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Chapter 5:"Haven't you people ever heard of closing a goddamn door?"

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They both left in the same "Where are you staying," Ryan asked from the passenger seat. "You'll see," Brendon said.

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Chapter 5: "Haven't you people ever heard of closing a goddamn door?"

February- 5 months later.

"My mom only has room for 2 of us," Spencer said.
"I'll go stay somewhere else," Ryan offered. "You sure, Ry," Spencer said. "Of course," Ryan clarified.
"I'll stay somewhere else too?" Brendon offered. "Positive," he said.
They both left in the same "Where are you staying," Ryan asked from the passenger seat.
"You'll see," Brendon said.

Delia sat by herself on the couch, watching soap opera's, eating grapes.

(I'm so bored. I officially hate my boss. First, he never lets me pick the assignments then he says "Why don't you take your maternity leave?" he practically kicked me out. And the elevator is now broken so I have to use the stairs. This could not get any worse."

Delia changed the channel.

Knock, Knock, Knock

(Here I go try to get up,)

She struggled to get up for a minute then said, "Be right there," Delia said.

She got up them waddled to the door. She opened the door to see Brendon standing there next to Ryan who was looking down the hall, not paying any attention. She quickly slammed the door shut. Brendon's jaw dropped. Ryan looked back at the door and said, "Did she just slam the door in your face?" Ryan asked. Brendon nodded, still wide eyed.
Ryan knocked on the door, "Delia."

"What, Ryan?" Deli answered through the door. "Will you at least let me in for a second?" Ryan asked. "Stay here," Ryan told Brendon, who was obviously not going to move. Delia opened the door slightly a let him in.

At he sight of Delia bulging belly Ryan's jaw drop. "Don't look at me like that," Delia sat down on the couch again. "Sit," she said. Ryan sat on the other end of the couch. "You're pregnant?" Ryan asked.

"You're very observant," Delia said sarcastically. "Who's the father?" Ryan eyes minimized down. "Ryan, from all those years, you've known me, have I been known to sleep around?" Delia asked him. "No, I guess not, but it still doesn't answer my question, Del," Ryan said. "Who do you think?" Delia gave him an evil look. "I don't know, I... OHHHHHHHH," Ryan said. "Why didn't you tell him?" Ryan asked. "Because, "Delia said.
"Because what? A guy deserves to know when he got a girl fucking pregnant!" Ryan yelled.

"Why are you here, Ryan, to tell me, that I made a mistake. Ryan I didn't know how he would act, I didn't know anything, Ryan," Delia started to get a tear coming down her cheek. Ryan quickly wiped it away and gave her a hug.

"We need a place to stay," Ryan sat back down.
"You guys can stay," Delia wiped away the tears. "I only have one extra bed in there though," Delia said.

"I'll sleep on the couch," Ryan said.
"I'll go get Brendon," Ryan said. Ryan stood up and opened the door. Brendon was not out there.
"He's not here," Ryan said. He stepped out and stepped on something, Brendon's foot. "Oh, shit," Ryan said.
"What?" Delia said. Ryan dragged Brendon into Delia's apartment and picked him up and put him on her couch.

"I'll go get our stuff," Ryan said. Delia just glanced at Brendon. Then she walked away, into her room. Ryan came back with both his and Brendon's bags. He placed the bags in the extra room and opened Delia's door.
"So what's new with you?" He sat on the edge of her bed.
"Nothing, absolutely nothing. I never know what to do with myself anymore," Delia said.
"I thought you'd at least still be going to work while you were pregnant," Ryan said. "So did I? My boss didn't think so," Delia said.

"Thanks for letting us stay here, De," Ryan said. "No problem," Delia smiled.
"I'm going to go put Brendon in his new room," Ryan laughed, getting up.

"This shall be fun," Delia sighed.
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