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secrets must be admitted

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what do you do when your hero's not there to fight your demons?

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I take her hand and turn her arm over
she tries to move away but this time I wont let her
the cuts seem fresh but I ignore them
“who was in this dream butterfly?”

she shakes her head and tries to let go of my hand
“I'm fine Ben... it was nothing.”
she looks down at her arm
cheeks burning red

I hug her close and smile
“don't worry so much.
You know me.”
she lays her head on my chest and closes her eyes

* POV change *

I should tell him
Ben's my best friend
why cant I trust him?
I look up at him

hes looking at me
“i have to go home soon don't I?”
he nods and sighs,
“I'm sorry butterfly.”

“why are you sorry?”
he ignores me, “will you be okay tonight?”
I stare at him, “what do you mean?”
he smiles and takes my hand.

I put on my shoes and he walks me to the house
“ill see you at school” I say
I kiss his cheek and he smiles
“thank you butterfly.” he smiles and heads home

my dads truck is here
Ben knows not to stay around with him here
I slowly go up the steps and inside
standing in the door way... hes waiting

* POV change *

I don't know how to deal with this anymore
she wont stop hiding things from me
I lay in bed waiting for her to call
or email like she always does

I let out a sigh and decide to start homework
its Thursday only one more day of the week
we can handle this right?
She can stay the night with me tomorrow

she always says its worth it
I know her dads hard on her
but I don't know how hard
I don't want her hurt by him anymore

* POV change *

he pulls me down the hall by my hair
“No!! Daddy stop!!” I hold his wrist
trying to get him to let go
his grip gets tighter and I scream

“you're a dirty girl baby!
I'm fixing this now!”
he pulls me into the bathroom
and throws me into the hot water filled bathroom

I scream and try to get out
“It hurts! Daddy it hurts!”
he pushes me under the water
I struggle to get out and breath in water

“you will get clean! No more whoring around!”
his voice is muffled and the light starts to fade
I just want this to end!
Please let me leave this place!

And you can take all the pain away from me
Everything goes silent and dark
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