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Baby, Don't Cry

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His mother didn't give in, and Frank felt perhaps it shed a little light on Mikey's reasoning for disliking her.

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Frank sighed, reading his book for a few hours, seeing Gerard return. He shook his head, and continued reading. Gerard shut the door, walking over to his table and reaching for the antiseptic.
"I hope you've been fucking stabbed by one of the older guys." Frank mumbled, angrily, turning a page in the novel.
"Mm, the older guy's don't touch me." Gerard noted. "They're frightened, I suppose." He pulled bandages over his hand, which was slightly bloody on the knuckles.
"Oh yeah, you're so terrifying." Frank smirked, sighing, leaning his head against the wall, putting his book down.
"I don't think so either, but there's something that they don't like." Gerard shrugged. "Though," He said, quietly, mostly to himself. "I did break that guy's neck.. so.. Yes." He muttered under his breath, tying his bandage. "Anyhow, I burst in on a meeting and punched a guy by accident. He scared me." Frank shrugged.
"What ever." He sighed, rubbing his stomach, scratching at it, through the jumpsuit, swearing under his breath. Gerard hummed as he reached for his sketchbook, grumbling when he realized he couldn't draw, or write whilst his hand was punctured. Frank looked over his shoulder, seeing a outline and slight profile, of someone of similar resemblance to Frank.
"Is that...Me?" He asked, softly, blushing. Gerard nodded.
"Yes, it is."
"Um...Why did you draw me?" Frank asked, slightly confused.
"You have a nice profile, and back then, I thought you weren't an ass." Gerard shrugged, looking at it.
"I don't try to be, it just happens." Frank spoke softly, gulping.
"I'm an ass too, but I do my best to be polite." Gerard nodded. "However, you ruffled me, and I don't want to have you pressed up against the wall again." Frank sighed, embarrassed.
"I'll try, okay?" He smiled slightly.
"Thank you," Gerard replied, tapping his fingers absently in his boredom.
"But, could you do one thing for me?" Frank asked, politely.
"Don't tell anyone about my scars, if they ask." Frank sighed, "Sometimes I forget, and I roll up my sleeves and stuff like that, they would question you, more than they would me."
"I won't but.. People don't speak to me anyway. And, you'll find a lot of people in here are scarred from head to toe. I was doing you a favour, healing them. They find you cutting and they put you in a white padded room for three weeks."
"Okay." Frank smiled softly, nodding. He leant over the side of the bunk bed, tapping Gerard on the shoulder, holding out his hand for him to shake. "Should we try to be civil with each other?" Gerard jumped at the touch, banging his head on the wall. He grumbled, not meeting Frank's gazing eyes. He held his hand out and shook Frank's hand.
"Why won't you look at me?" Frank asked softly, sitting back on the bed.
"I.." Gerard fumbled. He hadn't really gotten any good reason, other than that he didn't like making eye contact with people unless he was about to beat them to a pulp, or staring them down. "I just don't like it."
"But, you have-." Frank stopped because he knew he'd embarrass himself. Gerard again, was very sure of what Frank was going to say, but didn't press him.
"If you ever get an answer to that sentence, feel free to give us' a bell."
"If I do, we'll both feel awkward, then I'll end up explaining myself, and then that just means you'll hate me." Frank sighed, scratching the nape of his neck.
"It takes a lot for me to hate a person. I don't really hate anyone, I just have a certain contempt towards the rest of the world,"
"You have very nice eyes." Frank spoke softly, tucking his legs to his chest, resting his forehead on his knees, sighing.
"Oh," Gerard nodded, his response worlds away from what he was expecting. "Why would I hate you because of you saying that?"
"Because, I thought you'd get all freaked out, wondering why I was complimenting you, I would say because you're cute and then that just practically spells out 'beat me up, I'm gay.'" Frank sighed, shutting his eyes, feeling like an idiot.
"Why would I beat you up, because of your sexuality?" Gerard persisted, looking at Frank properly, whilst his eyes were closed.
"It's just what always happened, I didn't think here would be any different." Frank sniffed.
"Mm, in a place full of guys, you don't tend to have an issue with things like that." Gerard shrugged, dropping his gaze once Frank opened his eyes again. Frank nodded.
"These scars...Aren't all self made." He admitted, sighing.
"Yes, I figured that. Especially from their shapes, and positions. Thinking about it, a person wouldn't be able to use their hand to cut at that angle," Gerard pointed out. Frank nodded.
"I got attacked at school." He shrugged, smiling faintly.
"More than once, I'm assuming."
Frank nodded. "I'm one of the shortest people in my year, and I have no one to help me stand up to them. The outcome is just obvious."
"You're sixteen, correct?"
Frank nodded, "Yeah and you're eighteen."
"Yes, I am." Gerard nodded, softly. "I've been here since I was thirteen."
"I see." Frank gazed at him, making eye contact briefly, blushing hard. Gerard watched Frank subtly, humming.
"I'm sorry for grabbing your throat." He coughed. Frank shook his head softly.
"Don't worry about it, I'm sorry for shouting at you and being a complete asshole."
"You're working on it, I suppose," Gerard nodded. "I have to appreciate that." Frank smiled softly.
"Because, I-." He stopped, shaking his head, "Nothing."
"You should stop doing that, you'll regret all those half finished sentences one day."
"But, you'll find me weird, or not talk to me, or just ignore me." Frank sighed.
"I thought you were an ass, and I gave you a second chance, stop putting words in my mouth, thank you very much." Gerard huffed, gazing away from Frank.
"Because, I think you're nice, unlike other people, and you've been pretty civil to me." Frank sighed, "I don't know how to stop myself getting feelings for you." He spoke softly, almost innocently.
"I can't help you there, I don't get feelings." Gerard replied, bluntly. "But, I'll be your roommate."
"We don't have a choice." Frank shrugged, "I fall for people, too hard, way too fast." Frank gulped, blushing.
"Why are you telling me this?"
"Because it's how I fucking feel about you." Frank admitted, jumping down from the bunk, walking out of the room. Gerard shrugged a shoulder, curling up in his own bed for once. He rarely touched his own bed, he didn't like it in the slightest. He usually found a way to sleep anywhere but his bed.

Frank was dragged back to his room, silently, being locked in.
"Fuck." He blushed, jumping onto his bed, staring at the ceiling.
"Back so soon," Gerard said softly, lying on the bottom bunk, staring absently at the metal slats of the bed.
"I wish I was out for longer," He shrugged, looking up at the celling.
"Then why did you come back?"
"Forced, the nurses found me outside." Frank gulped, sighing softly.
"You're not hiding well enough," Gerard pointed out. "However, no one challenges me anyway in here except Raynolds, so I don't know if i'm good at hiding or.. the latter,"
"Oh," Frank sighed, "I didn't want to come back here, to be honest." He felt bad for saying it, but he had to.
"Of course you didn't," Gerard said, as if it were obvious. "No one does."
"I mean, because of something else, nothing big." Frank shrugged. "Did you pay attention earlier?"
"Well, yes, I did," Gerard nodded, narrowing his gaze. "But considering of its nature, I assumed you wanted me to avoid that subject, so I put it delicately, you see?"
"Talking about the subject, doesn't bother me, rejection does though." Frank shrugged, sighing. Gerard tilted his pensively.
"Rejection?" He inquired. "You didn't ask me anything?"
"I meant more in a general term. But, the fear of rejection does stop me from asking you." Frank explained, chewing his lip.
"I don't understand," Gerard shook his head. Relationships weren't exactly his /forte/.
"I'm scared that if I ask you an important question, such as, would you go on a date with me, I'm scared I'll get rejected. So it stops me from asking those questions." Frank smiled softly.
"Ah," Gerard nodded in understanding. "I'm going to stop you right there, before you put me in a situation I don't understand.." He held out his hand as an indication for Frank to listen. Frank nodded, leaning over the side of the bunk bed, so he could see him. "I don't do that with people." Gerard shrugged, softly. "I don't understand it."
"What do you mean?" Frank asked, smiling softly.
"I don't understand the need for companionship. I know why other people do it, but I don't need to, it isn't something I require, and, I don't seek it either." Frank nodded, laying back on his bed, feeling a slightly disappointing pain in his chest.
"I didn't mean to aim that at you, by the way," Gerard panicked. "I was just.. Just saying.." Frank nodded, sighing very softly to ensure he didn't upset him.
"I understand, honest."
"I know that, but your chest hurts, doesn't it?"
"Yeah," Frank admitted, softly.
"Did you hurt yourself?"
"In what sense?"
"On purpose, or not on purpose. Are you injured."
"Physically, no, I'm not hurt or injured. Emotionally, a little, and not on purpose."
"Then why does your chest hurt?" Gerard asked, confused.
"It's like heart ache. Where you get your hopes up, but it doesn't work the way you want it to." Frank shrugged, "I don't know, but it does."
"Oh." Gerard sighed. He'd never experienced anything like that and as far as he was concerned, he wasn't going to be anytime soon. "I'm afraid I don't know anything about that.."
"I didn't think you did, so don't worry about it." Frank smiled softly, staring at the celling. Gerard curled up on the bed, unsure of what to do now his hand was unusable and he had very little else to do anyway. He pulled the covers over himself and shut his eyes, not sleeping, but resting gently. Frank couldn't sleep, the pain in his chest was there, and it was the normally pain of rejection, Gerard didn't do it on purpose, but Frank was still hurt.

Gerard awoke early, staying surprisingly quiet as he straightened his clothes and combed his hair to an acceptable manner. He stood in the center of the room, pruning himself. Frank woke up a little later, looking at Gerard, smiling softly.
"What are you doing?"
"I'm getting dressed." Gerard replied, tucking in his shirt. "What are you doing?"
"Trying to wake up," Frank yawned, stretching his arms.
"Well, I can't help you with that." Gerard continued straightening his clothing and hair. "It's visiting times, so, I don't know if anyone is visiting for you, but you can still come down to the main living area where it takes place." Frank shook his head, rolling back over in bed, pulling the covers over himself.
"I'm seeing my little brother and my mom, if you're interested." Gerard shrugged, vaguely. "They'll come and kick you out of here soon."
"I don't see the point in me going to the living area, if there is no one to visit me." Frank shrugged, under the covers, yawning.
"I know.. But they'll kick you out," Gerard hunched a shoulder. "They aren't my rules," He turned on his heel, walking towards the door.
"I'll wait until they kick me out, have a nice time." Frank smiled, knowing Gerard was unable to see it.
"I will, thank you." Gerard nodded politely, slipping out of the door and towards the living area. He sat in his usual corner and huffed, tapping his fingers impatiently as he waited for his relatives to appear. Frank sniffed, rubbing his eyes, dying for his blades, which Gerard had unfortunately cast out of the window. Gerard grumbled, watching as the other families poured in and his seemed none-existent. He rested his chin on his hand and watched, lazily.
A worker knocked on Frank's door, quietly. "Mr Iero? You need to get out of bed now," Frank tucked himself under the covers, silently. The worker entered, sighing. "Frank, come on now." Frank sat up.
"But, no ones visiting me, and it'll make me sad, when I see all the families." He sniffed.
"You don't have to look, you could go to the cafeteria, or somewhere, but you do have to get out this room," The worker replied, an exasperated look on his worn features. Frank nodded, jumping off the bunk bed.
"Fine." He walked out of the room, turning past the main hall, seeing Gerard sat alone. He walked in, taking a seat next to him. "Hi." Gerard jumped, sitting back up from his slumped position.
"Um...Alone?" Frank asked, softly.
"My mother is a little late, but she's still coming." Gerard said, reassuring himself more than Frank. Frank nodded.
"I'll leave you to it," He smiled softly, getting up.
"Don't - Go, yet." Gerard reached his arms out to Frank, though refraining from touching him. He pulled his hands back in and away. Frank blushed softly, sitting back down.
"Okay, I won't go yet." He beamed softly, "I'm guessing your not a fan of physical contact?"
"No, not really." Gerard shook his head. "Unless I'm healing someone, in which case, it is needed." Frank nodded.
"I understand." He smiled softly. Gerard was silent for a little longer, blending into the vacuous noise of the facility, before the silence was broken with fast paced clatters of footsteps on the white flooring. Gerard had barely glanced up before a small child had thrown himself onto his knee, hopping over Frank as he did so. Frank smiled as he saw the small child settle on Gerard's lap, and the broad grin that settled across Gerard's face as he did so.
"I'll go, see you later." He smiled softly, nodding, walking out of the main hall. Gerard tried to call him back but Frank was gone before he could. Gerard grinned, rearranging the child that was sat upon him.
"Hello," He smiled, hugging the child to him. The small child squeaked and curled up his feet, gazing up at Gerard as if he was a religious leader. Frank went into his room, gazing at Gerard's work, smiling softly, but getting upset suddenly, feeling the pain in his chest. The thick sketchbook was adorned with hundreds of small and large pieces of artwork. Pictures of inmates, family relatives, even a few of the peppy child Frank had encountered only a few moments ago. There were a few of Frank, and a large number of particularly disturbing and somewhat graphic drawings which he assumed Gerard wouldn't like to be pried on my human eyes. Frank smiled at the drawings of himself, sighing. He climbed the bunk, sitting on his bed, he knew he was terrible at drawing, but spectacular at calligraphy. The small boy took a sheet of paper, writing 'You can run away with me, any time you want.' In stylised font, placing it on Gerard's table, before walking to the library.
The small boy comfied himself, watching over Gerard's shoulder as his mother approached.
"How are you, Mikes?" Gerard asked, hugging him tightly.
"I'm very very good, how are you, Gee?" Mikey chirped, gazing up at his brother. His mother nodded as she sat down.
"Gerard," She acknowledged. Frank sat in the chair of the corner of the library, with a thick book rested on his lap, as he read the book slowly.
"Hi, Mom." Gerard nodded, disregarding her, paying more attention to his young brother. "I'm very good, Mikey, good to see you, hm?" He grinned, his younger brother snuggling into him. His mother watched with an eyebrow raised.
"Are those meetings working for you?" She asked, abruptly. Gerard shook his head.
"I don't have anything I need working on."
His mother sighed. "Yes you do, you know that." Gerard growled and hugged an oblivious Mikey to him.
"I'm perfectly sane, I don't need to be in here."
"Gerard, I know you can hear them, I know." She persisted. Gerard grew hostile, clutching his brother protectively.
"You don't know anything!" He yelled, capturing the attention of the hall. "Shut up! You don't know what I can hear!" Frank gulped, gazing at Gerard, who was nearer the back of the hall. He noticed him looking at him, so he backed away, ensuring he didn't get caught up in anything. Gerard's mother tried to calm him down but to no avail. Mikey clung frightened to Gerard's chest as he stood up, ensuring Mikey was held tightly to him, before backing away from the table. He turned and started sprinting, tears dripping down his cheeks. He ran past Frank and outside, into the courtyard, hiding behind a wall with his brother still curled up in his arms. Mikey had very little idea of what was going on but frankly wanted to be away from their mother. Frank noticed him running, and followed him, at walking pace.
"Gerard?" Frank called out in the courtyard, softly, not very loud. Gerard shushed him, sticking out a hand to indicate to Frank where he was hiding. Frank wandered over, sighing softly.
"I saw you running, and I got worried." He spoke very quietly, almost a whisper. Gerard sniffed, wiping the tears away from his cheeks angrily. His brother whimpered and hid his face from Frank shyly.
"I'm f-fine," Gerard pressed. Frank sat next to him.
"I can go if you like?" He suggested, shrugging.
"As long as you don't give me away, you can stay," Gerard whispered, scrunching his eyes up. Mikey glanced quickly at Frank before hiding his face in Gerard's chest. Frank nodded, frowning softly, sighing.
"Why are you crying?" He asked, whispering innocently.
"My mother keeps telling me I'm crazy and that.. That I deserve to be here, and I don't," Gerard sniffled, stroking Mikey's shoulders protectively. "She doesn't even want to let me see Mikey anymore.." Frank's mouth opened slightly.
"I'm sorry, Gerard." He whispered, sighing.
"I can't let her, she can't find me," Gerard cried, Mikey saying very little, his tiny hands pinching Gerard's white shirt, now stained with dirt from the ground. Frank wiped the tears off Gerard's cheek with the sleeve of his jacket.
"Mikey seems to want to be with you, alot more than her." He reassured.
"I know, but she doesn't understand that.." Gerard sobbed. Frank sighed.
"I hate seeing you upset," He mumbled, gazing at the older boy.
"I thought you might take pleasure in it," Gerard replied, sniffling, thinking he could hear footsteps coming from around the corner. Frank shook his head softly in response.
"Why would I?" He asked, whispering.
"If I recall, yesterday, you said you wished I'd been stabbed."
"That was yesterday. I feel different, that's all." Frank admitted, blushing.
"Oh, well, uh, thanks." Gerard mumbled, gasping in horror as his mother and several workers came around the corner. Gerard cried and tugged Mikey towards him. Mikey started crying, sounding younger than he was. Frank's eyes went wide as he saw the adults towering over them.
"Let go of him, Gerard, he doesn't like it." His mother persisted, reaching her arms out for Mikey. Mikey screamed in retaliation. Frank gasped, tucking his knees to his chest, in fear.
"Let go of me Mommy! Let go!" Mikey screeched, his fingers digging into Gerard's chest, who was trying to wrench him gently from his mother's grip, with little success. Mikey sobbed, a hand slipping from Gerard's chest and reaching blindly for Frank's knee. Frank took Mikey's tiny hand, not letting go, but he kept his head down, passing his hand to Gerard. Mikey sobbed, shaking his head.
"Let me stay with Gee! Let go, Mommy! It hurts!" He cried, his legs being tugged at. His mother didn't give in, and Frank felt perhaps it shed a little light on Mikey's reasoning for disliking her. Frank sniffed, feeling sympathy for Gerard, wanting to help, he just didn't know what to do. Their mother moved closer and wrenched Mikey's fingers off of Gerard, taking him away in his arms.
"Stop being an idiot Mikey, come on." She put him down on the floor, keeping a tight hold on his hand, though Mikey immediately tried to escape her. He tugged and squirmed but found himself with very little success, making hands that grabbed for Gerard in the air, his face red with tears. Gerard watched as he was taken away, before remembering the workers who stood in front of him.
"Come on, Gerard." They spoke. Gerard was still crying, though easing up slightly. He gazed at Frank, unmoving. Frank looked up at Gerard, smiling softly, wiping his cheek with his sleeve.
"No," Gerard put firmly. "I've had enough." Frank blushed, nodding to the workers, understandably. The workers huffed and left, with an obvious angry disposition. Gerard pushed the heels of his palms into his eyes, breathing out slowly.
"You don't want to be out in the cold, do you want to go to our room?" Frank asked softly.
"I don't want to go anywhere." Gerard mumbled, regretting his decision as a fair woman appeared around the corner. Her hair was a deep brown and she wore glasses at the end of her nose, her heels ebony and matching with the rest of her clothes. Frank nodded, sighing softly, looking up at the woman, confused. The woman crouched down to Gerard's height, folding her arms, disregarding Frank.
Gerard, do we need to talk?" She asked, her voice gentle with an added tone of superiority. Frank tucked his knees to his chest, still worried about Gerard.
"Should I go?" She turned to Frank.
"Oh, you're new, aren't you?" She tutted, turning her attention back to Gerard. "Please, Gerard, don't drive this one away. I told you not to talk to anyone, you know what happens."
"He isn't driving me away. I just didn't know whether to give you two privacy or not." Frank stated.
"Gerard doesn't need privacy.. In fact, Frank, I'd like to speak to you," She said, raising an eyebrow. Gerard stayed silent, processing the information that had been given to him. Frank gulped, nodding nervously.
"Uh..Okay." She stood up to her feet.
"Gerard, go back to your room. Frank, come with me." She started to walk from the courtyard, briskly. Frank jumped up, following the woman, tuning back to Gerard, mouthing.
"I'm sorry, I'll be back soon," He smiled. Gerard nodded, shutting his eyes and walking back to his room. The woman led Frank to her office, tapping the seat before her desk, sitting down in her own chair.
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