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Part 6

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My band was scheduled for a photo shoot and an interview for a magazine, an unusual occurrence for a small, obscure group from a very underground scene like ours, but Brian had told us that the presence of a pretty girl was bound to attract some amount of curiosity. I wasn’t really happy to act as bait, the idea was to gain attention as a whole band for our music, but Joel said that everything that could get us some attention was more than welcome.
We were at a cemetery, an appropriate location for a doom band, and I was wearing a long skirted, black and purple dress with large sleeves. The photographer said that I looked a lot like a young Lauren Bacall, and told me to throw her famous “come hither” look; that wasn’t the first time someone made me notice the resemblance, but I felt a bit silly giving those sensual upward glances to a camera. I didn’t feel like I could ever compare to Bacall in terms of allure, even though Kirk said that I was sexy as hell when I looked at him that way. I loved how I could make him horny in an instant with just a glance, a smirk or a few words in a sultry voice, it made me feel like a powerful sex goddess. Luckily he was attracted to me as much as I was to him. “Yes, give me that look, like that!” shouted the photographer.
Apparently, I had zoned out and started fantasizing about Kirk. Ugh, I hope I won’t look like a sex-crazed maniac in those photos.
The interview went quite well, despite a pair of irritating questions about my decision to play such a men driven music; I realized that the topic of my ‘womanhood’ would come up constantly, much to my annoyance.

Our album kept getting positive reviews and we couldn’t be more happy, and eager to do a tour all around the U.S. at last.
When Metallica went to perform at Monsters Of Rock Festival, Corinne, Teresa and I decided to go to the beach to relax.
“You should stay under the beach umbrella, you know? You cannot afford a tan when you are in a gloomy metal band.” said Corinne, mocking me.
“Shut up, like anybody would care!” I laughed. “Besides, some colour would do me good, this shade of white I’m sporting is not flattering at all.”
“Nah, it’s all part of your charm. We’ve all seen those pictures at the cemetery, you looked like a predatory vampire, hot and dangerous. No wonder why Kirk likes you so much.” During our friendly banter, we failed to notice that Teresa was lost in her thoughts, clearly worried by something. “I’m going for a swim.” She informed us succinctly, walking quick into the sea.

That evening we went to a nice restaurant, and finally perceived that something was wrong with Teresa. “Tess, are you all right? You seem worried.” She shook her head, trying to dismiss our concern, but we insisted.
“Don’t do that, it’s clear that something is not right. You can tell us what is bothering you.”
She sighed deeply, lowering her gaze on her plate. “It’s just… it’s James, you know, I really don’t know what to do with him.”
Corinne and I shared a glance. “Do you think he’s hiding something from you?”
Teresa snickered, “Besides himself, you mean?”
“Uh, Tess, I don’t understand what…”
“He’s so aloof, ok? When I try to talk to him about something a bit more intimate, he gets dismissive and shuts me out. I’m not even sure I can claim to know him, he’s so secretive about his feelings and whatever crosses his mind. He never shares his ideas or emotions, or facts about his past, just the occasional snippet here and there.” She gulped down her water, trying not to cry. “James doesn’t let people inside his inner world, you know? He communicates more through his music than by words. Sometimes he scares me.” She added, looking at us with worry. “Sometimes it seems to me that there’s a war inside his head and he doesn’t know how to handle it. I’ve never wanted to be that kind of girl.”
“What kind of girl, Tess?” I asked concerned.
“That kind of girl that goes out with a man in hope to change him, sure that her good heart will save his poor, wounded, lost soul. “I’ll cure him with the power of my love!” Pathetic.”
“Well, maybe…”
“You cannot force someone to change. You can help him if he wants to, but you cannot force the hand or manipulate him to turn him into the man you want, it doesn’t work. And it’s not right.”
“You want him to be another man?”
“I cannot stay with him the way he is now. I see his potential, a lovely, kind hearted guy that I could love. But, as I said, I don’t want to be that kind of girl who pines miserably for an illusion.”
“You want to leave James, then?” Corinne inquired.
Teresa looked at us in the eyes. “I’ll talk to him after he comes back, but I have the feel it won’t end well. I’ve tried to avoid direct confrontation, but I cannot stand it anymore.”
We finished our dinner and went back to our homes, without further words.

August came to its end as, predictably, Teresa and James’s story, and not in a very amicable way, I have to say, and we didn’t hear a word from her anymore. James took comfort in booze and sex that same night, pretending not to be affected by the split up at all. It also came the time for the guys to leave for Denmark to record their new album and for my band to tour.

I pulled Kirk’s t-shirt off him and dragged him back for another forceful kiss; Kirk grabbed my ass and squeezed it, making me gasp, then proceeded to attack my neck. I sighed, writhing under his ministrations, but determined to have my way with him. I grabbed his wrists and pinned him against the wall, resuming the kiss; I nibbled and sucked his lower lip, so full and soft, and gave it a gentle pull, while grinding my hips against his crotch to feel his hardness. I wanted to devour him. Kirk threw back his head and moaned, “You know, I don’t mind you ravishing me, but can you let my hands go? I’d like to touch you.”
I let him go and dropped down to my knees working on his zip, looking at him straight in the eyes; his breath became erratic as I freed his erection. I grabbed his shaft and stroked it with slow movements, rolling my thumb on the glans to spread the pre-cum over it. Kirk was panting hard, ready for more, “Babe, please, stop teasing.” I decided to oblige him and brushed my lips against his head, then rolled my tongue around it, sucking gently, continuing to stroke with my hand. Kirk placed a hand on my head, caressing my hair. “That’s it babe, like that.” I switched my attention to the shaft, licking and sucking all his length, then, inhaling deeply, I swallowed his entire cock. Kirk gasped loudly and instinctively pushed forward, but I grabbed his hips and kept him in place; I moved my head up and down, alternating the rhythm, sometimes pausing to concentrate on the head.
Kirk’s breath got heavier and heavier until, with a last swirl of my tongue, I made him scream my name in ecstasy. I swallowed all his cum and licked him clean, before his knees gave in and he slid on the floor; he was still trying to catch his breath, I was busy giving him a big hickey above his hipbone.
“Are you marking me?” he asked with a smile.
“Mmh, my intention was to give you a reminder of this night when you’ll be on tour, but you can interpret it as you please.” He laughed and relaxed on the floor, taking me in his arms.

Our own tour went incredibly well, nobody died (trust me, that occurrence was reasonably taken into consideration), Trouble treated us well (they even signed their first LP I had brought with me and put up with our amateurish frenzy) and I’m sure we conquered a good amount of fans (we had never played for so many people before, I almost fainted on stage more than once). Doom or be doomed, that was the motto.
I couldn’t keep in touch very much with Kirk and the other guys, so I didn’t see the time for them to come back home. I had to leave my job at the diner, since I couldn’t work regular shifts anymore, but I resorted to short term jobs because I couldn’t afford to live only by the proceeds of my music; I couldn’t ask my parents for help neither, but I would have refused to anyway. I wanted to be self-reliant, a real adult.
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