight?" Patrick raised an eyebrow as they walked towards the backyard, where nobody was.
"Why? I mean, I'd like a reason for the random crashing at my house," Maddie smiled, lifting her dress slightly and stuck her feet into the pool, sitting on the deep end's edge.
"Because I have a strange feeling that the ceiling is going to be crumbling tonight," Patrick let out a dry laugh.
"Meaning Pete and Peyton?" Maddie nodded and leaned her head against his shoulder.
"Tonight was fun," Patrick quickly corrected her.
"You mean yesterday," Maddie looked down at his watch.
"It's three already?" Patrick nodded his head.
"I wanna head out then?" Maddie nodded her head and let Patrick help her up. They both stood and while Patrick's hands were still on her arms, Maddie flicked her gaze up to see him pretty much lost in thought, staring down at her lips. Maddie inched her face up and both of their eyes fluttered closed.
"Papa don't preach! I've been losing sleep! But I've made up my mind, and Iiiiiiiii'm keeping my /baaaaaby/!" Both teenagers widened their eyes and broke apart at the sound of Pete clumsily walking across the roof, in another pair of Maddie's hot pink boy short underwear. Maddie looked up at her brother and cursed under her breath.
Patrick was about to kiss me and you have to come out in my underwear singing Madonna...
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