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Chapter 6: Sugar, we're going down swinging

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"Ouch, my head hurt," Brendon said, sitting up in his bed. "We're going over Spence's tonight, Pete and Patrick are hanging out there tonight," Ryan said.

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Chapter 6: Sugar, we're going down swinging

That night Aiden got home from work. "Hey, Ryan."

"Aiden, Ryan and Brendon are gonna stay here for a while okay?" Delia asked. "Yeah, as long as you can handle it," Aiden whispered in her ear. Delia nodded. "Ouch, my head hurt," Brendon said, sitting up in his bed.

"We're going over Spence's tonight, Pete and Patrick are hanging out there tonight," Ryan said.

"Okay," Brendon stood up going out of the room. Aiden sat there and gave Brendon the death glare and Delia just sitting there reading a magazine. Brendon walked out the door with Ryan.

"Ha, that was some good times, there," Spencer said. They all were down in his basement. "So, where are you and Bren staying, Ry?"

"Delia's," Ryan said. "How's my cousin doing?" Pete asked. "Good, I guess," Ryan said. "I'll have to pay her a visit sometime," Pete said.

"She probably needs company," Ryan said. Spencer, noticed Brendon not saying a word in the corner and quickly changed the subject, and then Brendon got back into the conversation.

Brendon and Ryan came home at 1:00 in the morning that night (or morning what ever). Ryan made his bed on the couch, and Brendon went to the bed.

Brendon woke up early in the morning as did, Ryan and they both left to go to Spence's house for band practice.

Knock, Knock, Knock

(Who could it be now?) Delia got up, and walked to the door.

She opened the door, to see Pete standing there. "Hey, Pete," Delia smiled at the familiar face.

"Hey, Delia," Pete said. "Come in," Delia moved aside to let him in.

"Sit down, Delia offered. "So what's new with you, De?" Pete sat down. "Nothing really," Delia laughed.

"So, Ryan said you'd might like company. I haven't seen you in forever," Pete laughed.

"Yeah, I could use it," Delia's smile drifted away. "Okay, I want to know who got you pregnant, Del." Pete acted seriously.

""I can't tell you," Delia said.

"Do I know this person? Are they my friend?" Pete begged for clues.

"Yeah," Delia said... Pete began to think.

(Pete thinking> Hmm who do I know, Not Ryan, Patrick no, not Joe, hmmm Spence, no not him. Jon, no. She was dating Brendon, last time I knew they broke up, hmm who else.)

"Brendon?" Pete asked.

Delia just looked down at her feet, and then Pete calmly said, "I'm gonna go beat his ass."

Pete stormed out of Delia's apartment. Delia just sat there wide eyed, her jaw dropped.

Then she started laughing.

Pete came storming into Spencer's basement. Brendon was standing there by the microphone. Then, Pete punched Brendon right in the face, knocking him flat on the floor. Brendon gave a long girlish scream. Pete sat on top of him and began punching him. "You bastard," Pete yelled.

"What the hell is Pete doing?" Spencer yelled, getting out from behind the drums. Ryan started laughing, not knowing what to say or think he laughed.

"You got her pregnant, my little cousin. You fucker," Pete screamed still hitting Brendon.

Spencer and Patrick pealed Pete off of Brendon. Jon and Ryan helped Brendon up.

"What the fuck are you talking about Pete?" Spencer asked, holding Pete back from Brendon.

Pete turned out of the room, Patrick following him.

"What the fuck was that all about?" Jon asked.

"Oh it's a long story," Ryan said.
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