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The Hike

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Shinya and Pry go on a hike through the forest where they find and defeat a Phantom.

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The morning was a pleasant one. There wasn't a sound that could disturb the two as they slept entangled in each others embrace. Shinya awoke first, moving Pry's arm from over him lightly as to not awake him and willed his robe over to him with his mind. He grabbed it and put it on, tying it in the front. He walked to the door in the back of his room and opened it quietly and exited onto the deck. The sun was bright and the sounds of nature soft. He walked over to the edge of the deck to the rail and just closed his eyes, listening to all of the sounds and taking in all the scents.

A sudden sound behind him made him scan the area with his mind, finding that it was just Pry. He was just in his pants, apparently not bothering to put on a shirt or shoes. Shinya turned around and watched as Pry walked toward him admiring the handsome form of the man. Pry came up to Shinya and kissed him on the cheek.

"Good morning" said Pry.
"Good morning to you too" said Shinya.
"It's a beautiful day today" said Pry.
"It is... although we have plenty to do tonight... I felt as if I didn't need the sleep" said Shinya.
"Well I've had plenty of sleep so I too will stay up with you" Pry said with a smile.

Shinya kissed him on the lips and walked back inside to get dressed. He as always wore his black shirt and black pants. He put on his shoes and went in to the living area and poured some blood into two glasses, sitting one on the table in front of him. He drank his blood in silence taking in all the feelings the blood was giving off. Pry walked in, now with his shirt and boots on, and sat next to him and grabbed his glass and within seconds the blood bubbled and then settled.

"I think I'll try it warm this time" Pry said.
Shinya smiled.

"Well since most of the stuff I had planned takes place at nightfall I guess we could just venture in the forests until then" said Shinya in a questioning manner.
"Sure, this town looks a bit dead anyway, it would be nice to see the rest of the forest." Stated Pry.

Shinya finished his blood and sat his glass back in the table. Pry gulped his warmed blood down within seconds, then opening his eyes to reveal his darkened red eyes.

"Very tasty" said Pry.

He put his glass next to Shinya's and got up to stretch. Shinya got up as well to get his trench coat and one of his swords, again this time getting one of the lesser ones. Pry watched him intently.

"Why do you need the sword" asked Pry.
"Old habit I guess, it's better to have one and not need it than to need one and not have it" said Shinya.
"Good point" replied Pry.

Shinya walked towards the door, Pry following, and unlocked the locks and stepped back out into the sun shine, Pry following. Pry shut the door and followed Shinya until he stopped at the porch end. Pry wondered why he stopped until he heard locks locking behind him. He walked around to see Shinya's face and noticed his eyes shut and could see that his pupils were moving franticly. The locks stopped their noise and Shinya's eyes opened.

"Never leave the house without locking the doors" Shinya said.
"Interesting" Pry said.

Shinya started walking to the village gates while Pry followed. He looked around and noticed how empty the town was in day light. Not a soul in site as it were said.

"Everyone here have sensitivity to light but you and me?" asked Pry.
"Most yes, and others just choose to stay inside during the day for the sake of being 'normal' in this town" answered Shinya.

They continued walking until they got to the gate and Shinya lifted his arm and flicked it and the brace that was holding the gates closed lifted, unlocking it for them to pass through. Pry walked up to the door and opened it for Shinya.

"What a gentleman you are" said Shinya playfully.

Pry blushed. After Pry entered Shinya turned around and flicked his wrist again sending the brace back down in its hoisters.

"How come it takes you longer to lock a front door but only seconds to lift a door brace?" asked Pry.
"The door brace is a single object, the lock has many gears and pieces inside that I have to control in order for the lock to lock, plus I have like five so that might add to the time" Shinya said with a laugh.

They continued walking until they reached a trail in the woods and began to follow it, walking at a slow pace as to not rush themselves. Pry took in all his surroundings, thinking to himself how long it had been since he had actually been in a forest like this. They came to a stream in the path and noticed that the bridge had washed away. Shinya looked around for a few until he found what appeared to be a flat log. He lifted his arm again and the log lifted and dropped in front of him. He stepped on it and turned around and motioned for Pry to get on next to him.

"Why are we getting on a log?" asked Pry.
"You'll see just get on next to me" stated Shinya.

Pry got on and Shinya grabbed him by the waste and lifted his arm again this time the log lifting them up in the air. They were at least five feet from the ground and moving towards the other side of the stream. When they had reached the other side Shinya lowered his arm and as he did the log lowered until it hit the ground.

"That was cool, you can basically fly" said Pry.
"Yes I can 'fly' but I can't when there's more than just myself, hince me using the log" said Shinya.
"That's got to be a pretty nifty ability" said Pry.
"You have no idea" replied Shinya with a grin.

They continued on the trail until they came to a forked part of the trail. Shinya closed his eyes and scanned the area. He saw people on both trails. He opened his eyes and turned to Pry.

"Which way would you like to go? Both ways have people on the trail" asked Shinya.
"Umm lets go right, I guess" answered Pry.
"Right it is then" said Shinya.

They walked on the right path until they came into site of a family on their wagon. Shinya and Pry noticed that most of the family on the wagon looked depressingly sad. Shinya and Pry continued walking while the family stared at the two of them and Shinya's sword. Shinya noticing this took his sword and tucked it into his trench, keeping it out of sight. They had cleared the family and they continued on their peaceful walk until they heard something in the bushes ahead. Shinya stopped and held his arm out stopping Pry from walking any further. He scanned the area, this time with his eyes open. Pry could notice his whole eyes turning white. Shinya closed his eyes and opened them back up this time being back to the previous color.

"There's a phantom ahead of us" said Shinya cautiously quietly.
"O really now, sounds like practice to me" said Pry with a smile.

Shinya raised his arm and flicked his wrist sending the bushes blocking the beast from site flying every-which-way. The empty space reveiled the creature hunched over a body. The creature had the body of a man besides the blood all over his face, apparent black colored skin, reptilian wings forked on his back, and the clawed feet and hands.

The creature gave out a great screech before spreading its wings and jumping into the air flying towards them with fierce speed. Shinya moved his hand in the direction of a log on the ground and flicked his wrist in the direction of the phantom sending the log into the beast causing it to drop to the ground. Pry stepped forward moving his hands in a circular motion causing fire to build up in them until he released his hands to let the fire ball get bigger. By this time the creature had got back on its feet. Pry looked at the creature and sent the fire ball whirling towards the phantom, hitting it in the stomach causing its skin to scorch and melt. The creature now bleeding began screaming and began running towards them only to fall a few feet before them dying. Shinya walked over to the body and with his mind, ripped the body apart sending the parts in opposite directions.

They walked over to the now fly-infested corpse the phantom was feasting on. It was completely torn into shreds, from what could be gathered it appeared to be an old man, late fifties-early sixties.

"What do we do with the body?" asked Pry.
"Burn it, there's not enough here to bury" said Shinya.

Pry looked at the corpse and flames began to shoot up from the body parts. Within seconds the body was completely burned, leaving nothing but ashes.

"The wind will take care of the rest, lets head back home" said Shinya.
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