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But Now You Know I Want You Dead...

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Billy decides to call hilary over the phone but hilary wont pick up... he tells her he cant hurt her over the phone and if she doesnt pick up things will get worse but she doesnt listen.. someone b...

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But Now You Know I Want You Dead...

Hilary stood looking out the window of the Madden's and sighed thinking, "Joel..." She closed her eyes tears going down her cheeks, "I love you Joel..."

She jumped when the phone started ringing

She looked around, "Phone..." She called

No one answered

She sighed and looked at the phone, "Benji's asleep... and his mom is gone. I wont answer it." She thought looking back out the window

It continued to ring

"The answering machine will..."

The answering machine picked up

"Hello this is the Madden's, we are not here right now so please leave a message."

Hilary smiled relaxed as the machine beeped

"Hello... Hilary..."

Her eyes opened and she spun around looking at the machine, "Billy?"

"Pick up love. I can't hurt you over the phone."

Hilary stood staring at the phone shaking, "Billy... what do you want." She spoke softly

"Come on Hilary... answer or things will get a lot worse."

Hilary started to walk forward but stopped, "Go away!" She screamed and took off running

"Things could get worse by me killing your friend, Benji..." He continued like he didn't know she was gone

Hilary ran upstairs not hearing the warning and going into Benji's room

Benji jumped since he was asleep and he looked at her sitting up, "Hilary? What happened?" He asked

Hilary started crying and she leaned on the door, "Benji, he was on the phone. He is scaring me..." She said sobbing

Benji stood up and walked up to her, "You stay..." He stopped hearing the door open and close downstairs, "Hilary... stay here..." He said and started walking, "Get on my bed and keep the baseball bat handy." He said walking out

Hilary grabbed the bat and scrambled to the bed and covered her legs looking at the door

Benji started towards the steps. When he got to them he bent down slowly looking down the steps

From what he could see there was nothing

He looked behind him and started slowly down the steps being quiet and on the look out

His foot touched the floor and he stopped looking around and started slowly forward not making any sound. He went to the kitchen and opened the door and looked around inside keeping away from any attack from inside. He looked behind him and started in slowly looking around still.

Nothing yet

Benji got into the kitchen all the way


He started forward loosening up some and he got to the counters looking behind him and to the sides. He stopped and looked at the kitchen closet. He took a deep breath then opened the cabinet drawer and grabbed a knife. He looked at the door and started towards the closet. He slowly let his hand out in front of himself and grabbed the doorknob. He held the knife over his shoulder ready to strike anything that came at him. He started to turn the knob slowly breathing heavy

Slowly he opened the door

He got the door open a ways and waited


He started forward to look into the closet

Something fell on him from the closet

Benji screamed and shoved it to the side and he held the knife out ready to stab it. He smiled at humor and shook his head, "A broom..." He said and put the knife to his side

He turned to the closet and froze

Billy stood in the closet door his head down slightly and he looked up at him with his crazed eyes, "Hello Benjamin Levi Madden..." He said and started forward

Benji started backward

Benjamin Levi Madden, age 18, La Plata High School, Your grades Computer C+, Health B, Math A+, Physical Science C-, English A-, both study halls plus P.E. A+, and World History A+." He smiled walking towards him still

"How do you know that?" Benji asked

Billy's smile grew and he continued, "Same as your brother, for sports, Track, Football, Wrestling, Basketball, and Cross Country."

Benji held the knife out, "How do you know!" He screamed

Billy stopped not taking his eyes away, "You are in Swing Chorus with your brother, Play, DECA, and Year Book. All with your brother." He said and started forward again

Benji shook his head, "You are the fucking bastard that murdered my fucking brother. I hope you die and rot in hell." He screamed

Billy reached out and grabbed Benji's shirt and got close to his face, "Hell! You want me to rot in hell you little bitch! Hell is to good for me! I would take satins ass and rot him instead and take over that burning hell and make anyone there go through misery and pain! You think I should rot in hell now Benjamin!" He screamed in his face

Benji pulled away and ran out of the kitchen, "You insane fucker!" He screamed at the door when he turned to the kitchen

Billy smiled and started towards the door, "My father is satin! I will burn his little ass with my own two hands for his pain he caused me to feel! But I will take you down with me so Joel can meet you in hell and blame you for not being there! He blames you for it!"

Benji shook his head, "If he went anywhere it was heaven!" He yelled and turned and ran into a room

Billy walked out of the kitchen, "Benjamin, you will die before helping Hilary. Why try? If you go now I can... spare your life..." He said smiling at the door. He looked behind him and pulled out a long piece of rope

Benji blinked, "I wont go against Hilary!" He screamed

Billy smiled and went forward looking up, "That's a shame, but lets make a deal..." He smiled and pulled up a chair, "Ok lil boy?" He asked tying the middle of the rope to the ceiling fan

Benji looked down, "What is that?" He asked

"I will let you..." He started saying tying a loop on the end of one side of the rope, "And Hilary go if you two promise not to... turn me in?" He said and got down from the chair and quietly put it back

Benji put his forehead to the door, "Promise.. If you promise?" He said

Billy smiled and grabbed the other end and pulled on it a little bit making it to where the ceiling fan spun and the rope started lifting while it got tangled, "Promise my friend." He said and quickly grabbed the looped end and pulled it back down and kept hold of both sides

Benji sighed and nodded, "Ok..." He said

Billy looked at the door, "I will leave now ok?" He said smiling continuously

"Go... now..." He said

Billy looked at the door and walked up to it and opened it and shut it to where Benji could hear. He slowly walked up to the door again quietly

Benji sighed and opened the door and walked out

Billy lunged out and put the loop around Benji's neck and tightened it, "You really think I would now! I just got started!" He laughed

Benji grabbed the rope and looked up at the ceiling fan, "Oh god! Please don't!" He cried

Billy shook his head and grabbed the other end and started pulling it walking backward making the ceiling fan spin

Benji lifted up the rope tightening even more around his neck. Benji started gagging trying to breath

Billy looked around and backed up to a door and opened it and shut it. The door opened inwards and he tied the rope to the doorknob and looked at Benji, "I will let... Hilary find you... good-bye for now... I will met you in hell soon." He said, he took out a piece of paper and put it in the front of Benji's pants. He patted the note and walked out

Awhile-later Hilary opened the bedroom door, "Benji... Where are you..." She walked down the hall and down the steps looking around, "Ben..." She looked at Benji hanging limp from the ceiling fan, "Oh my god! Benji!" She screamed and ran up to him, "Benji! Please answer me!" She screamed though she knew he was dead. She looked at the note and grabbed it, she slowly opened it reading it

"You know what I wanted, but you wanted Joel instead, but now you know I want you dead..."

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