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The Ballad of Captain Jack Sparrow

by RapunzelK 3 reviews

Since Jack seems to be something of a minor celebrity in his own time, it seemed only fitting that he have his own chanty in which to immortalize him and his many daring deeds. So I wrote one.

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The Legend of Jack Sparrow
(to the tune of "The Irish Rover")

There once was a man who was far more than tan
For he had him the mark of the sun
He would swagger and sway in a drunken sashay
Though of rum he had not swallowed one

He had sailed far away for a year and a day
On time that he shrewdly borrowed
From old Davy Jones for a ship broke by stones
To be captained by one Jack Sparrow

Climb aboard the beauty Black Pearl
Come and sail away
Climb aboard the beauty Black Pearl
Come and sail away

With a mumbling speech, strange shores did he breech
With only his pistol and sword
Both seldom he drew, and the rest never knew
That his weapon was mostly his word

Whole ports would he sack and he had a strange knack
Of looting without spilling marrow
Only gold coins and jewels of the land-dwelling fools
Did he fancy that old Jack Sparrow


It has often been said that he fought back the dead
Who suffered the heathen gods' curse
And though he was marooned, he just whistled a tune
And rode sea turtles home none the worse

The Black Pearl he regained, along with his name
As the title was so rudely borrowed
By his former first mate whom did terribly hate
The rechristened Captain Sparrow


The Old Dutchman said "I will see Sparrow dead!"
So the Krakken he called from the sea
Poor Jack was quite scared but his shoulders he squared
And the monster he faced gallantly

To the Locker he was sent but that's not where he went
For Jack had great plans for the morrow
A key, heart, and chest, and we all know the rest
Thanks to brave, noble Captain Sparrow


For nigh sixty years did he sail without fears
Of privateers, monsters, and King
Though he was growing old, he took plenty of gold
And sported a great diamond ring

But on one fateful night, Jack was killed in a fight
His crew overcome by sorrow
Stood him up at the wheel, with his pistol and steel
And bid farewell to Captain Sparrow

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