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Goggle-Locks and the Three Mutants

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Goggle is put in a dress, Lizard is too, and Ruby is sad.

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Chapter 2: Goggle-locks and the Three Mutants

Once upon a time in a desert, there lived three mutants, actually there were more than that, but only three and Goggle are needed, named Papa Jupiter, Lizard, and Ruby. One day, Lizard was cooking..uh...mashed potatos, and wondering why he was always dressed up in strange costumes and was now wearing bear ears and a dress, which he didn't like very much. So Ruby tried her mashed potatos and said "These are too hot, lets all go out for a walk until they cool down." to which Lizard replied, "We live in the desert, they won't get any cooler!" and Papa Jupiter made him go with them, since they were all rather bored.
Once they were gone, a little boy named Goggle-Locks, who was in drag, like Lizard was forced to be in, had entered their house, and saw the mashed potatos. "I like potatos, they are better than dog!" he said as he sat down at Papa Jupiters seat and at some of the mashed potatos and made a strange face. "These are too hot!" he than tried Lizards and made an even stranger face. "These are too cold, so cold they defy the logic that dictates that the food would be hotter since we're in the desert!" and he tried Rubys and smiled and said, "These are really good!" and ate them, since it was, infact, better than dog.
Goggle-Locks, was then looking for a place to sit down, since apparently the table didn't have chairs. He tried Papa Jupiters chair and stood up quickly. "This chair is to hard!" then he sat down in Lizards chair and stood up even quicker. "Why is his chair blue with white flowers?" then he sat down in Rubys chair and smiled, "This one is perfect!" but than, since Ruby was younger than him, the chair broke.
Goggle-Locks, was tired from wondering around the house, so he went upstairs and found three beds, he tried Papa Jupiters bed and got up fast. "This bed is like the chair!" he than was about to try Lizards bed, when he descided that it would be better to not try it, for his sake. So, he tried Rubys, and it was perfect, and he fell asleep.
Meanwhile, Papa Jupiter, Lizard and Ruby had just arrived home. They looked at the mashed potatos and saw that someone had been eating them, Ruby didn't have any left. Than they looked at the chairs, and someone had been sitting in them, and Rubys chair was smashed. Than they went upstairs, and looked at their bed, Lizard was dissappointed that no one had touched his, and Ruby saw someone in hers.Goggle-Locks than woke up, and saw Ruby, Lizard and Papa Jupiter staring at him, so he ran as fast as he could out the door.

The End
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