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I Feel Dirty Like Dirty

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Oh god. Please don't take this the wrong way!

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Chapter 9- I Feel Dirty Like Dirty

"MADDIE!" Maddie stirred awake to see Pete wide eyed in her doorway, slightly shaking as he held a think folder of paperwork. Maddie raised an eyebrow and snaked out of Patrick's grasp, wrapping the sheets more around her, sitting up.
"Pete? What do you need?" Pete gulped and handed her the folder. Maddie caught her breath as she opened it and saw the first page.
Born: Madeline Ann
"Did you find out who my parents are?" at that point, Patrick awoke as well, sitting up behind Maddie and rubbing the sleep from his eyes.
"Maddie..." Pete bit his lip and pointed at the name below hers.
Birth Mother: Donna T. Stump
Maddie felt her bottom lip quivering and swallowed back as much tears as she could.
"Pa...Patrick," she managed out and shoved the folder at him and he gently took it and looked down and immediately widened his eyes.
"My mom is your mom?" Maddie tried to grasp her breath but failed miserably and fell forward, with the sheets and fainted to the ground.

"Pete?" Maddie squinted her eyes to see Pete hovering over her with a relieved look on his face.
"Maddie...I'm sorry," he paused and bit his lip. "For two things..." Maddie sat up straight upon feeling a t-shirt over her former naked form.
"What?" she asked and Pete shook his head.
"First for the news and second...Patrick's gone," Maddie let her eyes fall and shook her head.
"We don't look anything alike, and I don't look like his family...I always fit perfectly with you," Pete shook his head and sighed, giving up.
"Maddie...I don't know what's going on...but we have to talk to mom and dad," Maddie bit her lip.
"What about my mom and dad?" Pete shrugged.
"Patrick left to go visit his mom," Maddie stayed quiet.
"Pete...I love him," Pete keeled in front of his sister and hugged her calves that were thrown over the edge of the bed.
"I know...but...Maddie, as much as it hurts..." Maddie nodded her head, already understanding.
I have to forget about him...

Both Maddie and Pete decided to go down to the governmental building to get some information on their background. Being that both were of legal age, Pete at 19 and Maddie as 18, they were allowed. Now, they sat in the large library, sitting across from each over, taking out any info of Maddie's adoption.
"Maddie, look at this..." Maddie looked up from her own pile of paperwork and down at the document Pete was shoving in her face.
Madeline Ann Robertson born to parents Matthew Fredrick Robertson and Lilly Liege Robertson by one named Donna T. Stump
"A helping in the birth?" Maddie asked eyes wide.
"That's what I'm thinking," Maddie shook her head.
So there's a chance I might not be related to Patrick...
"Pete...we need to talk to our," Pete nodded his head and shifted his eyes before pilling all the paperwork into his bag. "What are you...?" Pete hushed Maddie and grabbed her arm, dragging her away from the building.
"We need these, or we will have no proof that we are right...if our parents have lied to us for the 19 years of my life and the 18 years of yours, this means that something is up if it involves more people than Patrick's parents," Maddie raised an eyebrow as Pete whispered to her in the dimly lit parking lot.
"You mean...a /scandal/?" she asked and Pete bit his lip before nodding.
"Maddie...we have a mystery on our hands..."
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