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butterfly fly away

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finally at peace

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“what do you think you're doing?!”
“no more whoring around!!”
“you're late again!!”
“who were you with?!?”

his voice wont stop screaming through my mind
where am I?
Wheres the water?
I'm not burning anymore

I turn over and see Ben
I smile and hold him
“you came for me.” I whisper.
He smiles and kisses my cheek
“I'm always here for you. I love you...

he loves me! He really loves me!
He will always be here for me
dad will never win!
I feel his hand rub my red arm

he always makes me smile.
My only love my only friend
I turn over and pull his arm over me
hes here with me in my house... wait my house?

Dad yells from down the stairs
I close my eyes tight and Ben whispers,
“butterfly fly away.”
his arm leaves my side and the footsteps approach my room

I keep my eyes closed
all warmths gone
Ben's gone... where did he go?
He was just here

the steps come closer and the voice returns
“I'm always here for you”
“you know I love you... you know you love me”
“butterfly fly away”

hes gone but the voice is still there
the thoughts flash through my mind
coming home during school to sleep
running to the cemetery

“Beth! Beth! What do you think you're doing?!
Get down here and clean!!”
that name... Beth... thats my name not Ben
Hes gone... it was never him

I take the bottle from my bag and down the pills
searching for the razor he flings open the door
“whore! Get your butt down here!!”
he grabs my hair and pulls me back down the stairs

dropping me in the kitchen I lay still
“Stay in here until I return!!”
he storms out as I hold my head
“you know I love you.” he says sitting on the couch

“And you can take all the pain away from me”
I whisper taking a knife from the drawer.
I sit still on the floor and make one last cut
allowing the pills to take over and the blood to flow free

butterfly fly away

when no one knows you through the pain
whats the point of having a name?

there it is hope you all enjoy and see what mcr related is hidden
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