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Jake was always the kind of guy that would hold the door

open for you and tell how great you looked. I always loved him

for that, he would cheer me up when ever I got my heart broken

by some jerk. He would say " Don't worry hun, he'll be back,

just you wait . He'll get what he deserves" and with that he

would hug me and hold me until I fell asleep. We would always

be together. No one could seperate us. No one could come

between us... At least thats what he said anyways. He promised

me that we would always be friends, friends forever, and that

he would be there with me through think and thin, No matter

what happens. He would say something like " Don't worry Rei.

You will always be my past, present, and future and nothing or

no one could change that." and as always I would believe him.

I would nod my head and smile. He would then kiss my forhead

and stroke my cheek. At least thats what he used to

do....Before he met Hiro.

Hiro was the kind of guy that would skip class just to get

drunk. Of couse he was a spoiled little rich kid and got what

ever he wanted, no matter what it was, he had to have it. It

was his. And just so happens that one day he decided that he

wanted Jake, and he would everything in his power to get him.
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