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The Meetings

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Centuries later Shinya has grown stronger and have been completing tasks for the Elder's. The Elders ask Shinya to help a hybrid Vampire/pyro-kinetic control his fire abilities and he agrees.

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It was mid-morning when Shinya awoke. He didn't develop sensitivity to the sunlight when he was turned so daylight was natural to him. He dressed himself in his usual, black button up shirt, black pants custom with chains, and his beloved black trench coat custom with spikes. He walked over to the mirror and adorned himself with his usual black mascara. He walked over to his sword case and opened it. He grabbed one of his lesser swords due to him thinking he won't need it, but still wanted it just in case.

When he came to his front door he turned around and looked around to admire his cozy home. He left and made his way to the local fields, where he stood for a few moments making sure everything was clear. He then sat on the ground; eyes closed and sat in silence. He heard something in front of him so he opened his eyes. It appeared to be something trying to materialize. Its form was smoky but the face was easily distinguishable. It was a mind projection of the high elder Hyde, one of the many high status vampires.

"It's been a while since you tried contacting us Shinya, usually we get in touch with you, what is it you need?" asked Hyde.
"I was curious to why I've been getting so many jobs lately?" asked Shinya.
"You are a very strong vampire, and it's easier to dispatch you than it is to with the younger warriors" stated Hyde.

It began to rain lightly.

"Well, I won't argue with you on that matter, but I was wondering if I could take a break from all this fighting?" asked Shinya.
"We were going to allow that anyway, we have a specific being that we would like you to train, that is if your up to it." said Hyde.
"I'm grateful for the break, but what is it this "being" needs training in?" asked Shinya.
"He needs help with his powers, he can't seem to control them like we can" stated Hyde.
"What is he?" asked Shinya.
"He's a hybrid" answered Hyde.
"A hybrid of what, exactly?" asked Shinya.
"He is a vampire, but he seems to have developed pyro-kinesis" said Hyde.
"I will gladly take on this hybrid, may I ask his name?" asked Shinya.
"Thank you for your help in this matter, his name is Pry" answered Hyde.
"It's a duty I will gladly take on, when do expect his arrival?" asked Shinya.
"By morning." answered Hyde.

And with that the projection faded into the rainy air.

With that Shinya got up and headed back to his home in Tsumi. The rain caused Shinya's mascara to run down his flawless features, which only made him more attractive. He got to his door took out his key and unlocked it and entered.

He went back to his bedroom and lay down on the bed. The happiness of getting a break from the elders was enough to rid his mind of any other worries. Shinya fell asleep in his peaceful world, when abruptly there was a knock on the door which tore him from his peaceful bliss.

He made his way up out of the bed and to the door just in time to catch the man from knocking again. This mans features were flawless, his body, from what Shinya could tell, very muscular, his eyes an unnatural red and black, skin pale, and hair red.

"Are you the hybrid the elders told me of?" asked Shinya.
"Yes I am the one who the elders spoke of, are you Shinya?" asked Pry
"Yes, I'm Shinya" Shinya said with a laugh.
"Well do come in" said Shinya as he ushered him in.

Shinya showed him into the living area and motioned for him to sit. After they were both seated Shinya reached inside the table beside him and pulled out two glasses and a bottle of blood. He poured half a glass in each and handed Pry one.

"This is to your welcome, now enjoy, it's the finest for what's allowed." stated Shinya.

Pry moved the glass to his mouth and sipped it loving the feeling it sent down his throat, sending a tingling feeling down his back. Shinya drank his calmly not showing an ounce of after-effect of the blood.

"Hyde told me that your pyro-kinesis isn't under control as it should be?" asked Shinya.
"Yes, that would be true, it seems my dark gift had strings attached" answered Pry.
"Do you know how to trigger the flame?" asked Shinya.
"I usually just will it into life, but sometimes it spreads beyond my control, and it seems I have the ability to extinguish the flame, but I'm not strong enough to extinguish it all" answered Pry.
"Well we will just have to work on that when night falls again, I choose to do most of my activities at night, not because I'm sensitive to the sun, because I'm not, but because its much more calming at night which will be good for you because you don't need distractions while perfecting your pyro-kinesis" said Shinya.
"Do you have any other abilities besides the norm?" asked Pry.
"I can to an extent levitate objects, and again to some extent read peoples minds, but I only just discovered my psychosis so I'm still getting used to it and training my mind to read better" answered Shinya.
"That seems like an interesting skill, try to read my mind, tell me what I'm thinking now" said Pry.

Shinya focused on Pry's eyes for a few moments and read his mind, but he didn't read minds like most people, the mind wasn't a book that could be flipped through, it was a multi-layered web of thought and feelings that needed to be skimmed through to make any sense of what he is learning of the person he is reading. He found many things in his mind, specifically the regret of burning someone and not meaning to, he also read his feelings, he seemed to think Shinya was handsome, his eyes flashed and he shut out Pry's mind from his own.

"I see you fancy me?" said Shinya in a questioning manner only to verify what he found in Pry's mind.

Pry's checks turned slightly pink and he said "that would be true, so I think that's enough mind reading for the day" he finished with a laugh.
"Well that's enough with the talk, we should rest, we both have a lot to do tomorrow night" said Shinya.

Pry nodded his head in agreement and Shinya got to his feet sitting his glass on the table and motioned for Pry to follow him. Pry sat his glass on the table and followed without hesitation. They walked through a long hall until at the end they came to a room that looked very cozy, the bed itself seemed to be calling for Pry.

Pry entered the room and set his belongings on the chest at the end of the bed and turned to Shinya.

"Good night Pry, sweet dreams" said Shinya.
"Good night" said Pry.

Shinya exited the room shutting the door behind him leaving Pry to look around the room at all the many attractive furniture pieces. Pry examined the room for a few more moments then decided to change out of the clothes he traveled in. After he was finished changing he pulled the covers back and got into bed covering him-self and drifted into a dream world in all his own.
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