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Chapter One: I want him

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Mak falls for someone, Hiro wants Jake and he will do anything to get him.

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~~~~~~CHAPTER ONE: I WANT HIM~~~~~~*~

~~Rei's Point of Veiw~~

It was a normal day as far as school goes, Jake was being like Jake and Mak, well, he was acting a little funny. Mak was tall, skinny, black and blonde hair , and with beautiful green eyes.He is normally all talkitive but today was different he was as silent as can be, not like him at all. He has been mine and Jakes friend since grade 8.He was always fun to be around, but today it was like he wasn't there. In his own world I guess you could say.Something was wrong,but what?

"Hey.Mak" I said trying to get his attention."HEY"

"What!" Mak yelled back

"You okay?"

" Yeah I'm okay why won't I be okay, I am just peachy Keen"Mak said and got his food and sat down and started looking at some new guy.

"WHo you staring at" Jake said in his ear.

"Huh? what? oh no one." Mak said and turned away from the new guy.

"Yes, you were" Jake smiled and gave Mak a little push.

"It's no one" Mak said and started playing with his Mac and Cheese. I had pepperoni pizza and Jake he had the usual...Nothing.

"You know you are going to starve" I said taking a bite of my pizza.

" I told you before I don't eat cafateria food" he said got up and walked away.

"Wow, what's biting him" I turned to Mak, I noticed that he hadn't touched his meal and he was staring at that new guy agian. He was short, with medium brown hair with pink streaks in his hair, and was very cute. He was sitting on a bench reading a book, I couldn't tell what it was from here. I turned back to Mak and he was still staring, so then I kicked him.

"Oww, What!" Mak yelled.

"You know it's rude to stare"

"I wasn't staring"

"Okay, but you have some drool on your chin, it's either there because you are so hungry you are fantasizing about your food or you are staring" I laughed as Mak wiped his chin.

"It's not my fault, he's just so...Never mind"

"No, tell me, it's not going to be that bad"

" Well I've never felt this way before"

"What's the feeling like?"

"Well it's like you can't eat, or sleep, or pay attention in class, all I do is think about him." Mak said looking down at his food and started playing with it again.

I smiled " First of all, you barely eat, second, you almost never sleep your like a fucking Vampire just you can go in the sun, and third, when the fuck did you ever pay attention in class."

"Uhmm well"

"I'm just kidding, you my friend... You are in Love" I said holding my hands up to my heart and batted my eyelashes.

"What! I can't be, I'm not , I'm not"

I shook my head" Mak, we are at an all guys school in the middle of no where, half of the people here are gay, in fact the teachers are even gay, Mak you know and I know and fuck Jke even knows you are gay"

He laughed" Well I guess that means you guys are in the half that is gay, huh?"

" You too" we laughed and finished our lunch.

~~Jake's Point of Veiw~~

'He's looking at me again' Jake thought 'Hiro is looking at me again'

Jake turned around and started walking toward the bathroom, Hiro Followed. Jake walked up to the mirror and stared playing with his hair, when Hiro walked in. Jake tried not to make eyecontact he washed his hands and dryed them, Hiro stood there and watched with one foot up against the wall and his arms crosse, with a small smirk on his face. Jake finished up and started to walk toward the door. Hiro went and stood right in front of it so he was blocking Jake's only way out.

"Excuse me" Jake said tryin to reach the door handle. Hiro didn't move, didn't say anything, all he did was stare at Jake's eyes. J was starting to feel uncomfortable. He walked over to the sink and put his hands on it and closed his eyes. Hiro walked over to Jake and put his hands on Jake's hips and whispered in his ear ' I want you' Jake opened his eyes fast and his knees gave in but Hiro caught him.

" I will never let you fall" he said wrapping his arms around Jake's waist. He turned and leaned in to give Hiro a kiss when the bell rang. Jake didn't have much time to get to class and his books were in his dorm at the other end of the school. Jake broke free and ran fast as he could out of the bathroom leaving Hiro behind.

"What was I thinking." Jake said to himself and ran, ran, ran and ran right into Rei." Omg I am so sorry" he said helping him up " But I have to go, can you tell Mr. Fuckface that I will be late"

"Why, he's not here today. His wife is having a baby and so we have the rest of the day off"

" Are you shitten me!" Jake said trying to catch his breath.

"Nope. He's gone" Rei smiled and took Jake's hand and started walking toward Jake's dorm. His room had black and red stripes alternating around the wall. His whole room was black and red. He was the only one that stayed in his room because his room-mate and bestfriend commited suicide, so he was aloud to redo it. The principle said that he was about to get a new room mate soon. Jake just hoped that he wouldn't ruin his life....

Part 2:New Room Mate.

"You think I would be excited to know who he is huh?" Jake said as he made his bed.

"Your not?" Rei looked at him shocked.


"Not even a little bit?"

"Not at all" Jake walked over to his dresser and started cleaning it off.

"Wow" Rei sighed he knew that Jake wasn't excited, knowing that his last room mate commited suicide."So when is this guy supposed to get here?"

"Uhmm I think in at 3 that's what Mr.Durse said anyways" Jake walked over to his closet to put some more clothes away, but something caught his eye. It was a teddy bear that Jae had given him when ever he felt sad, and Jake would do the same to him. Jake smiled with tears in his eyes and said" When ever one of us was feeling bad we would give the person that was feeling sad
this bear, and all the worries would be gone. And when both of us were sad we would hug it together until one of us fell asleep." Jake sighed" But unforunatly it was mostly me who had it" On the teddy bear there was a red pocket Jake looked inside of the pocket and found a letter adressed to him. He looked at it and then at Rei and back at the note again. He opened it as if it were the first time he had read it. He sighed and read it aloud....


Dear Jake,

Hold the bear tightly as you read this, for I will not be there to comfort you any longer. I will be gone to a different place, a better place.Where know one cares who you are, or what you do.
I told you everything was alright, but it wasn't.I didn't want you to worry about me, but I couldn't take it any longer. It hurt too much to see you like this. The taughting, the hitting, the verbal abuse. It all had to stop some how. But for me it had to be this way.
Jake you mean the world to me, I want you to have the life that you deserve, a life that you need.
I didn't want you to become a freak like me. I want you to live the life that you had before you met me. Live the life I once had before I fell in love with you. I want you remember all the happy memories that we shared together, those memories will keep you going.So I want you to take this bear and keep it close to your heart,like you were close to me.I am deeply sorry that I have to leave you like this, but by reading this letter you have made me a promise. You promised that you will not follow me, and you will live a happy life, like you did before you met me. I took my "life" to save yours. Once again I am sorry and I love you.

Love from,



We will meet again I promise.

~~~End of Letter~~~

Rei watched as his bestfriend hugged the bear tightly as the tears fell down his face. Rei walked over to Jake and rubbed his back.

" Don't worry hun. I'm not going anywhere" He said wipping the tears from Jake's cheek.Jake smiled and said

"Good, cause if you did I would have to kill you" Rei smiled and hugged Jake tightly. They broke free when they heard a knock at the door.


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