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Chapter 2: This was a therapeutic chain of events...

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BEEP, BEEP, BEEP... "Ugh! I don't want to go to work," Delia rolled over on her side and opened her eyes. She sighed and lifted her head. She looked around, the room.

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Chapter 2: This was a therapeutic chain of events...



"Ugh! I don't want to go to work," Delia rolled over on her side and opened her eyes.
She sighed and lifted her head. She looked around, the room.

(Ugh, the pain. My lower back. Argh...)

"I need to get up," as she pushed her head into her pillow. She lifted her head again and reached out for her nightstand. She grabbed her phone and punched in Aiden's number.

"Hello," Delia said.

"Hey, what's shaking?" Aiden said.

"Ummm, tell Mr. Niffer, I'm going to be late today," Delia sat up on her bed.

"Okay, I'm getting Coffee, now. So, what kind do you want?" Aiden said, as she stepped into the coffee shop.

"I don't know, surprise," Delia attempted to get out of bed, but fell back.

"Okay, Babe. I'm gonna let you go then," Aiden said, standing in line for coffee.

"Ok, later," Delia hung up her phone and through it to the other side of her bed.

She slowly got out of bed and trudged herself to her bathroom and turned on the water.

She stood there for a second drifting in and out of sleep. She opened her eyes real wide and finished her shower.

She stepped into her room, her towel wrapped around her middle. She put on her clothes. She stepped into the bathroom.

"Screw it!" She said, trying to put her contacts in. She grabbed her glasses off the vanity and rushed out.
She had square framed black glasses and was wearing her usual black pantsuit. She opened her fridge and pulled out a banana. She quickly ate it and grabbed her keys off the coffee table. She glanced at her watch,

"12:59, yep, late again," Delia pushed the elevator buttons to go down... She hurried out and got into her silver Lexus. She turned on her air conditioning and turned up the radio.

"I chime in Haven't you people ever heard of closing a goddamn door?!"
She quickly turned off the radio and drove to work in silence.

She quickly got to her work, Alternative Press, a music based magazine.

She strolled into her cubical and started her Pc. Aiden came walking in after her; handing her coffee to her, and sitting on the side of her desk.

"Thanks," she sighed and sipped her coffee.

"No problem, guess what?" Aiden smiled.

"I don't know tell me," Delia started typing in her password.

"I got to pick assignments today," Aiden continued smiling.

Delia kept typing, going to her email, "Bitch, I never get to pick. For how long I've been here and I haven't got to pick once and you've picked, what is this your third time? I told you he liked you more than me."

"Yeah, but you work great any way, you always get the big interviews. Plus, I picked an easy one for you," Aiden said.

Delia opened her email, "You have 1 new email"

She clicked on it and read

"Today's assignment, dude this is sooo like easy for you Interview Panic! At the disco. I mean you could probably just o home and interview Brendon or have Brendon call Ryan o r something Yeah so easy right yeah I know I rock! Aiden"

Delia swiveled her chair around, "I can't do this."

"Why not?" Aiden looked at her funny.

"Just well, because," Delia turned back around.

"W-H-Y?" Aiden asked.

"Well, because Brendon and I kinda broke up," Delia exited out of her e-mail.

"Oh, I'm sorry. You could try to switch with someone. I'm so sorry, Dee," Aiden hopped down from the desk and began to walk out.

"It's not your fault. It's okay I'll do the interview, how awkward could it be?" Delia grabbed her purse and grabbed her cell phone.

"If you want to," Aiden then walked out.

She then punched in Ryan's cell #.

Ring, Ring

"Hello," Ryan answered.

"Hey," Delia replied.

"Oh, hey. What's up?" Ryan looked around the room glancing at Brendon who was fiddling with his sidekick and Spencer and Jon playing come racing game.

"Ha, I beat you bitch," Spencer yelled.

"Interview," Delia said.

"Oh, well, phone or do you want meet somewhere?" Ryan asked.

"Doesn't matter," Delia said.

She asked him all the questions needed to know about there tour and such.

"Okay, well thanks a lot Ryan," Delia said.

"No problem. So what have you been up to?" Ryan asked.

"Nothing much really. Not aft... Never mind I have to go write this paper," Delia said.

"Cool, well you know your still welcome at the venue anytime when were here," Ryan said.

"Thanks, Ry. I gotta go bye," Delia hung up.

( I still have no hard feeling towards Ryan. I shouldn't I mean he didn't break my heat. I can still be friend with him, or would that be awkward. It wouldn't matter any way I've know Ryan way longer than I've known Brendon. We've been friends for like ever, maybe I will go to the venue tonight just to spite Brendon. What about the awkwardness? Maybe I won't.)

Soon, after she started typing her paper , Aiden came strolling in.
" Now was that so bad?" Aiden smorked.

"Terrible," Delia smiled.

"Shut up. So do you wanna go out tonight?" Aiden asked.

"Where?" Delia looked up.

"Cherry," Aiden said.

"Oh," Delia said

(Last time I was there I was with -. )

"Ok I'll go," Delia said.

"I'll be at your place at hhhmmm 8:45," Aiden walked out.

Delia continued typing her paper.
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