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Chapter Two - Her New Bridegroom

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The Bridegrooms have been killed and Drucilla seeks a new bridesgroom who happens to be someone she had loved from her past... What had happened between them that split their love into two?

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Finding the Perfect Man

A/N: I know the story sounds kinda strange and weird but I am strange and weird. I hope I'm not boring you or anything, lol. Oh and as for Van Helsing being the left hand of God and the archangel, cross that. He's like a normal mortal:) As for Drucilla and Van Helsing flashbacks, I'll think about it! Hopefully I would have the crazy creativity I had yesterday! Well, read on and review please! Thanks!

Warning: If you are an Anna Valerious fan, or Van Helsing or any other, you should go away now because this story will probably be unpleasant for you!

Disclaimer: I don't own anything of Van Helsing! Actually I'm kind of glad that I don't own it cause that'll mean I'm destroying my own characters! lol

Chapter Two - Her New Bridegroom

Drucilla drank Van Helsing's blood, sweet and spicy, something she had never drank for more than years. She heard Van Helsing's scream echo through the room like a lullaby lulling her in a trance.

No! Van Helsing thought as slowly he was losing consciousness, fearing that he would slowly turn into a monster, monsters that he had hunted for years. He struggled with he's last strength, which was slowly being eaten away.

Drucilla felt the heartbeat slowing as she drank from him and she also felt the agony coursing through the Van Helsing.

Then, though she didn't want to, she let go and left Van Helsing on the ground, he's neck bleeding. The punctured wounds slowly seemed to heal, but Van Helsing didn't seem to notice.

He still screamed, collapsing onto the floor, he's eyes closed shut. He felt he's heart and body die, the life leaving him. He felt the pain as the life left him at last, leaving him with relaxation and hunger.

The old Van Helsing, the one who had saved so many lives from monsters, demons and evil, though unknown to public, died at last. There was no Van Helsing anymore.

Drucilla wiped the blood off her lips and licked them up and then watched the death of Van Helsing's body and soul before her eyes. He had seen this scene in her life before, where she had blooded her other early bridegrooms.

She waited for Van Helsing's death to stop and then after it did, she leaned forward, kissing her bridegroom gently on the cheek. Van Helsing groaned and then opened his eyes. He saw a beautiful woman in front of him, smiling at him. He felt hungry, and it was blood he hungered for.

"Hungry my love?" she cooed softly, Drucilla's loving evil eyes watched Van Helsing as he got up and nodded, his human grin turning into a fanged vampire grin.

"Then let us go and feed!" she spoke triumphantly and changed into her devilish vampire form. Van Helsing looked at her with surprise and he tried to turn into one like her but couldn't... not yet.

"I shall teach you how to feed, how to fly and how to be a magnificent creature like me!" Drucilla spoke happily and gently held Van Helsing in her claws, crashing through the window in front of her. Pieces of glass shot out but she didn't bother and the wound healed immediately. Even Van Helsing's wound healed fast.

"Let us go to the village, where your little friend awaits you!" she hissed as they quickly landed a little afar from Vaseria. She let Van Helsing land softly on the ground and Drucilla looked about with her night-resistant eyes. She could feel the soft thumping of the mortals, her food, scurrying about homes.

"Find your friend, Van Helsing. Feed on him!" she hissed. Van Helsing nodded and smiled and vanished with supernatural speed.

Drucilla smiled and walked a little closer into the village. There was a boy no older then 13 years old was standing there, holding a basket full of food in he's arms.

She grabbed him from the back and before he could scream, she thrust her fangs into the boy's neck, quickly drinking up the boy, along with the scream that was faltering and quieting into a small, weak croak.

After having her feed, her eyes and ears searched for Van Helsing. She felt her bridegroom's heartbeat inside a house, where a mortal's heart thumped hard like a sledgehammer.

Good my lovely Van Helsing! She thought. She then followed Van Helsing and waited outside until she heard a faint scream and felt the mortal die.

Van Helsing came out, he's lips bloodied a bit with Carl's blood. Quickly he's fangs and the monstrous look vanished from he's face. He's clothes made him look even more monstrous.

"Come now, Van Helsing, I will teach you how to fly!" Drucilla hissed and took Van Helsing's hand. And then they flew into the night.

A/N: Ok so that's it! Hope you guys liked it! (That is, if anyone one is reading this crazy story! lol) I know it's a short chapter but I'll be writing a longer one for Chapter Three! R&R!
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