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Shinya helps Pry with his powers.

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Pry woke up the following night to Shinya knocking on the door.

"Time to wake up, the night is long, but we barely have enough time for you sleep in" said Shinya.

Pry mumbled incoherently as Shinya shut the door. He lay in bed for a few moments before actually getting up and getting dressed. He changed into his clothes, being a black tank-top that hugged his body showing off his pecks and six pack, along with black pants with chains. He left the room and entered the living area to see Shinya sipping on blood again and sat on the opposite chair. Shinya pulled out another glass and poured some of the red liquid into it and pushed it across the table in the direction of Pry. Pry took it without objection and began drinking it.

"Sleep well?" asked Shinya.
"Like a log" said Pry.
"That's good, you needed all that rest for the training" said Shinya.
"How are we going to go about the training? Your not Pyro-kinetic so how can you know how to train me?" asked Pry.
"I can 'read' your mind when you start focusing on your pyro-kinesis and pick up on what you're doing wrong and tell you how to correct it, its quite simple." answered Shinya.
"Interesting" said Pry.
"Finish your glass and then we will leave for the open field to train you" stated Shinya.

Pry nodded his head in accordance and finished his blood. Shinya got up and motioned for Pry to follow him to their destination. They left the house and went to the field where Shinya previously talked to the high elder Hyde in. Shinya stopped and pointed out two bails of hay.

"When I give the word you need to focus on burning the first bail of hay, but not until I say because I need to be in your mind to know what your doing wrong." said Shinya.

Pry nodded his head in agreement. Shinya stared into Pry's eyes for a few moments before he started to see and hear Pry's thoughts again. Shinya gave him the thumbs up and Pry began to focus as much as he could to burn the first bail of hay. A cloud of fire formed around it and stood stationary for a few moments then dissipated.

"Well it seems as if everything is fine mind wise, it's just your coordination that's a lil off. I fixed that though so try again" said Shinya.

Pry agreed and focused on the bail of hay again, this time the cloud of fire developed in the center of the hay growing until the whole bail was engulfed in flames. He released his control on the flames and looked at Shinya with an accomplished look.

"Now put it out" said Shinya.
"I'm not quite sure how to put out fires yet" he said with a laugh.
"Just focus on the flame again like you were to start a fire, just this time in your mind see the fire dissolving into nothing, and that's what will happen" said Shinya.
"Hmm okay" said Pry.

He closed his eyes and focused on the burning bail, but saw it as a charred bail of hay that was no longer on fire but smoking a lot. He opened his eyes and with a flash the flames went out.

"Simple isn't it?" asked Shinya.
"Now that you've helped me I think it is" said Pry.
"Now we are going to focus on throwing flames at objects, since you're a pyro you should be able to build fire balls and project them into objects, preferably objects that are bad or inanimate" stated Shinya.
"I never knew I could do that, I only thought I could will things on fire but not launch fire at people" stated Pry in a questioning manner.
"It's quite easy, as you did with the first bail, picture fire, but in mid air in front of you, and instead of a cloud think of a solid ball of fire, and when you accomplishe that and the fire ball is in full form in front of you look at your target and picture the fireball hitting the object" said Shinya.

Pry pictured in his mind a fireball in front of him and out of mid air a little flame developed, and began to twirl in mid air until it formed a rotating ball of fire. Now he moved his glance from the fireball to the second bail of hay and pictured the fireball hitting it, and as if a baseball being thrown, the flame ball went flying towards the hay bail hitting the center and knocking it over as the fire spread over it. Pry looked back at Shinya excited at his new found ability.

"I think that's about all you have to learn from me, the only thing there is to do is to train, build the strength for those powers and work on accuracy, you can never be to accurate" said Shinya.
"Will we be coming back out here tomorrow night to train?" asked Pry.
"Maybe, I have some errands to tend with tomorrow so I will see if time permits it" answered Shinya.
"That works for me" Pry said with a smile.
"Lets start heading back to the house, daylight is coming and even though I'm immune to it I can't stand it" said Shinya.
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