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Cream Your Jeans

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Seriously. It's the chapter where the sexual innuendo actualy applies. You are going to love me. And bow down to me! I AM GOD!!!! Or whatever butters your toast... XD I'M THE BUTTER ON YOUR TOAST!!!

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Chapter 8- Cream Your Jeans

Patrick sat on Maddie's bed, waiting for her to return from the shower Pete said she was taking. He was picking away at the rose peddles; throwing them over his shoulder and onto Maddie's perfectly made white sheets. As he was picking off another, he heard the door click and saw Maddie standing with her semi-wet hair resting on her shoulders, dressed in a grey and black striped cami with lace trimming along with a pair of those infamous black boy short panties, which also had lace trimming. He gulped quickly and Maddie widened her eyes.
"Oh my god Patrick...I'm so sorry, I..." Patrick cut her off.
"It's ok, really...Pete told me what happened," Maddie let her eyes droop and her figure slouched slightly.
"I don't get why they would lie to us like that," Patrick continued to absent mindedly pick at the peddles of the red roses he had bought for Maddie.
"Oh, um...I got these for you," Maddie lightly smiled at Patrick's nervous yet kind behavior and sighed happily.
"Patrick come here," she said opening her arms. Patrick hesitated at first but shook his head and placed the roses at the foot of the bed and walked over to her, giving her a gentle squeeze. Maddie smiled into Patrick's shoulder and snuggled her cheek into it.
"So you're not mad?" she asked as Patrick pulled away. Patrick smiled.
"I knew there was a reasonable reason for you being late," A silence followed and Maddie stood shifting her gaze from her nervous hands to Patrick's hat to his glasses then his lips. She bit her lip nervously as well and Patrick coughed and scratched the back of his neck. Maddie shook her head and took a step closer.
"Patrick?" she asked and before he could respond, she placed her hands on his shoulder and kissed him with her eyes already closed. Patrick was slow to respond but gripped her hips, giving them a gentle squeeze when Maddie forced his mouth open. Somewhat leading them both backwards, Maddie leaned against the door and removed one of her hands to clumsily turn the lock on the door.
"Locked, ehh?" Patrick muttered into the kiss. Maddie smiled and somewhat nodded.
"I don't want Pete to ruin this for me..." Patrick slightly pulled back and looked at Maddie cautiously.
"So...I'm the lucky one, I've got the honors?" Maddie bit her lip, slightly blushing and nodded her head.
"I'm all yours Patrick," she whispered before kissing him again, both their tongues crashing together, their heads tilting for better access. As Maddie moved, the tip of her nose hit Patrick's glasses, making them tilt and giggled as Patrick mumbled something about it. Her hands found their way to his head where she threw his hat off and crammed her hands into his hair, already giving him sex hair. Patrick emitted a soft moan from the back of his throat and Maddie shivered upon feeling Patrick's cold hands wrap around her back and up the back of her shirt.
"Mmm, Patrick..." Maddie muttered and they broke apart so she could peel off his shirt, and right as it hit the ground, Patrick gently thrust them both onto the bed, them both crawling to reach the top, near the headboard, desperately trying not to break the very heated kiss. The two felt their fears slipping away as fast as clothes were being shed, next with Maddie's cami. Patrick knelt up, still in his jeans and breathed in and out heavily from the previous make out sessions. He took the time to take in Maddie's beauty with her fresh clean body, already half naked in front of him.
This is really happening
No shit Sherlock

Shaking his head he bent back down, resting his hands next to her head and continued to passionately kiss her as her hands trailed down from his shoulders and down his chest down to his belt buckle where she quickly undid them and threw it the general direction of where everything was going. Helping her pick up the pace, Patrick reached down and undid his own pants and pushed them off before climbing back on top of Maddie and kissing her color bone.
"Patrick..." she whimpered and Patrick found himself being a bit brave and gave her skin a gentle bite, earning the smallest of gasps from Maddie. "Oh my god..." she breathed out next and Patrick reached behind her, sliding the straps of her bra off of her shoulders before unclasping her bra and before he removed it to gain full access, Maddie's phone started to vibrate on her nightstand, causing him to jump. As he tore his hands away, Maddie bit her lip and quickly looked from Patrick to her phone.
"Fuck it," she muttered shedding her bra down her arms and threw it off the bed and saw Patrick bite his lip before bending down to kiss below her ear and whisper.
"But I'd rather fuck /you/," Maddie blushed at the rather dirty yet spine shivering comment.
"There are only two things stopping us," she whispered and kissed his neck. Patrick smirked but clenched his stomach in as he felt Maddie's fingers hook inside and slide his boxers down. He kicked them off and felt the last possible familiar twinge in his abdomen which triggered his hormones to run raged. Feeling even more courageous, he snuck his hands down the back of Maddie's panties, cupping her ass firmly in his hands. Maddie breathed out and gripped her hands tighter on Patrick's shoulders as he slid her own underwear down her long legs. The two gently kissed and Patrick took her hands in his own, intertwining them and raising them next to her head, balancing himself. Maddie breathed in, biting her lip and relaxed.
"No turning back," Patrick muttered and Maddie nodded her head.
"No regrets," she whispered back Patrick bowed his head to kiss her, and their hips slowly met as their lips did. Time did not matter to the two as hips gently rocked in time and sweat trickled down their foreheads and other places, making them glisten and shine like never before. Maddie now had one hand latched onto the bedpost behind her head and one gripping onto her sheets. Patrick moved from lying to kneeling and had a firm grip on Maddie's waist as each delicate yet earth shattering thrust drove them both to something wonderful. With one final push they were both sent over the edge, Maddie clenching her hands into the sheets and biting hard on her lip to stifle herself. Patrick panted as he leaned over Maddie and kissed her forehead, savoring the moment.
"Patrick..." she whispered but he just lied down next to her and placed a finger over her lips.
"Shhhh..." Maddie smiled against his finger and moved to get the rose peddle covered sheets over them. Maddie snuggled against Patrick's form and brushed some of his sweat stained hair out of his face, kissing him ever so slightly.
"Thank you..." he nodded and kissed her back, them both falling asleep to the sound of Maddie's phone slightly buzzing.
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