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Chapter Three - The Life of a Vampire

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The Bridegrooms have been killed and Drucilla seeks a new bridesgroom who happens to be someone she had loved from her past... What had happened between them that split their love into two?

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Finding the Perfect Man

A/N: Thank you for the reviews! Umm for this chapter, Van Helsing learns how to FLY! And umm among other things! (for example, Drucilla's flashback when she was a mortal; also when she meets Van Helsing.) lol So enjoy and please don't stop reading! Read and review! ;)

Warning: If you are an Anna Valerious fan, or Van Helsing or any other, you should go away now because this story will probably be unpleasant for you!

Disclaimer: Van Helsing I LOVE YOU! Umm ok, just wanted to say that because I'm jealous I don't actually own the movie... (whimpers)

Chapter Three - The Life of a Vampire

Drucilla led Van Helsing to an open area of grass and trees. A huge pond was in front of them. The moonlight above showed its moonlight onto Van Helsing's pale face. Drucilla smiled at Van Helsing and let go of Van Helsing's sturdy hands.

"My love, you must learn how to fly!" Drucilla spoke, her cold and pale hands touching Van Helsing's face softly. Van Helsing looked a little confused, he glanced at his mentor for some advice but only a smile answered back. He concentrated hard, his eyes closing. He tried to shut off the beating of hearts near him but couldn't.

He opened his and desperately sought for guidance. Drucilla sighed and grinned. "You must concentrate hard, my love, as if you're a bird. A bird trying to soar through the air!" she spoke and laughed, spreading out her arms like the cross. Quickly her devilish body came in form. Her long bat wings spread graciously and her whole body turned white. Her arms and legs looked more attached to each other and her face, though devilish, still somehow resembled the face of the human face of Drucilla.

She flew up into the air, sending gusts of wind at Van Helsing and the area around her. The pond blew huge ripples on the water and the trees blew sideways, away from Drucilla's batwings.

"See, my darling, see!" Drucilla spoke, her inhuman voice sounded deep and not like her female voice at all.

Van Helsing nodded and concentrated. He had to learn to fly. If not, his master would dump him possibly for another. /His master/, it had a nice ring to him.

He thought of a bird taking flight, flying through the air, the air and wind sliced by the wing, the resistance only going to the bird's body. Slowly he felt himself float, like a cloud in the sky, and he saw that he was a similar vampire resembling his master.

Shooting up into the air with excitement, Van Helsing shot up and down, touching the pond in mid air, and felt the small resistance of the wind on he's face, making his face cool.

Drucilla watched her bridegroom flying up and down freely through the air. She smiled as she felt an unfamiliar warm love for this particular bridegroom. After all, she knew this bridegroom when she was still a mortal, when the two were still mortals. She felt herself floating into her own memories...

Flashback (Drucilla's POV in her past):

I walked through the busy crowd in the Market, people trying to push through. Mothers held babies in their arms, and men walked about shouting, yelling for an item or trying to sell one.

A relief to be back home... I thought with a smile as I aimed for myr house far from the market. Though my father asked for me to ride a carriage, I disliked riding anything anymore, except horses, which were the second best things in her life. Only when I'm tired of walking or when I'm at home do I do this, just to show that I am still a lady.

I liked walking bette though. Peasants walked through the market, gently shouting "Hello milady!" at my direction. I ignored most of the cries, except ones that I actually knew, who I waved back.

It's been almost two years since I had come back home to Transylvania, Vaseria. My mother would probably be really proud of me. I had found, at last, a nice gentleman of my dreams, someone who I actually liked. Fortunately, the gentleman liked me back!

He bought me loads of rich gifts, some including diamond necklaces and jewels, rare books of all sizes and dresses that made me look good. My father was so happy at this information and my mother-in-law loved me at first sight when my love first brang me to their home.

At last, tired from walking all the way up the hill, I thought I'd buy a horse, a stallion which I would ride on, love and care for almost everyday. I picked out and bought a stallion from a worn out farm, who now probably loves me now because of the money I gave the poor family.

I had picked out a lovely white and beautiful stallion from all the other stallions. I decided to call her stallion Turquoise because it reminded me of the beautiful sea I had crossed while coming home.

The Adriatic Sea... What a beauty it had been... I thought delightfully as I stroked my stallion lovingly and carefully crossed through the roads towards the huge house up on the hill.

There, servants awaited me to bring me inside my home. The other servants also brang in Turquoise inside, though not exactly in the actual house.

"Thank you, John," I spoke and gave one of the servants a warm smile, who smiled back and responded, "No, the thanks is all mine, milady Valerious!" I smiled even more brightly and went into the house, walking elegantly up the stairs, my beautiful dress following me up behind my steps.

"Father, I'm home!" I shouted. At last! I thought, laughing to myself silently. I walked through the door the servants opened for me. Inside, the similar chandelier sparkled up above my head, the huge stairs in front of me stretching out to me to climb it. The floor was marble and beautiful beneath me.

"Drucilla!" I heard my father call as I was embraced with a warm hug from my father. He was fashionably dressed. I knew he liked the outfit of the Gypsy King. I had never hated him for being the Gypsy king. After all, if my dearest father had passed away, I would be the next gypsy princess in line, along with the other generations to come.

"My Drucilla! How have you been? You have grown my darling! I have received the wonderful news of the marriage! When will your fiancé be coming?" my father asked, a look of pure happiness for me. I smiled happily and answered, "He will be coming today, if the ship does not delay!" My father nodded. "Good, good!"

I walked further into my home. The designs on some of the furniture that lay around were familiar to me, mostly from my childhood memories. Some new objects lay with the old ones.

My father escorted me towards the living room where a hearth was on the wall and two very comfortable looking sofas were placed on the ground.

"Sit, sit!" my father spoke softly to me as I sat on the other side of the sofa. It was soft and comfy, making myself relax.

"So what have you done these past few years while you were away?" my father asked after I had settled myself into sitting in the sofa comfortably in a ladylike gesture.

I told him everything I had done since I was away, the part where I had come to a new land and seen strange and fascinating fashion of all kinds, of how I had gone to all sorts of museums and shops and how I had finally met my true love. My father was filled with happiness for me. He listened intently and asked few questions. When I was at last finished, I had asked him about what he was doing while I was gone.

He explained to me that he was signing and writing on paper everyday about the Holy Order, which remained a secret to the outside world. But of course I was his daughter; he couldn't have me not know. And he also told me that he had meetings with the members of the holy order and a faithful soldier for the Holy Order worked for him with brilliance.

"Who is this man, father?" I asked and my father smiled. "You will see him when we have our party, to celebrate your engagement with your fiancé!" he spoke. I gasped in surprise! A party! I loved parties! And especially a party dedicated to me and my love!

"Oh thank you so much father!" I shouted and hugged him softly and I heard my father laugh softly. "Now, Drucilla, my blossom, you must get yourself dressed. We will be having the party inside the hall of our house tonight! Katherine will help you find the right dress!" my father announced and softly kissed me on the cheek. I smiled and let go of the hug. "Thank you father! I love you!" I spoke and woke up, carefully walking the steps towards my old room. My father followed me up till the stairs and nodded. "Your welcome my darling!"

I entered my old room, where I remembered clearly the times when I was happy, when I was sad and all the old feelings of my life. The room was almost just as I had left it, except the bed, which was neatly folded and ironed so I could come in at any minute. The walls around me were covered with the familiar yellow flower patterns that decorated my room, the delicate bed I had slept in lay untouched, though it seemed as if I might have come back and slept in it any minute. The pillows on the bed were arranged beautifully. A flower vase stood on my powdering table, where my jewelries, perfumes and make up lay inside quietly. The small stool below it stood like it was going to come alive. The wide and huge window near my bed was open; the long delicate brown curtains didn't hide the beautiful sunlight rays that reflected all around the room. Clearly this place had been taken good care of.

"Home sweet home!" I whispered to myself and heard soft footsteps behind me. It was somewhat familiar, that footsteps, as I turned my head to see who it was. "Miss Valerious!" a harmonious voice spoke with joy as I saw my friend and maid, Katherine, stand in the hallway, holding clean fresh sheets for the beds in the other rooms. She was a beautiful creature, with auburn brown hair that was tied up with a long red ribbon. Her green eyes shined like the fresh growing leaves of a tree and her long and slim form made me think of the beautiful dolls I was given when I was a child. The girl was also quite tall, although I was taller than her. She wore on the uniforms the maids of the house wore, a blackish-grayish maids' dress that fit her perfectly. She also wore another of the uniforms of the maids, which seemed to hide her usual red ribbon tying her stunning hair.

"Oh Kathy!" I shouted and ran for her, smiling happily at this small reunion. Katherine, also Kathy whom I usually call her, was my friend who always gave me advice whenever I needed it. She also helped me with little things I had never really had done and she was always a loyal and faithful maiden of the Valerious family.

I shook Kathy's hands softly, feeling the warmness of it. I loved the way her fingers curled gently around mine. Even if she was my friend, she still thought of herself as the maiden of this house and cares for the safety of me! I hugged her softly and she hugged me back. She was smiling at this small but wonderful reunion as well.

"Oh Miss Valerious, It is wonderful to see you! When have you come back?" she asked after releasing away from our hug. Her bright face smiled gently like an angel's, making my heart skip.

"A little far from now! Oh and Kathy, I have always asked for you to use my first name, Drucilla! After all I am calling you Kathy!" I answered.

"At least once more, Miss Valerious!" (A/N: I had to put that in! If you have seen Pirates of the Caribbean, you'll know that Will Turner (I love you!) had said this to Elizabeth!)

I scowled and sighed, then smiled. "Kathy, I'm going to go to a party so will you have the honor to pick the right dress for me?" I asked and Kathy's face lit up. "Of course Miss Valerious... I mean Drucilla!" she spoke and stepped into the room. She put the white sheets down somewhere and closed the door of my room.

"What color would you like it to be, Drucilla?" she asked politely with a bright smile on her stunning face. I grinned and thought about it for a moment. "Hmmm... Maybe... purple?" I spoke and laughed softly. Kathy was opening the wardrobe and searching through my dresses, finding any purple dresses. Her smiled turned into a worried frown, which made me give her a questioning look. Kathy looked at me and spoke, "Drucilla, there is no purple dress you wished for! Maybe we can have a visit to the shops and find you one?"

I nodded understanding the frown on her face. She quickly gets worried about anything!

"Alright! Let us go then!" I spoke and opened the door of my room. I let myself through the door, Kathy following me. "Lola!" I shouted and another maid in the same outfit of Kathy came out, smiling at me below the stairs as Kathy and I started to walk down from it. "Sorry, Lola, but would you get a carriage ready for me? I must go and find a dress for my party!" I addressed and Lola nodded. Her bright yellow hair with her curls seemed to move gently on her shoulder.

"Of course Miss Valerious!" she spoke and quickly ran, speaking to the other people of the house.

Before long, a carriage was waiting for us outside. "Come on, Kathy!" I spoke but she seemed to hesitate. "But Drucilla-" she started to speak but I laughed and softly caught her hand, pulling her to the carriage as I heard her laugh as well. I rode on the carriage and Kathy rode beside me. With that, the carriage moved and I could hear the sound of horse hooves. Kathy seemed to be fascinated with all the things inside the carriage. She touched the little curtains softly and poked her head out from the window a few times. It was really good to see that she was enjoying this trip to the dressing shop.

After a few minutes, we heard the sound of hooves stop and someone opened the carriage door for me. "Thank you, Farell," I thanked the driver of the carriage who smiled warmly at me and Kathy got out as well. I saw her give a warm and shy smile at Farell. When we got into the room, I was asking her questions about Farell.

"Do you like him, Kathy?" I asked loads of times and she at first didn't respond. But then she thought this might have been a rude gesture and nodded quickly, her face burning red. "That's excellent! Farell is a good gentleman!" I spoke, encouraging her.

I was so into the love relationship between Farell and my friend Kathy that I didn't know the shop keeper was waiting for me.

At last, I looked up at the shop keeper, who smiled politely. He was eyeing Kathy for a moment but he's face came right back to my direction.

"How may I help you, madam?" he asked, both he's hands touching the table in front of him. I spoke to him of a purple dress that will fit me and he immediately got to work. He got out loads of dresses the same size for me and asked me which one I desired. I chose the one with a silky texture and also bought a gorgeous purple mask so I could hide my face just in case. Kathy was suggesting I should buy matching purple gloves for my dress and I agreed.

The shop keeper looked satisfied with the whole load of money he got after I bought these three things, wrapped neatly so I could open them later. I got out of the shop, hearing the little bell chime on the top of the door as Kathy and I got into the carriage. I saw, yet again, Kathy blush again in front of Farell as he closed the door to the carriage.

"We must be heading home now," I spoke with a smile, happy for Kathy that she had someone she liked.

I set the dress and my other set beside me and opened the curtains. I looked out of the window, seeing the people, many aristocrats, walk towards their desired shop. Then my eyes caught a handsome gentleman walking up to a weaponry shop. (A/N: Umm I was gonna say smith shop, the ones that make swords, but I forgot how to call it, lol. Sorry!) To my surprise, our eyes met and I smiled politely at the man, who smiled back as I withdrew my gaze from him.

Ohhh he is cute! I thought and smiled silently as Kathy dreamily looked out the window. What am I talking about? I already have a fiancé! I thought to myself.

But still the thought of that handsome gentleman didn't go away. I never would have thought that I would be meeting him again.

A/N: YES! It's a miracle! I actually wrote half of it! This was really hard to write, because Drucilla's flashback of how Transylvania was like! (I based it off a little on PotC, lol)! I didn't bore you, did I? Well I hope you liked it! I'll probably do something with the holy order, but umm, for this story, I'm not sure. I'm thinking of writing a sequel for it. But this story is kinda just to introduce the new bridegrooms in here and then make an actual plot in the next, lol) Before I forget, I'll continue Drucilla's flashback for you guys, since it's not finished! lol Please review!
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