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I Will See You in Hell

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Ch. 9
I Will See You in Hell

Hilary sat in the police station crying, “Yes, yes, I am sure he’s the one that fucking killed my boyfriend’s brother!” She sobbed covering her face

The detective sighed and nodded, “You will get a

house that is protected by cops ok?” He said looking at her

Hilary dabbed her face with a napkin getting the tears, “Yes… Alright. I will hold you to it you will
protect me…” She stood up and stopped, “Oh yeah…” She coughed some trying to clear her throat and pulled out the note from her purse and slide it across the table sitting down again

The detective grabbed it and opened it saying the words out loud, “You know what I wanted, but you wanted Joel instead, but now you know I want you dead…” He looked puzzled then looked at her, “What does he mean ms?”

Hilary sighed and looked up, “I think it is from our freshmen year of high school. I was in deep love
with the now dead Joel Madden but William Martin loved me to death. I knew he did. He asked me out when Joel asked if I wanted to go somewhere with him and I told William that I loved Joel, not him. I think his heart crashed to the ground when I said that, but then I didn’t know. So I went with Joel.”
She said looking down, “Not to long after he ended up killing his mom and ended up in a mental institute. I felt horrible but through the years just… forgot… everyone did…” She said her voice cracking because the tears were coming back

The detective nodded slightly and looked at her then the paper, “You do know about the boys past right?” He asked

Hilary looked at him, “His… past?” She asked

The detective leaned back in the chair, “The boys mother left the father with William when he was just
in second grade…”

“I remember that…” Hilary interrupted
He nodded and continued, “Well, the boys father took William’s mother to court to get custody of the child and he won. Well awhile after the child got put with his father, the child started to have bruises and
get broken bones now and then…”

Hilary nodded, “I remember asking William about that but he kept running away from me…” she said

With out stopping the detective said “We wondered but never could figure it out. So we ignored it. We
shouldn’t have…” He said coldly

Hilary blinked, “Why?” She asked

“Well the boy finally came to us tears galore, brushed and hurt. He started bawling and kept saying… I will never forget these words. He said, daddy keeps touching me funny, in places, daddy likes to touch me in funny places I don’t want him
to. I tell him I don’t want him to but he says he loves me that way…” The detective looked down

Hilary blinked, “No… no way!” She stood up, “His father… sexually abused him!” She screamed

The detective nodded slowly, “But we couldn’t really prove it to the court for some reason. I tried so hard but the father disagreed and said the child didn’t get along with him much but he is getting better and that the bad boys at school actually beat the shit out of him. That made me angry how they believed him.” He said

Hilary looked down, “But what then…”

“The mother stepped in when the boy was around in his fifteen age and all that. So the boy stayed with
his father much… the mother got the boy easy…” He said

Hilary tilted her head, “Why?” She asked

“The father died from a heart attack and when we found him dead the boy sat there staring at his father dead on his bed no tear or one ounce of him being upset. No emotion at all…” He said

Hilary looked up at him, “So the mom got him?” She asked

“Yes… then a month or so later his mom was murdered by him and he was put in the institute.” He said

Hilary sighed shaking her head, “My god…” she whispered

“But I found out not long after the boy was put in the institute he sat in bed and kept mumbling, Daddy, I want you dead, I will kill you, and
everything he could think off. In the boys mind his father was still alive. We couldn’t understand the
pain and the boy kept saying he was going to kill him.”

Hilary looked back down, “That is weird. Like he wasn’t even there?” She asked looked at him

He nodded

She nodded and stood up, “That will be all sir. I will go home with one of your… police men.” She said

He nodded, “Very well. Johnny, be a gentleman and lead her out to her guards.” He said

The man in the corner who looked around twenty some nodded and walked up, “Come ms.” He said and started walking

Hilary walked out after him

They got to the car with two men standing there in suits, they looked armed and dangerous

She nodded some and got into the back

There was a tall black man with a shaved head and he looked the strongest, he had a black mustache
and had no smile on his face, his tag on his suit said Ed, funny name for a buff man.

The other one was wearing sunglasses and he was very pale and he had spiky black hair, and he was very, very skinny. Kinda cute though, but his tag said John.

They both got in

Soon they got to the house and Hilary got out and started inside, everything she needed was right
there. She smiled and walked in shutting the door

The guards got out

John looked at Ed, “Come here.” He said

Ed walked up, “What is it?” He said reaching in his coat for his gun ready to fire

“I think I know where the murder is.” John said taking out his gun

“Where!?” Ed said looking behind him

“Right here…” John said

Ed looked at him

The gun was at his forehead

“You can’t shoot me! The gun will make noise!”

“Not if it has a silencer on it. I come prepared!” He said smiling and shot him in the head

Ed fell to the ground

John took off his glasses, it was Billy. He smiled and looked at the house

Hilary was nowhere

He grabbed Ed’s legs and pulled him around the back and opened the trunk

The real John laid in the trunk dead with a knife stab through his chest.

Billy lifted Ed up and put him in the trunk. He shut it and looked at the house he brushed his hands
off, “I will see you in hell…” He said smiling and put the glasses back on and started towards the house
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