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Let's Get Serious

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Ok, this is the end

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first off, don't hate me, but this is the end. There is going to be a sequal, so don't get your panties in a bunch, ok?

Chapter 11- Let's Get Serious

4827 E. Cherry tree Lane
"Marry Poppins much?" Maddie muttered to herself before ringing the doorbell. An older man answered the door and raised an eyebrow.
"Um...yes?" he asked politely and Maddie took a deep breath.
"Are you Matthew Robertson?" she asked and the man slowly nodded his head.
"I've been told to believe that you may be my father," she spoke again and the man widened his eyes.
"Madeline?" Maddie slowly smiled and nodded her head, the happy tears glazing her eyes. Matthew let his bottom lip quiver and opened the door more while opening his arms as well. Maddie ran into her fathers arms and sobbed, though she was eternally happy.
"Maddie...your home now..." Maddie nodded her head.
"I...I am /home/,"

Two weeks later and Patrick was running up "Castle de Wentz" driveway, bouquet of roses in hand. His parents had told him the truth, about everything, and upon realizing that Maddie was indeed not closely related to him in any way, well, he had to go get her. When he tried the door, it was open and he ran in and past Pete who was sitting on the couch. He halfway sat up and widened his eyes as Patrick darted up the stairs bursting though Maddie's door only to see it empty. Patrick slumped over and bit his lip as Pete walked in behind him.
"Where is she?" he asked slowly. Pete sighed and looked down.
"She went to England to find her dad..." Patrick shook his head.
"'s not supposed to be like this..." Pete looked up at his friend who seemed to slowly becoming a mess. "When will she be back?" Pete looked away.
"She's staying...forever," Pete paused to see Patrick falling down on the bed, the roses placed next to him.
"Why?" Pete shrugged.
"She said it's best for her..." Pete coughed a little. "She sounded sick," Patrick clenched his hands into fists.
"Fine...then we will get on with our lives," Pete winded his eyes and stood up.
"Patrick are you ok?" Patrick shook his head.
"No. But I don't care anymore. Let's...let's go on tour or something," Pete looked as though he was going to argue but sighed and walked out of the room. Patrick turned to see the dictionary sitting on the bed; the now dead rose peddles crumbled all over the white sheets. Patrick took the book in his hands and opened it slightly to see two roses that were ironically intertwined and pressed, preserved forever. Patrick took it as a sign and felt his heart sink even more. A scornful look appeared on his face and one tear fell onto the pages. Pete reappeared in the doorway and caught Patrick's attention.
"Adam called back," Patrick arched his eyebrows.
"Really?" he asked. A smile appeared on Pete's face.
"He's flying us out...we're going to record..."

the end?
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