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Let's Get Laid

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Chapter 7-Let's Get Laid.

The following week went by fairly quickly, the last day of school ending on a Friday. Maddie, Pete and Patrick found themselves in an ice cream shop, celebrating a job well done for finishing high school alive.
"Pete...I've been trying to see your t-shirt all day...what does it say?" Pete snickered to himself as he stood up straight, pulling his t-shirt down so you could read it clearly.
"Can I be the butter on your toast?"
Maddie raised an eyebrow but then burst out laughing.
"You are twisted," Pete smirked.
"I'm the butter on Peyton's toast, in more ways than one," both Patrick and Maddie showed signs of discomfort. "And now we have all summer!" Maddie groaned and stuck out her tongue.
"Please Pete. Refrain from talking about your sex life to us!" Pete shrugged.
"It's only because you two haven't experienced the beauty of making love..." Pete paused to see the two both develop annoyed expression. "Or banging," Maddie shook her head and looked back down to her empty bowl of ice cream.
"Pete...go to her house then...don't stay home, I share a wall with you," Pete smiled.
"Fine...I'll do that now," Maddie smiled as her brother hopped off and out the door.
"Idiot," Maddie muttered rolled her eyes.
"He has a point, you know," Maddie widened her eyes and turned to Patrick.
"/What/?" she snapped. Patrick shrugged.
"We don't like talking about it because we are embarrassed about the fact we have nothing to contribute to the conversation, we don't know how it feels like," Maddie bit her lip, her mind drifting to that awkward conversation folder: "Ways to Avoid the Virgin Topic with Patrick".
"You're doing it now," Patrick stated and Maddie shook her head.
"I'm sorry, I'm just uncomfortable," Patrick smiled and quickly changed the subject.
"What are you doing tonight?" Maddie shot her head up and looked a little unsteady.
"Huh?, nothing really," Patrick smiled, with his hands stuffed in his pockets but then looked down at his feet.
"Uh, I was wondering..." Maddie lifted his chin and smiled.
"Are you asking your shoes out?" Patrick shook his head, blushing.
"Madds, you wanna hang out tonight? Just us two?" Maddie blushed next, glowing a bright shade of pink.
"I'd love to, Moo Moo," Patrick caught his breath before bending forward slightly and placing a small and gentle kiss on Maddie's lips. As Maddie slowly closed her eyes to savor the moment, Patrick leaned back up and bit his lip, nervous of the outcome.
"The park, tonight at 8...oh, and I love roses," Maddie smiled and looked at Patrick, getting a nod before skipping away to her house.

Upon arriving home, Maddie found Pete sitting at the bar examining a bunch of paperwork.
"Watcha doing Petey, schools over," Maddie's smile diminished as soon as she saw Pete's bloodshot eyes and tear-stained cheeks. "Pete...what's wrong," he simply handed her a piece of paper. Maddie's gaze flicked over the paper.
Official Adoption Documents for: Madeline Ann
The tears stung her eyes and she let the paper slip out of her hands. Maddie looked up to see Pete fighting back his own.
"Maddie...they...our, I mean, I don't know," he shook his head. "They lied to us for 19 years, Maddie," Maddie breathed in sharply and shook her head.
"No...this isn't happening..." she violently shook her head and Pete stood up and pulled her into the tightest, yet comforting hug they ever shared.
"Maddie..." Pete squinted to clear his vision and finally the tears started to flow again. "You'll always be my sister," Maddie bit her lip and nodded her head.
"And you'll always be my brother," she sobbed out and attempted to wipe her eyes dry of the tears. Pete lightly smiled through his own and cupped her face.
"We aren't going to tell 'mom' and 'dad' about this," he paused and took her hands. "I'm going to go down to the adoption center and find out who your real parents are," Maddie nodded and took in a deep breath.
"Thank you so much, Pete," she paused and kissed his cheek. "Love you so much," Pete hugged her again and ushered her upstairs, looking at the clock.
9:15 P.M.

Patrick sat on one of the swings, a bouquet of roses loosely placed in his hands. He was slouched over; disappointed at the fact Maddie had stood him up. The depressed feeling sank in, and Patrick felt the icy hands of rejection griping at his heart.
I should have known...I guess I really am blind...and too late
Cheer up, Patrick...maybe she caught up with something...
What am I thinking? I'm just another loser...
If anything, it's probably you low self esteem that drove her off
Shut up...

Patrick's fight with his conscious was broken off by the sound of his cell going off. In hopes of it being Maddie, he answered it, only to hear Pete.
"Patrick..." Pete breathed and Patrick raised an eyebrow. "What are you doing?"
"I'm waiting for your sister to come meet me for our date," Patrick spat and heard Pete hum a confused tone.
"Um, about that," Patrick raised an eyebrow.
"You know why she's not here?" he asked hopefully and Pete sighed.
"No...about the sister part..." Patrick widened his eyes.
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