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Who The Fuck Do You Think You Are?

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ok, first things first, I'm dissapointed. In alot of my readers. There was no incest, and this will explain it, not alot, but it will explain why it's not. Ok? so here you go:

ps: try and guess what song the last line is from...

Chapter 10- Who The Fuck Do You Think You Are?

"Mom," Pete muttered as he and Maddie entered the living room where their parents were sitting.
"Peter? Where have you two been?" she asked sharply. Pete developed an aggravated look and through the files at her, them landing open in her lap.
"You tell me," he crossed his arms as his mom widened her eyes in realization of what she was looking at. Maddie clung to Pete's arm, the tears brimming her eyes.
"Madeline..." Maddie shook her head.
"All these years, and then...I find out that the love of my life is my brother..." their mom shook her head.
"Madeline, he's not," Maddie widened her eyes and broke away from Pete, much to his discretion.
"What?" she asked and her 'mom' shook her head.
"He's not..." Maddie had a look in her eyes that wanted an explanation. "Madeline... you have to understand...Patrick's mom only carried you..." Maddie's eyes widened even more and violently shook her head, the tears slipping down her face.
"Wait...what the hell is going on?" Pete yelled his mother gave a stern look at him.
"Language Peter," Pete shook his head.
"I don't give a fuck. Explain what the hell," Pete pointed a finger at his mom and dad and they both looked at each other before sighing.
" know Patrick's step mom? That's his real mom...the one that gave birth to him. It was a giant scandal, the reason why his dad and mom got divorced was because he had cheated with her, and that's how Patrick was born..." Maddie stayed silent while Pete shook his head, still disgruntled.
"But..." his mom looked sternly at him again.
"Listen. Donna only carried you, Madeline because your mother, Lily couldn't," Pete's dad looked up.
"Lily? That name sounds so familiar..." his mom glared at him before continuing.
"But...before Madeline was born, your parents got a divorce due to the fact Lily cheated...and then your father moved away to England. Shortly after you were born, Lily passed away...undisclosed reasons...Madeline..." Maddie shook her head and clung to Pete again.
"I can't believe any of this..." she muttered and Pete held her close again, consoling her as his mom went on.
"We adopted her but never knew any of this until Pete befriended Patrick...and recognized the last name..." Maddie shook her head again.
"We are truly sorry for keeping this away from you..." Pete shook his head and looked down at his sobbing 'sister'.
"But now Maddie has to live without her parents and with a broken heart...Patrick doesn't know any of this..." Pete bit his lip and sighed. "He's at what he thinks is his mom's house, up north..." Maddie sobbed and looked up at Pete.
"I have to go see my dad," Pete widened his eyes.
"What?" Maddie held onto his shoulders tight.
"I have to talk to him...ask him everything I can...I need to know..." Pete hesitated at first, but hugged her again and looked at his parents who nodded.
"We'll get you the money, Madeline..." Pete's dad mumbled. She sniffed again and ran up the stairs.
"Thank you," As she ran off, Pete turned to look at his parents.
"I don't care what you say...but for right now, I hate you..." he took one final look at his parents and slowly ascended up the stairs, following Maddie.
"Maddie..." Maddie looked up from packing her things to see Pete standing in her doorway holding a picture frame. He walked over and they turned to each other and he slowly handed to her.
"Take it, please," Maddie looked down to see a picture of the whole gang, smiling and cuddled together on the couch, Maddie spread out across all of them. She smiled and looked up to see tears glazing over in Pete's eyes.
"Please don't cry Pete," she whispered. He shook his head and shrugged.
"I don't care...I'm losing the one person who ever felt like a sister to me...your really leaving, what am I supposed to do?" Maddie felt slightly guilty but sighed.
"I have so much to know, Pete...I have to do this..." Pete nodded his head and stood still in the spot as Maddie frantically went through her entire room, grabbing anything she could get. "Go downstairs...and wait for me..." Pete nodded and backed out slowly. Maddie let her bottom lip quiver as she picked up the remaining roses from last night.
Her heart wrenched slightly and she placed the flowers in her dictionary and placed it on her made bed, right in the center. The rose petals were still there as well, and she couldn't help but tear up at the memories. Shaking her head she grabbed her suitcase and two bags. Making a stop at Pete's room first, she walked down the stairs to see Pete standing with an envelope.
"Here..." Maddie looked down at the envelope to see an address.
"So this is where I have to go?" Pete nodded before digging through his wallet and pulling out a check.
"Cash it...and be safe, please," he gripped her hands and looked in her eyes. Maddie nodded her head once before wrapping her arms around his neck.
"I'll miss you, as long as it takes for me to do this..." she managed out through her returning tears. "And talk to Patrick...tell him everything...and Pete?" Pete pulled back and twitched his eyebrows.
"Yes?" Maddie kissed his cheek and smiled.
"Thank you...loves you a lot," Pete smiled and kissed her forehead.
"Love you too...and I'm sure Patrick does too," Maddie smiled though her tears and bit her lip, nodding her head.
"Take care of him..." Pete nodded and opened the door for Maddie. He watched until her car was completely out of site and let a few tears fall as he closed the door and headed up to his room. Pete smiled upon seeing what Maddie had left on his bed. There, with a note was a pair of her boy short underwear, the hot pink pair. Pete sat down next to it and picked up the note.
These will always be your good luck underwear. Here is a number, my friend Adam works at some record company...send them a demo. You guys really need it. Good luck and I send my love from wherever I am.

Pete smiled and took two thumbtacks off of the wall and pinned them to the wall above his stereo.
"Cause only love can /laaaaast/,"
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