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Cuts & lovers

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What if the person you where meant to be with could never be yours without them turning into your murder.

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I wrote this story so long ago and it got such rappy review, but I love this story, I'm going to complete it and don't care if i get horriable reviews. I'm reloading the story and adding details and changes I think will make the story much better, hopefully you enjoy.

Chapter 1:Captivating

I will never make anyone proud of me, I'm never going to amount to anything in life. No one will ever be proud of me cause I'm worthless and nobody cares. Once when I was little I stay outside in a tent for six months and no one ever ask me to come back inside. That all I ever wanted was for someone to want me. But they never will, today is going to be my last day living. I want to kill myself today and I know no one will care.

Not my Father who doesn't like anything I love or my Mom who ran away with another man after my father started to drink. Couldn't she have token us with her but no she left us to rot in the living hell but not for long. I search under my bed and find the gun I'm planning to kill myself with. It's all plan out. I'm not writing them a letter no nothing because none of them are worth it.

I would never have to see my brother and his stupid football friends who think it funny to cut off the strings of my guitar and lock me the basement. I hate them!, I hate all of THEM!, I hate this life there no reason to live. People always say bullshit like 'Life will get better', well mine hasn't.

I hear someone wail out my name and I recognize the voices in a heart beat and it my brother and his horrible friends. OH HELL NO no, not today they will not hurt me. I open my bedroom window and climb outside the roof and jump off landing on my cheats.

I grunt out in pain it hurt like hell, but completely worth not getting bully for today. As I get up I spot moving trucks and a guy holding a white and black electric guitar. I admiring it with such amazement it is one alluring guitar it was calling my name, my finger want to wrap around its strings and make mesmerising music with it. Then that when I see HER.

Her hair was a rich shade of dark brown flowing all across her head in long waves. Her eyes frame long lashes were bright golden light brown that seen to brighten her gloomy expression. She has the biggest eyes I've ever seen their are like the side of the moon. She has a tiny nose that match her tiny body. She is so small she isn't that tall ether she remind me of a dark fairy. She has red rose color lips that seem natural.

She fake a smile to her what seem like olde brother who just kiss her forehead and I could see him mouth the words 'It will be okay' and he walk away with his guitar. See catches a glimpse of me gazing at her and her huge eyes go ten times wider. There's a bewilder sensation harping as we both look into each other eyes it so astonishing. Her eyes are so captivating and overwhelming.

My heart beginning beating at the double speed of light.I beginning stepping closer towards her and her eyes change and I see the panic and fear in them and she dashing away into the house she moving into leaving me dumbfounded and with regret.Why did she run away?

My hear sank in pure anguish. The hours of my final day of living where counting down. Beside seeing that beautiful girl who just move in right in front of me looking at me and running away in a panic. Shows how much of a mistake I truly I'm. I'm an accident of a broken condom. I swear my birth certificate is an apology from the condom factory. I hate myself and before I die I want to tell everybody how I honestly feel. So I wait till the day is cover wit the night and step insid my house.

I get up and walk down the hall and see my brother room and don't even knock the door I just barge in and he with a random girl and he scream "GET THE HELL OUT!" I just get near his face and shriek out "I fucken hate you,I hope you die a slow painful death and I hope karma get you and drop kicks you hard in face because of you I don't like anything about myself, I have scars of you and your asshole friends punching me and kicking me. And I'm tired of it, I just wish you were never my brother or even in my life, bye."

I don't turn back as I walk out of his room but I hear him "Mikey come back, what did you just say to ME!" I don't even answer him and just go downstairs and look for my father. Who is about to open a bottle of whiskey. I grab the bottle from him and smash it on the floor and his eyes go wide and he look at me with such hatred it kills me."I know you say I'm a disappointment for you,but It's a disappointment for ME being your son, I'm never going to be good enough for you, and I'm fine with that because you're not worth any effort, you're the worthless piece of shit NOT ME."

He began shouting evil thing but I don't even hear them, I just walk back to my room and lock the door and get the gun.I take deep breath and place the gun right at my forehead I began to count down, "One, tw-" I hear someone shout out in pain and I put the gun down and stick my head out the window and see the beautiful girl from early with a knife in her stomach and bleeding on the ground and a random blonde hair guy hovering over her.
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