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Chapter Fourteen: Surprises Again

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Pete is surprised to awaken

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Patrick and Andy walked through the glass emergency room doors and came to the same waiting room they had occupied for two days while Devin was in the hospital. It made Patrick sick to think this was the third time one of his close friends had attempted suicide. He found Joe sitting with Devin's face buried in his chest, his arms wrapped around her in a protective, comforting manner that made Patrick slightly jealous.
"Love..." he whispered, making a motion towards her, but Joe glared at him.
"Leave her alone for now, Patrick, you can worry about your personal problems later."
Patrick scowled and sat down next to Andy.
"How is he?" Andy asked Joe.
"The doctor hasn't said anything yet."
They four friends sat in silence, interupted occasionally by a sob from Devin. Patrick felt awful; why had he jumped to conlclusions? Of course the baby was his! It was a kiss. A mistake. Drowning in his own misery, Patrick hardly heard the doctor who came out into the waiting room.
"Mr.Trohman?" he asked.
"About your friends Peter..."
"How is he?"
"He's going to be fine. It looks like he took four or five pills, six or seven would have been lethal."
"Thank God."
"He's very lucky. This is the second time he's tried this...counceling would be a good idea."
Joe nodded, and the doctor began to turn away. Devin raised her head, hey face tearstained.
"Can we see him?" she muttered.
"Yes, of course. One at a time, please."
Devin stood up. She made no sign of knowing Patrick was sitting several feet away from her, and followed the doctor down the hallway.

Devin sat down in the cold platic chair next to Pete's bed. He lay still beneath the stark white sheets, his face pale. She choked back another sob and took his limp hand in hers. She didn't understand her feelings; an hour ago, she hate hated him more than anything, and now...she just wanted him to be ok. He had ruined everything, yet she just wanted to hear his voive again. She took a deep breath and slowly reached into her pocket, extracting the crumpled paper Pete had left on the dinning room table. She read it once and then gentle placed it on the pillow beside Pete's head. She kissed his cheek and turned to leave.

Devin stepped back into the waiting room. Joe got up and headed down the hal towards Pete's room. She hovered in the doorway for a moment.
"Patrick?" she whispered. He looked up, sadness in his eyes. She beckoned him with her hand. He got up and walked over to her.
"Yes, Love?"
She looked deep into his eyes, not saying anything. She knew he'd figure it out. He sighed as he realized what she was doing.
"I'm so sorry, Devin. I love you, and I know the baby's mine...I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions. I understand the kiss was a mistake."
Devin smiled, tears welling in her eyes. Patrick pulled her into a passionate kiss. They gently pulled away, and Patrick took Devin's left hand in his. He gently massaged it.
"God, I love these hands." He murmured. He studied them for a moment, then looked up into Devin's eyes, a smiled across his lips.
"What do you say we put a ring on that hand?"
"Devin, will you marry me?"
Patrick hugged Devin tight as she cried, a mixture of tears of joy for her engagement and tears of sadness for Pete.

Pete slowly opened his eyes; the hospital lights blinded him, making his headache worse.
"I'm still alive." He murmured. Gingerly, he turned his head towards the plastic chair next to his bed; no one. He felt hurt; did his friends not care enough to come see him? His hair brushed something on the pillow, and he reached over to grab it. It was a crumbled piece of lined paper. Frowning, he turned it over, and recognition surged through him. It was his suicide note.
"So my friends did come to see me." He whispered. He sank back into his pillow, hating himself. He hadn't been successful last time he tried this, and it had been torture to face his friends afterwards. This was just perfect.
"Peter?" a voice came from the doorway. Pete looked up.
"Tia! What are you doing here?"
"Joe called me."
"He did?"
"Yes. I'm glad to see you're awake, everyone told me your weren't." she timidely crossed the room and sat down on the edge of his bed.
"I'm so sorry, this is all my fault."
"No, Tia, it's not. It's mine."
"I shouldn't have broken up with you! Not then, anyways."
There was a long pause, and the two ponderd what had been said.
"Can't we give it another shot?" Pete whispered. Tia sighed sadly.
"Peter, I'm going back to England. My plane leaves tonight."
Pete felt his heart snap in two. He said nothing, just nodded. Tia leaned forward and kissed Pete, then pulled away, standing up.
"I think I love you." She whispered, tears spilling over, "But this is for the better of everyone; you, me, and Joe. Goodbye, Peter." And she left.
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