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Chapter One - Death of the Bridegrooms

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The Bridegrooms have been killed and Drucilla seeks a new bridesgroom who happens to be someone she had loved from her past... What had happened between them that split their love into two?

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Finding the Perfect Man

A/N: (laughs weakly) Hehehe... Don't kill me, this isn't what you think! I just had an idea of changing Dracula into a girl version, (so her name's Drucilla now) and that she tries to replace her bridegrooms (who are the brides' opposite versions) so umm yeah, lol. (oh and it also starts from the place where Van Helsing meets Anna and they manage to kill Marishka, except in this story, they kill all the bridegrooms). If you think this story is crazy, please just leave it and find a more exciting fanfic. If you think its good, please just bear with me. I still don't have a plot or anything except searching for the perfect bridegroom, lol. Well, I guess I'll let you read now!

Warning: If you are an Anna Valerious fan, or Van Helsing or any other, you should go away now because this story will probably be unpleasant for you!

Disclaimer: I wish I own it... But no! I don't!

Chapter One - Death of the Bridegrooms

/"NOOOO!" Drucilla screamed in agony as she felt their pain, their sorrow and grief as one by one, her precious bridegrooms, her servants, died trying to kill Anna Valerious and her new companion. She felt their last thoughts, filled with anger and fury. She got some hints as to who they were fighting. /The Valerious. The Newcomers.

"How dare they..." she hissed furiously and felt her icy heart burn like fire, melting the hollow feel.

Then she groaned irritably. "Now I shall have to find another new miserable peasant to replace my bridegrooms..." she muttered with annoyance.

She circled the tower several times until she spread into her demon form, flying towards the village, Vaseria.

I will kill that Valerious with my own hands. As for the newcomers, I shall kill them as well. Unless... she thought for a while, feeling the icy cold wind and the rain pouring down on her devil form.

But she didn't even feel a thing. Cold fury was boiling inside of her. She hungered for revenge; revenge for her once beautiful bridegrooms. And I collect my debts with blood... she thought with an evil, devilish smile.

Slowly she could see the little people of Vaseria. Luckily for Drucilla, the sun was down, so she was free to roam as she chose.

She gave out a hideous devil roar that made the peasants below her squeal with fear, running for their lives, slamming the doors of their houses. Nothing but food to me... she thought hungrily.

She saw a familiar view as the mortal, Valerious, come out of the Valerious Manor with two strange newcomers with her saber at hand.

Drucilla slowly unfolded her huge devilish wings and changed back into her human form, landing softly like a feather on the muddy ground.

Her long dark dress floated like a dark cloud and her dark, curly, long hair was held with a black ribbon, tightly so it didn't fall on her shoulder. She also wore a long high heeled boots that looked like it was made of leather, which looked somewhat similar to what Anna was wearing.

"You killed my bridegrooms. And you shall pay!" she hissed furiously. Her eyes glared at Anna, who was gripping her saber tightly.

The two newcomers, one short and one tall, were looking at her, with an almost surprised expression. Drucilla looked more closely at the tall newcomer and remembered who he was. The little one was backing away, holding a raggedy bag in he's hands.

"Ahh... Van Helsing, we meet again. Come to kill me?" she taunted with a fanged smile and flew up into the air, her devil form making a gust of wind towards the three mortals.

The tall newcomer, Van Helsing, looked confused at Drucilla's direction. But then he grabbed for his crossbow and started to shoot Drucilla, who moved out of the way and flew right at the princess. She screamed and fell, her saber, falling next to her.

The villagers of Vaseria screamed in terror, running around, screaming for their family to get into the house, and to run for their lives.

"Van Helsing!" the little newcomer shouted and threw the object with more arrows in them. Drucilla caught it before Van Helsing could grab for it and the vampire crushed it in her grip.

"You think this little thing could kill me? You are wrong!" Drucilla shouted and cackled. She thrust the squashed can of arrows into the well, which gave an echoing sound of the metal in return.

Drucilla then headed for Anna, who grabbed the saber beside her and slashed it at Drucilla.

Drucilla screamed in pain and grabbed her with her huge devilish claws. It sank into Anna's body and hands. She screamed as well but she grabbed a little knife out of her boots and slashed at Drucilla's claws.

Drucilla roared angrily and threw Anna on the ground. Anna screamed as she saw a long fall below her. She saw Van Helsing diving for her.

As Anna closed her eyes, she felt a soft impact as she fell on top of Van Helsing, he's pistols and crossbow falling of the ground.

Carl shouted and pointed into the air as Van Helsing and Anna saw the horrible vampire form coming their way.

They jumped immediately, Van Helsing grabbing he's pistols and Anna running for her Saber, which lay on the ground far from her. Anna winced and fell on the ground, her deep wound caused by Drucilla stopping from grabbing the sword.

Drucilla shrieked and pushed Anna with full force, deepening Anna's wounds, making her scream in agony.

"Anna!" Van Helsing thought as he kept running and shooting at Drucilla. Drucilla landed near Anna Valerious, who was crying in agony, though trying to get up and fight. Her hand was stretching for the stake on the ground.

"The last of the Valerious! Your blood shall make me beautiful, Anna!" Drucilla snarled as she grabbed Anna and pulled her face to face with the evil devil form, Anna's feet not touching the ground.

Quickly it changed back to her human face, who was smiling, her teeth slowly turning into fangs.

She leaned over Anna's neck, who struggled in Drucilla's iron grip, trying to grab at the knife below her feet. She heard Van Helsing shout and shoot at Drucilla's body but the vampire didn't care about the pain.

Her long ugly fangs sank deep into Anna's neck making Anna scream. Anna felt her blood, her life and soul, draining out of her, slowly making her body cold and lifeless.

She closed her eyes, unable to do anything, even reach for the stake on the ground so near her. Slowly she felt her life drained and then darkness surrounded her.


Drucilla drank all the blood out of the last Valerious, the princess that was troubling her plans for so long. Now she would not be distracted. She heard gasps and screams as she threw the lifeless corpse of Anna Valerious.

Nooooooo! Van Helsing thought as his mission, part of he's mission, died in the arms of a monster. But he could still do some good by killing this vampire, this devil woman who seems to know him.

"CARL I NEED MORE ARROWS!" Van Helsing shouted loudly, glancing with sadness at the Valerious, her lifeless beautiful form looking as if she was asleep, not dead.

He did the cross sign and thenshot furiously at the vampire, who glanced at Van Helsing with a satisfied look and grin.

"Do you want me to kill you, Mr. Van Helsing?" she hissed, her hands outstretched, feeling the blow of the gun. She let him shoot at her, until she heard the pleasing click of the gun.

"You can try!" Van Helsing spoke and backed away, shooting at the vampire, whose lips were covered still with Anna's blood, as if it was painted there with fresh red paint. Drucilla licked the blood off her lips, tasting the bitter -and sweet- revenge.

The little newcomer, called Carl, was throwing him holy water, pistols, arrows, stakes, anything he could find to stop the vampire from coming closer to Van Helsing. Van Helsing shot the last of all the pistols and the crossbows arrows and ran, holding a stake in he's hands.

"You can run, but you can't hide, Mr. Van Helsing!" she growled and laughed evilly, her laugh piercing through the air. She flew up into the air and quickly caught up with Van Helsing, who was backing away.

This time there was fear in he's eyes, something that hadn't been shown for years since hunting evil.

"Why aren't you killing me? What are you playing with me?" Van Helsing demanded as he heard the mocking laughter of Drucilla. He felt the unnatural grip of claws as Van Helsing was carried up into the air.

Van Helsing gripped he's stake hard and let it dig into Drucilla's wing. She hissed angrily but she held onto Van Helsing. He will make a perfect bridegroom! A strong servant who knows how to fight! She thought with a smile.

"I was testing you! And you pass!" she hissed and flew towards Castle Frankenstein, leaving Carl and the poor villagers.

Van Helsing did everything to be let go, kicking and thrashing, slashing at any weapon he had in he's hands. But then he gave up, letting Drucilla fly him towards Castle Frankenstein.

I will think of what to do after we get there... he thought.

Igor and her servants had waited for her return and when they saw her, they opened the door for her.

"Welcome back, Mistress!" he shouted as he looked with dislike at Van Helsing, who was glaring at the creature.

He was dragged up towards the top most of the castle and he was free at last from the vampire's firm grip when Drucilla threw him into a room.

Immediately he got up and started to run, slashing with he's stake, but Drucilla grabbed the stake out of Van Helsing's hand, clattering useless on the ground.

She closed into Van Helsing, smelling a sweet perfume coming out of the mortal, who she knew before becoming a vampire.

She could hear the drumming heartbeat of Van Helsing and see the juicy throbbing of the vein in he's neck.

"Don't you remember me... love?" she spoke, with a smile that looked more human then monster. Van Helsing backed away. Whoever this vampire was knew whohewas before he lost he's memory.

"No! Don't come near me, monster!" he shouted and pulled out a cross, blessed by the Pope himself. Drucilla hissed at the cross and slapped it out of Van Helsing's hand.

Drucilla was looking tired of this game she was playing.

Finish it. Make him your servant. Bend him to your will! Her thoughts screamed. Her eyes gleamed evilly as she closed in at Van Helsing, who was now cornered by a wall behind.

I will not die helpless! Even if this leads to my death! He thought and started to punch the vampire, only to have it easily caught in Drucilla's hand.

"You will be mine!" she whispered and felt her fangs grow long. She saw the fear in Van Helsing's eyes, making her heart skip excitedly. I shall enjoy this! she thought as she leaned Van Helsing down to the ground, who tried to kick the vampire, only to have it knocked off with the vampire's supernatural strength.

She bent Van Helsing to his knees easily, using her strength to hold him down. She could feel the anger burning in Van Helsing's eyes, making her love him even more. She then leaned towards Van Helsing's neck and sank her long fangs into his flesh.

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