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Chapter 1: When the lights are dim and your heart is racing....

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"That's the stupidest thing you've ever said since we've been together," Delia said, in a rather harsh tone. "Well, don't worry I'll be out of the Fucking apartment by tomorrow," Brendon said.

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A/N- () is Delia (Dealya) thinking.

Chapter 1: When the lights are dim and your heart is racing....

Crash, Clash

"Are You Trying To Fucking Kill Me?!" Brendon ducked as a lamp whizzed right passed this head, slamming into the wall.
"That's the stupidest thing you've ever said since we've been together," Delia said, in a rather harsh tone.
"Well, don't worry I'll be out of the Fucking apartment by tomorrow," Brendon said. "I thought you'd be more fucking reasonable then you're been right now, your being so..." Brendon turned and walked back into his room.
"So what?!" Delia screamed.

(I'm in absolutely no mood for this Brendon.)

She came in the room, after him.
"So, Typically, YOU!" Brendon Yelled.

(I'm surprised the neighbors aren't calling the cops on how loud we were yelling, I mean it is after 8:30 and I know Mrs. Kurvites goes to bed then, old people.)

"So, me, Brendon, so me, you never had a problem with me before!" Delia said
Brendon shoved, just about, all his clothes in his suitcase without, didn't even bother to, fold them.

"You're over reacting," Brendon mumbled, under his breath.
"Brendon, you're breaking up with me because you're going on tour," Delia put her hands on her hips.
"Del, (pronounced as Deal) what would happen if something happen on tour and you found out I can't give you that heart ache," Brendon turned to Delia with a bit of sadness in his eyes and a pinch of reject.
"Now, you care about my heart, I thought all you cared about was getting me into bed, I mean you finally did that, and now you break up with me, how's that to handle?" Delia said. "I fucking Hate You!" Delia screamed.
"I'm not so fond of you right now either," Brendon turned around again but this time he turned and Delia kiss.
Delia resisted but soon gave in.
The kiss was growing deeper there tongues wrestling inside each others mouths.
Without breaking there kiss Brendon pushed his suitcase off his bed. And they moved closer. Brendon and eased them both down onto bed still deep in there kiss.

(What the fuck am I DOING??!?!? )

Brendon stopped kissing as he began kissing her neck pulling her tee-shirt off slowly. Delia soon caught on and slide off Brendon's jeans. Brendon's lights were dim, needing a light bulb change. Jeans, T- shirts, boxers, underwear, hit the floor. Brendon pecked kisses down to her belly button, then back up to her mouth. His tongue slightly brushed over her lower lip, making it quiver. There lips interlocked again. Delia grabbed a hold of the headboard firmly and twisted her other hand up in Brendon sheets...


Brendon turned over on his side and popped his head up in a tired gaze.



"I'M COMING!" Brendon yelled at the phone. He moved his feet to the ground then sat up, he rubbed his eye and grabbed his glasses off the nightstand. He staggered to the phone an picked it up flipping through the numbers that had called the night before and he finally got to today

Ross, Ryan called at 7:10 am.

He punched in the numbers to Ryan's cell.

"Hello," Ryan said.
"Hey, umm I'll be over in a bit, I still need to finish packing, and I need to get a shower I'll be over at er- 7:45, okay?" Brendon said.
"Okay, take your time, we don't need to be on the bus till 8:30," Ryan reassured.
"Fine I'll be over at 8 then," Brendon began staring at his feet.
"How did Delia take it?" Ryan said.
Brendon thought over the events of the night then said, "Not so good, I'll tell you about it later I'm gonna go take a shower, see ya later."
Brendon hung up the phone and sighed. He glanced over the apartment, and thought back to all the good times him and Delia had there, all the movies they watched there, all the pillow fights then he thought back to last night, as he scoped over the broken glass on the floor. He turned back to his room and saw Delia there, sleeping peacefully. He took out new clothes and set them on the vanity in the bathroom. He turned on the hot water in the shower and then steadily turned on the cold water.

He tested it, and then hopped in. He stood there for a second letting the warm water drip all over him. He shook the thoughts out of his head until he got out of the shower, when saw all Delia's and his things all over the vanity. Her hair drier, his shaving cream, her Advil, his razor, and their make-up.

He began to shave his face as he noticed a single, warm tear drizzling down his cheek; he quickly wiped it away as he finished up. He quickly changed into his new clothes and stepped back into his room, he grabbed his suitcase. He began to shove all his clothes into it. Then, he took his second suitcase and went all over the apartment looking for things of his, including in the bathroom.

Then, he walked back into his room. He lightly picked Delia up with the blankets wrapped around her; he carried her bridal style into her room where she quickly adapted to the new bed squirming for a minute. He set her alarm clock for 12:00(when she needed to when she needed to get ready for work).

He began out of the room, turned, took one more look then left the room. He grabbed his suitcase and turned the doorknob. He glanced back one more time and then closed the door.
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