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The Conversation.

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Pry and Shinya talk for a few, then share a night of passion.

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Shinya got up to the door and unlocked it, opened it and ushered Pry in. Pry entered and sat in the chair across from where Shinya usually sits. Shinya walked over to the fireplace and picked up a match pad and attempted to strike it and light it on the strike pad with no luck in achieving. The logs in the fire suddenly roared with flames and then settled to a normal pace in front of Shinya. Shinya looked over to Pry just in time to see him opening his eyes. Pry smiled at Shinya in a 'your welcome' sort of way, Shinya blushed but smiled back. He walked over to his seat and sat down, then turned to the table beside him and again got some blood and poured it in two glasses, handing one to Pry and keeping the other to himself. Shinya held his glass up high as if toasting and winked at Pry and drank his blood.

"Does any one else live here with you in this exquisite house?" asked Pry.
"No, just me, I find it to be quite comfortable though, I wouldn't mind a companion, but it just seems I haven't the time to meet anyone till recently when given a break by the elders" said Shinya as he gestured to Pry.
"O really" Pry said "that's a pity you haven't had the time, because you are a very nice person to be around" continued Pry "Have you ever had a significant other? If you don't mind me asking?" asked Pry.
"Well thank you, and no I don't mind you asking. Yes there was one, but me being a vampire and him a human caused problems, he wouldn't let me turn him so I didn't. We lived as normal as possible until he finally passed. I loved him and he loved me, but our love wasn't meant to last forever." said Shinya.
"O, sorry to hear that" said Pry, he hesitated for a few moments before saying "Would you be able to love again?" he asked.
"Of course I'll be able to love again, life isn't worth living if you don't have someone to love" said Shinya.

Pry smiled as Shinya finished. Shinya could read in his mind that Pry was really into him, and knew that if they were to do anything and become serious he would be loyal and wholly devoted to him and only him.

"You're a very honest person" said Shinya breaking the silence.
"I would hope so. I lack the abilities to read minds but I can tell that you are to" said Pry making Shinya blush a little.

After a few moments of staring each other Shinya got up and walked over to Pry and bent down and kissed him on the cheek then turned and walked toward his room. Shinya got to his room door when Pry came up behind him, turned him around to face him and started kissing him. Shinya started kissing him back and they started making their way across the room trying not to trip on anything while they continued making out. They got to the bed and Pry pushed Shinya onto it and climbed on top of him and continued kissing him. Pry could tell Shinya was becoming aroused so he reached down towards Shinya's crotch area and rubbed at it through his pants.

As they continued kissing Shinya noticed Pry's lips becoming warmer as they carried on, he ignored it knowing it was just Pry becoming aroused and that being one of the effects. Shinya pushed Pry's head aside and bit into his neck, letting go but lapping the blood up with his tongue. He started kissing Pry again, Pry licking at the blood on Shinya's tongue.

Pry took Shinya's shirt off while Shinya helped Pry with his shirt. Pry began to rub Shinya's nipples while continuing to kiss him. Shinya was now taking his pants off to reveal his hardened member. Pry teased at Shinya's sensitive area with his hand until finally taking his pants off and getting back to kissing Shinya. Shinya rubbed at Pry's member while they kissed, reading his mind to find all his sensitive areas besides the obvious ones. He began to kiss at his neck and felt Pry shiver at the touch of his tongue.

All the candles in the room lit up providing a light to the room and Pry's eyes held lively flames in them. Shinya grabbed Pry and pulled him back down and started kissing him again. He spread his legs inviting Pry into his hole. Pry massaged Shinya's hole with his finger and entered it, pulling in and out. Shinya moaned as Pry pushed another finger in and brushed against his prostate giving him a great deal of pleasure. Pry pulled his fingers out and pushed his member into Shinya making Shinya moan as he went deeper.

Pry started to work at a steady pace while Shinya begged for more. Pry wrapped his hand around Shinya's member and began to work it, matching the pace of his thrusts. Pry's hand was warm as was the rest of his body which made Shinya moan even more. Pry's hair tips began to flame and his eyes darken as he got closer to his climax and could tell Shinya was too due to the pre-cum on the tip of his member. Pry started to moan more and more as Shinya tensed up making his hole tighter and tighter. Pry's hair was now nothing short of a flames as he moaned louder making Shinya cum over his hand. Pry then spilled his seed in Shinya and the flames on his head subsided back to his hair and his eyes went back to their red and he collapsed next to Shinya. Shinya moaned as Pry slid out of him.

Shinya got up and walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower. He walked back to the bathroom door.

"Would you like to join me in the shower?" asked Shinya.

Pry grinned, got up and walked to the bathroom, and followed Shinya into the shower. As Pry entered the shower the water hit his skin causing steam to rise from it.

"Your really hot" stated Shinya.
"Why thanks, you are too" said Pry.
"No I mean literally you are hot" laughed Shinya.

Pry giggled and they finished their shower. They got out dried off and got back into bed not bothering to get dressed. They covered up, Pry holding Shinya and fell fast asleep.
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