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Chapter 4:and the stomach acid finds a new way to make you get sick.

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You have a doctor's appointment this morning, Del, GET UP!" Aiden screamed in Delia's ear. "Oh, I don't want to go I hate the doctors. You have to go, if I don't recall you said your insides were...

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Chapter 4:and the stomach acid finds a new way to make you get sick.

August- 2 months from where we left off.

"How's everybody tonight?" Brendon said into the microphone.
Scream ran through the stadium.
"Good, You Guys Fucking Rock, This is Our Last Song," Brendon said.
"Yeah, It's Build God, Then we'll talk," Brendon smiled as so many young girl screamed over him.
Brendon started singing and the song was soon over.
They all ran back stage.
"That was quite a show," Ryan said.
"Where are we going tomorrow?" Brendon asked.
"Hmmm I don't know, I think some where in New York," Spencer replied.
"Oh," Brendon said sitting down on the couch.
"Who are you always writing to, Ry?" Spencer asked.
"Come here," Ryan said.
"Oh you don't want me to know?" Brendon smirked.
Spencer looked at the letter. "Ohhhh," Spencer said.
It was silent for a minute until Brendon attacked Ryan tickling him to the ground grabbing the letter.
Brendon stopped smiling and backed off Ryan.
"You're still writing to Delia?" Brendon said.
"Yeah, she was my friend before Pete even introduced you to her. Why can't I keep in touch with an old friend?" Ryan spat at him.
"I have no problem with it," Brendon sat back down.
Ryan knew he did but just didn't want to admit it.
The band went to go sign autographs and came back.
"That's so weird having to sign autographs now," Jon said.
"You'll get use to it," Spencer smirked and said.
"I'm going to bed talk to you guys later," Brendon turned and walked into the bus into the bunks.
Ryan sat back down a finished writing his letter.
Spencer sat on the couch watching the late show and Jon went to bed also.
An Hour later Spencer went to bed leaving Ryan writing his letter.

"You have a doctor's appointment this morning, Del, GET UP!" Aiden screamed in Delia's ear.
"Oh, I don't want to go I hate the doctors. You have to go, if I don't recall you said your insides were dying inside and you felt like you were going t o die, "Aiden tried rolling her over. "I feel better now," Delia said grabbing her pillow and pushing to her head.
"Come on, "Aiden pulled all the blankets of the bed.
"Bitch!" Delia screamed.
"Yeah, I know. Now get up," Aiden said.
Delia slowly got up, "Okay."

(Hate being sick it sucks)

Delia went to the bathroom and turned on the shower.
She quickly ran over to the toilet and throw up.
She quickly got up and got into the shower.
She rubbed her eyes and ran her fingers through her wet hair.
"You have 10 minutes, so hurry up," Aiden said through the bathroom door.
She finished her shower and grabbed a blue towel from the cabinet and brushed her teeth.
"Hurry up, De" Aiden said.
"I am," Delia yelled back.
She began putting her make-up on and was finished in the bathroom.
She came out wrapped in her blue towel going to her room.
Delia put on a plain pair on jeans and a fitted orange t-shirt.
She tied her hair up in a pony tail and walked out into the living room.
"Ready," Delia grabbed a plastic bag just incase.
"Were taking your car," Aiden opened the door.
Delia walked out and Aiden locked it.
"Whatever," Delia took the stairs down to her car.
"Why are we taking the stairs?" Aiden sighed.
"Lazy," Delia smiled.
"Shut up," Aiden continued walking.
Delia then stopped and the room began to spin as she gripped tightly to the railing.
"Are you okay," Aiden said.
"Fine," Delia continued walking.
They got to Delia's car.
Delia sat in the passenger seat and Aiden sat in the driver's.

"What seems to be the problem?" Doctor James asked. "Well, just nauseas a lot and I don't even have a fever," Delia said.
"How long has this been going on," Doctor James checked her ears.
"Umm, about a week maybe, two," She answered.
"Hmm well we can run some tests, but there seems to be nothing wrong," He said.

"So what's wrong?" Aiden asked as Delia stepped back into the waiting room.
"Nothing," Delia said. "I guess it was just something I ate."
"Really?" Aiden stood up, walking to there car.
"Yeah," Delia walked with her. "He said they could run some tests but there's nothing wrong."
"That's weird," Aiden hopped into the driver's seat.
"He said, it might have been something I ate," Delia said sitting down.
"When are your results going to be in, do I have to drive you down here," She pulled out of the parking lot.
"No, he said He'd call tomorrow," Delia said.
"That fast?" Aiden questioned.
"I guess so, I man It will probably be like 2 days or something who knows he might call," Delia answered.
"So was he cute?" Aiden grinned. "I don't know," Delia said. "Did he have a rock on his finger?" Aiden turned down into the gas station as someone came to pump the gas. "No, not that I could see," Delia laughed. "Hmmm, Interesting," Aiden scratched her chin. "Thank You," Aiden paid the man. Then they drove away. "You should ask the doctor out," Aiden said seriously. "No!" Delia said. "What was he ugly?" Aiden asked. "No," Delia said. "Then why not ask him out what's the worst he can say besides, I'm married or No," Aiden said. "Well, because I'm not ready to date," Delia said. "Oh my god," Aiden rolled her eyes pulling into the parking lot. " Get over it, hun," Aiden toke the keys from the ignition. " Fine, I'll ask him out, when he calls back," Delia stepped out of the car.

"Someone called for you," Aiden said trying to wake up Delia again. "Tell them I'll call them back," Delia rolled over. "Well, your results came back in early, didn't even take a day," Aiden said. "Fine," Delia toke the phone. Aiden backed out of the room grinning madly. Delia took the phone.
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