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Chapter Fifteen: I love you

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Pete awakens to heartbreak as well as joy

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Tia appeared in the waiting room moments after having left for Pete's room in the first place. Her eyes were filled with tears, and she spoke to no one as she stormed out the exit. Devin stood up and went down to Pete's room, assuming he must be awake. He was sitting up in his bed, the black Clandestine hoodie he had been wearing the night of the attempt pulled over his hospital gown. He looked very upset.
"Pete?" Devin asked cautiously, coming into the room and perching herself on the edge of his bed.
"Devin," He murmured, pulling her into a hug, "I am so sorry. I really screwed things up this time."
"Oh, Pete. I think we all contributed."
Pete sank back into his pillows and ticked off his fingers;
"I kissed you, I slept with Joe's girlfriend for three month, I blackmailed you, I convinced Patrick the baby was mine, I turned all my friends against me, and then I OD'd AGAIN."
Devin choked back a sob and kissed his cheek.
"Ok, so you did screw up. We love you anyways."
"You might have forgiven me...I'm not too sure about anyone else. Even Andy's pissed at me!"
"They'll forgive you. In fact, I bet they already have, otherwise why would they be here?"
Pete pondered this thought for a moment, then smiled sadly.
"Maybe they have. I will still never live this down."
"You know what, the damage between Patrick and I is already patched up. We're engaged!"
"Devin, that's great!"
Devin grinned broadly.
"And, ah, Pete, what happened with Tia...?"
Pete looked away, tears welling in his eyes.
"She broke up with me. She's going back to England."
"Oh, Peter." Devin pulled Pete into another hug, and his tears spilled over.
"You're forgetting, Pete, that I've been there. I've been over the edge with no more will to live. And you have no idea how glad I am that I survived. Look at me, I'm pregnant, and I'm engaged." She whispered.
"I know, Dev. I'm just having a hard time seeing the pros of waking up. The first thing that happened was Tia told me she loves me, then left forever."
"The pros and cons of breathing, you've said so yourself."
"I guess you're right."
"Don't thank me, you came up with that."
Pete dried his eyes and smiled weakly.
"Can you get everyone else in here, please?"
"Uh, there's a one at a time rule..."
"See if I care."
Devin smiled and went to get the rest of her friends.

Joe, Patrick and Andy stood in the doorway warily. Devin nudged them and they stepped forward a few feet. Pete sighed.
"You guys, I'm so sorry for everything I've done, all the pain I've caused. I didn't realize all I was doing was painting myself into a corner. All I want is forgiveness, so we don't have to split up the band and dissapoint a million kids."
Patrick gazed into Pete's eyes.
"What's the moral of the story, Peter?"
"Loose lips sink ships."
Patrick smiled and rushed forward, hugging his friend, followed by Andy and Joe.
"No more secrets," Pete muttered as Devin was added to the group hug, "No more reasons to blackmail eachother."
They pulled away from the hug and Devin sat down in the plastic chair next to the bed.
"The baby just kicked!" she breathed, hand on her belly.
"Lemme feel!" Patrick exclaimed, placing his own hand on Devin's belly. "Oh my God. Devin, there's a little person in there!"
"Let's just hope it gets Devin's looks." Pete said with a grin. Patrick turned around and scowled.
"I'm kidding, Pat."
"So when are you due, Devin?" Joe asked.
"About 5 months."
"Wow. With all the excitement we hardly had time to think about the baby." Andy said.
"You're all gonna be uncles!" Devin grinned.
"I still want you to name it Joseph Jr." Joe said.
"And if it's a girl?" Devin asked.
"Josephine Jr." Andy answered. Joe scowled and pushed Andy playfully.

After several hours, Patrick, Devin, Andy and Joe all got up to leave.
"Get well soon, Pete." Joe called as they walked out the door. Devin dawdled a bit and was last out the door. Before she dissapeared, Pete called her name.
"I'm sorry about everything."
"Quit appologizing, Pete, you're just beating yourself up. If anything, this was a therapeutic chain of events. Look at me, I'm pregnant and engaged!"
Pete smiled and realized he was happy to be alive.
"Thanks, Dev. I love you."
Devin smiled too, tears of joy welling in her eyes.
"I love you too, Peter."

The End.

There will probably be a sequel, but not right away
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