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Chapter 3: I'm wrecking this evening already and loving every minute of it

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"Cool. Were here," Aiden said as they pulled into the parking lot. They both got out of the car and walked up the club, pulling out there fake ID.

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Chapter 3: I'm wrecking this evening already and loving every minute of it

"Who was that?" Brendon looked up from his sidekick.
"Just an interviewer for one of those teenie bopper magazines," Ryan said.
"Oh, you actually answered there questions?" Spencer looked up from his game, which he was still racing Jon.
"Yeah, well they wouldn't stop calling me," Ryan said.
"Oh," Brendon said.
"Panic! To sound check. Panic! At sound check," the intercom said.
They all stood up and headed out, Spencer pushing pause on they're game.

"I don't know if I'm ready to go out already," Delia said.
"Come on," Aiden gave her the puppy dog look.
"Fine," Delia grabbed her purse.
"Let's go, your driving right?" Aiden opened the door.
"Yeah, I'm not riding in the piece of junk you call a car," Delia walked out the door.
"Okay," Aiden closed the apartment door, and Delia locked the door.
They went down to Delia's car and hopped in. They started off on the road.
"Wanna listen to a cd?" Aiden asked.
"Sure," Delia said.
Aiden began to shift through Delia's cds.
Aiden popped one in, "Cute is What we aim for."
"Okay," Delia said.
"So, you have that extra room still?" Aiden asked.
"Ha, now I have 2 extra rooms, "Delia laughed.
"Well, I'm trying to sell my apartment because well its 2 rooms and no one lives there accept me. So I was thinking that maybe I can't move in with you," Aiden asked.
"That would be good," Delia said.
"Really?" Aiden said.
"Sure, I mean I hate living alone," Delia said.
"Cool. Were here," Aiden said as they pulled into the parking lot.
They both got out of the car and walked up the club, pulling out there fake ID.
Soon after they showed the guard there 'IDs' they walked into the club.
Aiden walked right up to the bar and said, "Shirley Temple, please, and A water."
The bar tender soon came back with her drink and Delia's water.

"There," Aiden handed Delia her water.
"Tell me again why you don't drink?" Aiden asked.
"Because alcohol makes the best people turn into complete fools," Delia said.
"You use to drink a lot," Aiden turned scoping the room.
"Well so what?" Delia said.
"De, here just have a sip of this," Aiden handed her the Shirley Temple.
Delia look at it for a second then took a small sip and then handed it back to Aiden.
"Too sweet," Delia puckered her mouth.
"Its better then some of the hard shit you use to drink," Aiden raised her eyebrow and sipped her drink.
"That was then, plus I'm driving, you're staying at my apartment tonight unless you get a ride from someone else, because you're not driving home," Delia gulped down her water bottle.
"Whatever," Aiden began to scoop again.
She soon was asked by a guy to go dance with her.
Delia just stood there for a while just standing there, looking at all the people dancing and getting drunk.
"Hey," a guy came up to her. "Hello," Delia glanced at him but then returned her glance to the dance floor.
"Do you want to," The guy asked. "Not really," she said. "Oh why is that?" he said. "Because one I don't like you already two I saw you dancing with some other chick out there and you're a horrible dancer and last your fly's down," She said. "Oh," the guy turned red and quickly zipped it up.
Then, the guy walked away. Delia rolled her eyes at him and continued scooping. It was about 11:37 when another guy approached Delia.
"Hey sweetheart," he said. At first Delia just blinked at him. "First, of all no one calls me sweetheart," she said.

("I love you sweetheart," "Bren, love you too")

"Okay, vision of heaven," He smiled. "Ok girls with asses like mine, don't date guys with faces like yours," she said.

A/N- Sorry quoting 'She's the man'

Then, Delia walked away this time, looking for Aiden. She found her on a couch with a guy.

"Aiden," Delia said.

"What, De?" Aiden said muffled still kissing the guy.

"Time to go," Delia said.

"Why?" Aiden lifted her head.

"Because I'm tired, "Delia replied.

"Stop being such a party pooper," Aiden started kissing him again.

"No, Now!" Delia pulled Aiden off of the guy. The guy just looked at another girl and started making out with her.

"Why did you do that?" Aiden said as they were walking to the car.

"First, of all I've been standing there all night, second I'm not in the mood for some ugly guy to come hit on me, and last I don't feel good the smell of alcohol makes me nauseous," Delia said opening her car door.

"Well excuse me, for being young and living it to the fullest," Aiden sat in the car.

Delia put her keys in the ignition and pulled out, they drove in silence as Aiden pouted.

" Plus, we have work tomorrow and your gonna be hung over as hell as it is," Delia said.

"I know, thanks," Aiden stopped pouting.

"When are you moving in?" Delia said.

"Er- well I was hoping like tomorrow," Aiden smirked.

"Okay, your apartments on the market already right?" Delia said.

"Yeah," Aiden looked at her.
"Then I have no problem with it, just as long as I'm not always your designated driver," Delia laughed.

"Of course," Aiden smiled.
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