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Not feeling like a hero

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Mikey isn't be treated like he should after saving Flor.

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Chapter 2: Not feeling like a hero

He kicks her bleeding stomach and pulls her from her hair "YOU STUPID BITCH, YOU MOVE AWAY TO GET AWAY FROM ME! WELL IT DIDN'T WORK I'M STILL HERE, YOU deserve THIS."

He twist the knife from her stomach and stab her again in the arm. I hear her whimper in pain "I know I deserve this, and I didn't want to move away from you Pj, I love you."I can't watch this!!!!! I grab my gun and climb from the roof quietly and the girl see me but act like she doesn't and Pj waits out. "YOU BETTER FUCKEN LOVE ME!" and then he pulls the knife out and lift up her shirt and cuts out some type of name into her skin.

I pull the trigger and shot him right in the back he looks at me in utter shock. "GET AWAY FROM HER, NOOOOWWWW or I swear all fucken kill you motherfucker." He get away from her in a heart beat and the girl eyes are filled with tears. I call the cops and they come in 10 minutes with an ambulance. The girl is shaking so hard but the bleeding has stop.

I come into the ambulance with her after the cops take reports and she looks at me with despair. "Thanks you so much,ugh I'm so stupid this is all my fault, I'm so stupid. I deserve this." I put my arms around her and clean her tears with my thumb. "You are not stupid and please not for one second think this is your fault you're a victim and you didn't deserve that the only thing you don't deserve is to be in love with such a jerk like him and my name Mikey." She gives me a breath taking smile and leans on me "My name is Flor"

( Pov: Flor )I pretend to fall into a deep sleep on Mikey shoulder. I know him even before we meet today. He is the new person the curse has brought me to. When I told Mikey 'This is all my fault' he has no idea how it really is. My family isn't like any other family. Millions of years ago my ancestors, Sacramento Barcos was going to be forces into marrying a repulsive, cruel woman her name was Noah Way.

The day of the wedding day he escape his fate and ran away with the woman he truly love. Her name was Mia. She was a sweet, hardworking, woman who Sacramento had been in love with since their childhood.Noah Way was a witch no one had ever known that she when she found out who Sacramento had ran far away with she curse them both and there future generation of children.

Any person who will ever love Sacramento he would have a dream about them and soon fate would take them to him. Slowly that person would become a monster that would only want to hurt them. NO one else. Mia slowly as her and Sacramento love became stronger her insanely became non existing. The person Sacramento had fallen in love with was gone she turn into a delirious psycho out for his blood. On their fourth child 10th birthday she grab a knife and waited for everybody to go to sleep and sliced Noah name into Sacramento skin so everybody can know who cause him to die such a painful death.

She stab his stomach and twist the knife and cut his wedding finger and slice his face and than finally stab his heart and stop it from beating.Were all curse Frankie, me, and my Dad. My mom is currently in a metal hospital because of my Dad, me and Frankie will share the same fate. Pj is the first person who my curse has token over. Before he could kill me we move away but the night before the move. I dream of Mikey his pale skin cover in bruise, his brother and his friends kicking him, him with a gun, then him kissing me in the rain. Then the rain turn into blood and I was under him being stab to death.

I knew I was going to see him but I didn't know how quick it was going to be. When I step outside the moving van and saw him gazing at me. The connection was unbearable.I'm going to love him and then he will kill me. But not if I don't let him get close to me. I let Pj get to close way to close and see how that turn out, awful.

( Pov: Mikey)(Outside Flor hospital room)

"Thank you so much for protecting my daughter Flor, you are a hero but I have one flavor to ask you." Flor Dad face turn hard as concrete and Frank his son was right next to him waiting for me to replay. "What is that sir?" I announce nervously. Frank gives me a death glare "Stay the hell away from my sister." I'm in complete utter shock he was dead serious. I don't feel like a hero at all.

Maybe I just should have kill myself and not save her just left her there to die like my mom left me and my brother. "Okay I will" I affirm hoping they do not see right past my lie. There is something calling me to Flor and I'm not going to rest until I figure what it is and anyone who try's and stop me can kiss my ass.
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