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Dirty nightmares

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Chapter 4: Dirty nightmares ( No body point of view, two days after Pj attack, Flor is back home guarded and protected )

Mikey sleep in perfect harmony smirking in his sleep. Anyone who would have seen him would never know what dirty dream he is having. But he didn't know Flor is having the same dream.

Both where laying in a dark midnight black color room. Only getting a hint of light from the tip of the moon. Mikey arms were tightly wrapped around her waist clinging her hard to his muscular chest. Mikey lay Flor softly on the bed and beginning kissing against her neck giving him an amazing sensation as she moans and begs for more in one hot breath. Flor trace Mikey skin and feels the goosebumps appear from the cold touch of her finger tips.

She takes off his shirt and kiss his cheats. She stroke his penis and beginnings stretching it in a tight little fist making Mikey get hard. She push Mikey on his back and slowly rested Mikey penis into her hot wet mouth.She lowered her head to his hard penis sucking and running her tongue and right up it.I started sucking and rubbing his balls, massaging one while sucking the other, walking her fingers up and down his penis with her spare hand.

" F-Flo-r!..." The sentence couldn't be finished because he had already cum inside her mouth and she has swallow. Mikey is out of breath but grab Flour lay her down under him reaching under Flor shirt and then see the stab marks begging kissing each on with pure love and care making her feel for a second they weren't there.

Suddenly the scars bleed and Mikey has a knife tightly firm in his right hand hovering over her. The room has become a white room with thousand of windows cover in blood and books. Mikey eyes are wide with madness, as he stabs her again re opening her stab wound then twisting the knife. Then lift up the knife far up and viciously strikes at her heart. Flor and Mikey wake up screaming in pure pain and torment.

( Pov: Flor ) I cover my mouth and try to re-gain my breath back to normal. I think I just saw the place where Mikey is going to kill me.

( Pov: Mikey ) I scram around in my bed and finally open my eyes. I feel so relief, I was hurting Flor. NO not hurting her. I was killing her. It was horrible seeing her beautiful face cover in pain and agony. In my grant grant grant grandmother lake house. Her name was Noah Way.

Oh shit. Mikey family is the same family that crused Flor family. Hope you like the twist.
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